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This set of PHP classes encapsulates the code required by an LTI compliant tool provider to communicate with an LTI tool consumer. It includes support for LTI 1.1 and the unofficial extensions to Basic LTI, as well as the registration process and services of LTI 1.2/2.0, and the new security model introduced by LTI 1.3. The Names and Role Provisioning service and the Assignment and Grade services (Line Item, Result and Score) are also supported using either of the LTI security models.

These classes are designed as an update to the LTI Tool Provider class library and a replacement for the library at which is no longer supported.

Whilst supporting LTI is relatively simple, the benefits to using a class library like this one are:

  • the abstraction layer provided by the classes keeps the LTI communications separate from the application code;
  • the code can be re-used between multiple tool providers;
  • LTI data is transformed into useful objects and missing data automatically replaced with sensible defaults;
  • the outcomes service function uses LTI 1.1 or the unofficial outcomes extension according to whichever is supported by the tool consumer;
  • the unofficial extensions for memberships and setting services are supported;
  • additional functionality is included to:
    • enable/disable a consumer key;
    • set start and end times for enabling access for each consumer key;
    • set up arrangements such that users from different resource links can all collaborate together within a single tool provider link;
  • LTI applications can take advantage of LTI updates with minimal impact on their code.

This site hosts a zip file which can be used to manually install each release; see below for access to the documentation and source code files.


Lead Developer(s) Stephen P. Vickers
Development Status Production/Stable
License GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Programming Language PHP


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PHP class library for building LTI integrations






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