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@shabiel shabiel released this Feb 28, 2019 · 0 commits to master since this release


Add KCD to ICD file (but not ICD procedures) and to the Lexicon. The main file is UKO_KCD7_LOAD_0P3.KID.

Second release fixes many issues:

  • Old release deleted other valid Lexicon stuff, which could potentially break things. This one doesn't. UKO_RESTORE_ICD10_0-0.GKID is supplied in order for you to undo the previous build. (If you install this, it's better to disable journaling, install, and then enable journaling; see below for instructions).
  • We now supply a regular KIDS build to install, rather than a global build. This KIDS build contains a copy of the KCD7 excel spreadsheet; and loads it into the system.
  • English expressions are now added as synonyms. So you can search for diagnoses using English or Korean.
  • KIDS build UKO_KCD7_LOAD_0P3.KID loads the Korean ICD-10 plus contains fixes to LEXAS2 and LEXAS6, both of which had issues searching Lexicon entries that are non-ASCII. It's a fixed version of the previous one, which is UKO_KCD7_LOAD_0p2.KID. You don't need to use that anymore.
  • KIDS build UKO_KCD7_LEX_RTN_FIXES_0p0.KID has the fixes to LEXAS2 and LEXAS6 and nothing else. Use this just in case you don't want the Korean ICD-10 but want the Lexicon fixes.

The file obtained from the VA via the FOIA Request process was used for research. It's included for reference.

Journaling Disable/Enable Instructions

To disable journaling: $gtm_dist/mupip set -journal="off" -file $basedir/g/$instance.dat
To enable journaling: $gtm_dist/mupip set -journal="on,before" -file $basedir/g/$instance.dat

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