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This is the final Plan VI KIDS build for Korean Phase. It includes the following:

  • All modified routines (some are % routines; post-install does the rename)
  • All translated dialogs, with Korean Translation
  • New data type (DIALOG) that can be used to localize data
  • 101.24/.23 field data definition change to localize the data in that field + DIALOG entries for their translation
  • Date support for Korean

This KIDS build DOES NOT modify the Lexicon. Look at the other release in this repo for the KIDS build that does that.

This build, while primarily made to address issues with having Korean in VistA, does not do anything to prevent another language from co-existing with Korean.

This build does not turn on Korean translation. That is based on Kernel/User settings. If you wish, you can turn it on by setting the DEFAULT LANGUAGE in the Kernel System Parameters file to KOREAN.

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