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Automated VistA Import and Configuration

The process for importing VistA-M routines and globals into Caché and GTM has been automated. The automated import and configuration scripts are configured and prepared during the setup of the VistA repository after selecting the TEST_VISTA_FRESH option.

First, the ImportRG script executes the script described in Generate Import Files.

Next, it executes scripts that mirror the steps for the Caché and GTM importing process that can be found at ImportCache and ImportGT.M. The ImportRG script will introduce the same codebase into the database as the the manual processes.

To execute the automated import and configuration via the command line, execute the following steps from a gitbash (Windows) or linux shell:

$ cd  VistA/bin

$ cmake -P Testing/Setup/ImportRG.cmake

Automated VistA Setup

If the TEST_VISTA_SETUP option was selected, then during the execution of the ImportRG script, three additional setup scripts are executed automatically:

Script Name Purpose Sets up VistA with an institution, domain, and user accounts Imports test patients into VistA Sets up a clinic for appointment scheduling
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