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mdo based on mdws version 2.5
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Medical Domain Objects (MDO)


Medical Domain Web Services (MDWS) (pronounced meadows) is a suite of Service
Oriented Architecture (SOA) middle-tier web services that exposes medical
domain functionality, Medical Domain Objects (MDO). MDWS is equipped with the
capacity to virtualize any legacy Veterans Health Information Systems and
Technology Architecture (VistA) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) as a web service.

A web service is an Application Programming Interface (API), which uses Simple
Object Access Protocol (SOAP), the standardized protocol to communicate with
subscribed client applications.

The MDWS suite of web services provides the client application developer with
common SOAP web services and documentation necessary to create client
applications, which incorporate the organization’s business rules, as well as
provide access to data from multiple VistA instances and other disparate data


MDWS was developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and therefore its
source code is in the Public Domain. OSEHRA is hosting the project and has
adopted the Apache 2.0 License for contributions made by community members.
You will find the text of the Apache 2.0 License in the LICENSE File.


For more information, please see:
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