Configuration for OSGP components and development environment.
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To set up a development environment take a look at the Installation Manual

What does this repo contain?

This repo contains the following files:

  • apps/*.properties files with key-value-pairs for Java apps
  • logging/*-logback.xml files for logback
  • context.xml file for Apache Tomcat
  • vhost for Apache HTTP Server
  • localhost.cert.pem, localhost.key.pem and cacert.cer for Apache HTTP Server
  • trust.jks, org.cert.pem, org.pfx used for webservice security
  • sql script to create users and databases
  • *.der files for secure communication with smart devices
  • settings.xml file for Apache Maven
  • puppet scripts and manifests
  • vagrant file to role out your development environment in virtualbox

Open smart grid platform information and news

High-level project information and news can be found on the open smart grid platform website:

Open smart grid platform detailed documentation:

Open smart grid platform issue tracker: