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The files in this package are in cloud-optimized GeoTIFF format and can be unpacked in the PROJ data directory of PROJ 7 or later. For an installed PROJ this may be /usr/local/share/proj or /usr/share/proj on unix style operating systems.

About the Data package

The datum grid package for PROJ is maintained on the OSGeo PROJ-data repository on GitHub.

It contains shift grids for horizontal and vertical coordinate transformations.

All grids in the package are released under permissive licenses. New grids are accepted into the package as long as they are released under a license that is compatible with the Open Source Definition and the source of the grid is clearly stated and verifiable. Suitable licenses include:

  • Public domain
  • X/MIT
  • BSD 2/3/4 clause
  • CC0
  • CC-BY (v3.0 or later)
  • CC-BY-SA (v3.0 or later)

Consult to submit a new grid.

Content Delivery Network

Those grids can be retrieved from cloud storage (AWS Public datasets) hosted at as described in PROJ network documentation

CDN Access Log Policy

Implicit location sensitivity may happen because of the way PROJ remotely accesses data. The PROJ CDN erases all access and activity logs after 24 hours. If this policy is not sufficient, users are encourage to mirror a local copy of the grid files and access them directly.


All grid files should be put in a flat way in the PROJ data directory. They will be also organized in a flat way on

However for clarity of this repository, we have organized them by producer / agency. Each file is in a subdirectory whose name follows {country_code}_{agency_name}. For example us_noaa for files originating from US NOAA.


The grid_tools directory contains Python scripts to create and validate files following the Geodetic TIFF grids (GTG), specification.