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travis/ cleanups

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rouault committed Sep 19, 2018
1 parent 00f6873 commit aee8e5d10664c0b096edaee1ef3a0c897731eb2d
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@@ -45,25 +45,18 @@ cd ..
cd ../..

# Install grid files
cd data
unzip -o ../
cd ..
(cd data && unzip -o ../

# autoconf build with grids
mkdir build_autoconf_grids
cd build_autoconf_grids
../configure --prefix=/tmp/proj_autoconf_install_grids
make -j3
make check
(cd src && make multistresstest && make test228)
PROJ_LIB=../data src/multistresstest
make install
find /tmp/proj_autoconf_install_grids
PROJ_LIB=$GRIDDIR make check
cd src
make multistresstest
make test228
cd ..
PROJ_LIB=../data src/multistresstest
cd ..

# autoconf build with grids and coverage
@@ -73,10 +66,10 @@ else
CFLAGS="--coverage" LDFLAGS="-lgcov" ./configure;
make -j3
PROJ_LIB=$GRIDDIR make check
make check

# Rerun tests without grids not included in proj-datumgrid
rm -v ${GRIDDIR}/egm96_15.gtx
PROJ_LIB=$GRIDDIR make check
rm -v data/egm96_15.gtx
make check

mv src/.libs/*.gc* src

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