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MFF -- Vexcel MFF Raster

.. shortname:: MFF

GDAL includes read, update, and creation support for Vexcel's MFF raster format. MFF dataset consist of a header file (typically with the extension .hdr) and a set of data files with extensions like .x00, .b00 and so on. To open a dataset select the .hdr file.

Reading lat/long GCPs (TOP_LEFT_CORNER, ...) is supported but there is no support for reading affine georeferencing or projection information.

Unrecognized keywords from the .hdr file are preserved as metadata.

All data types with GDAL equivalents are supported, including 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit data precisions in integer, real and complex data types. In addition tile organized files (as produced by the Vexcel SAR Processor - APP) are supported for reading.

On creation (with a format code of MFF) a simple, ungeoreferenced raster file is created.

MFF files are not normally portable between systems with different byte orders. However GDAL honours the new BYTE_ORDER keyword which can take a value of LSB (Integer - little endian), and MSB (Motorola - big endian). This may be manually added to the .hdr file if required.

NOTE: Implemented as gdal/frmts/raw/mffdataset.cpp.

Driver capabilities

.. supports_createcopy::

.. supports_create::

.. supports_georeferencing::

.. supports_virtualio::
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