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= GDAL/OGR 3.1.3 Release Notes =
The 3.1.3 release is a bug fix release.
== Build ==
* configure: fix detection of libtiff and libjpeg on mingw (#2881)
* configure: fix linking order for Informix libraries
* Unix: GNUmakefile: make 'all' target an alias of the default one to avoid potential double build of OGR objects (#2777)
* Unix: fix detection of minor version number of Poppler with the new YY.MM.X numbering scheme (#2823)
* gdallinearsystem.cpp: add missing include to fix compilation issue on Slackware 14.2 (#2883)
* fix build with Jasper 2.0.19 (#2844)
== Port ==
* CPLHTTPFetch(): unset CURLOPT_POST after request has been issued (in case of re-use of a connection and doing a POST and then a GET)
* CPLHTTPFetch(): reset CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER after request
* VSI Plugin: add caching option (#2901)
== Algorithms ==
* warping: ComputeSourceWindow(): modify extra source pixel computation
* plygonize: make sure not to use dummy geotransform
== GDAL utilities ==
* gdal2tiles: Fix layer generation with raster profile and nonnative zoom (#2799)
* gdal2tiles: fix generation of tiles at high zoom levels when input is small (#2896)
* gdal_merge: fix rounding of source coordinates, when they are very close to an integer, which would otherwise result in a one-pixel shift
== GDAL drivers ==
BAG driver:
* avoid crash on non-standard dataset
E00grid driver:
* avoid recursive call in _GetNextSourceChar(). Fixes ossfuzz#25161
ENVI driver:
* add support for writing south-up / rotation=180 datasets
FITS driver:
* initialize default geotransform
GPKG driver:
* more robust and simple logic to build overviews and compute overview factor (#2858) (#2860)
* on reading of gridded coverage data with PNG tiles, select -FLT_MAX as the nodata value (#2857)
GeoTIFF driver:
* fix wrong direction for half-pixel shift with GCPs and PixelIsPoint convention (
* SRS reader: interpret infinite value in GeogInvFlatteningGeoKey as 0 (fixes PROJ#2317)
* Internal libgeotiff: avoid look up of user-defined GeogGeodeticDatumGeoKey that cause PROJ warnings (fixes libgeotiff#41)
Grass driver:
* fix reading GRASS groups (#2876)
HDF4 driver:
* multidim: fix issue when reading transposed array, and duplicate attribute names (#2848)
HDF5 driver:
* multidim: fix performance issue when reading from sliced array
ISCE driver:
* avoid crashing division by zero on corrupted datasets. Fixes ossfuzz #24252
netCDF driver:
* multidim: fix performance issue when reading from sliced array
* fix setting offset and scale in CreateCopy()
RasterLite2 driver:
* remove support for CharLS compression since it is removed from upstream librasterlite2
SAFE driver:
* deal correctly with WV swaths (#2843)
TSX driver:
* fix issue with reading dataset in .zip file on Windows (#2814)
VICAR driver:
* avoid potential null-dereference on corrupted dataset. Fixes ossfuzz #24254
VRT driver:
* round src/dst coordinates to integer within 1e-3 margin
== OGRSpatialReference ==
* Make OSRGetPROJSearchPaths() return the value set by OSRSetPROJSearchPaths()
== OGR utilities ==
* ogrinfo/ogr2ogr: fix issues with -sql @filename where SQL comments are not at start of line (#2811)
== OGR drivers ==
DGNv8/DWG driver:
* ogrteigha.cpp: use correct printf formatter (fix 44ce5be4)
FlatGeobuf driver:
* fix illegal use of std::vector (#2773)
* make GetExtent() work on feature write (#2874)
GeoJSON driver:
* fix opening of file starting with {geometry:{coordinates (fixes #2787)
* RFC7946 writer: fix processing of geometry that covers the whole world (#2833)
GML driver:
* writer: correctly format OFTDate and OFTDateTime fields (#2897)
GPKG driver:
* add a DATETIME_FORMAT=WITH_TZ/UTC dataset creation option (defaults to WITH_TZ) to specify how to deal with non-UTC datetime values (#2898)
MITAB driver:
* fix reading and writing of non-metre linear units
MVT driver:
* writing: fix crashes in multi-threading mode (#2764)
OAPIF driver:
* avoid re-adding user query parameters if they are found in URLs returned by the API (relates to #2873)
ODBC driver:
* Fix ODBC driver fails to correctly fallback to alternative Access ODBC driver name
* Fix DSN string construction for Windows Access ODBC driver, template candidate preference order (#2878)
PGeo/ODBC/Geomedia/Walk drivers:
* Quote DBQ value in driver template to avoid issues opening MDB paths with spaces
* Correctly handle datetime fields provided by the mdbtools ODBC driver
PGeo driver:
* Fixes to automatic ODBC driver installation (#2838)
Shapefile driver:
* when several candidate SRS are found with confidence >= 90%, take the one from EPSG (contributes to fixes QGIS#32255)
== CSharp bindings ==
* Adding typemaps C# for wrapper_GDALWarpDestDS and wrapper_GDALWarpDestName (#2621)
* Expose Dataset.GetSpatialRef (#2620)
* Expose GetCRSInfoListFromDatabase (#1665)
= GDAL/OGR 3.1.2 Release Notes =
The 3.1.2 release is a bug fix release.
== Build ==
* nmake.opt: add hint about adding ole32.lib to PROJ_LIBRARY for PROJ 7.1 when static linking (#2743)
* nmake.opt: fix ECW hints (#2748)
== GDAL core ==
* DumpJPK2CodeStream(): fix reported offset of EOC marker when PSOT = 0 (#2724)
* Overview generation: fix progress percentage when using USE_RRD=YES (#2722)
== GDAL utilities ==
* gdal2tiles: fix issue in nativezoom computation with --profile=raster on a raster whose size is below the tile size
* gdal2tiles: fix --xyz with -p raster, fix KML generation with --xyz (fixes #2463) and update OpenLayers export to OpenLayers 6.3.1 (#2732)
* add expected column type for rtree with SQLite 3.31.1
== GDAL drivers ==
ISIS3 driver:
* make sure that in-line label size is at least 65536 bytes (fixes #2741)
PAux driver:
* avoid ingesting large binary unrelated files (found when investigating #2722)
== OGRSpatialReference ==
* Fix crashing bug with PROJ context and OSRCleanup(), as triggered by PostGIS raster and GMT (#2744)
== OGR drivers ==
CouchDB driver:
* ogrcouchdblayer.cpp: fix compiler warning
DXF driver:
* ogrdxf_leader.cpp: suppress false positive warning
FileGDB and OpenFileGDB drivers:
* qualify DateTime values with UTC timezone when <IsTimeInUTC>true</IsTimeInUTC> is present in layer metadata (#2719)
GeoJSON driver:
* fix opening of file starting with {"coordinates" (#2720)
* ogrgeojsonreader.cpp: fix compiler warning
GML driver:
* when encountering XML issue, defer emission of error message until we return a NULL feature, so as to avoid to confuse ogr2ogr (#2730)
== SWIG Bindings ==
Python bindings:
* gdal.Info(): fix handling of -json in options (#2749)
= GDAL/OGR 3.1.1 Release Notes =
The 3.1.1 release is a bug fix release.
== Build ==
* configure: fix CharLS 2.1 detection on case insensitive filesystems (#2710)
* GNUmakefile: split long line to avoid 32,000 character limit on MSYS2
* nmake.opt: mention shell32.lib in PROJ_LIBRARY (#2488)
* nmake.opt: revert unwanted change regarding OCI_LIB / OCI_INCLUDE, and also allow to override them (#2533)
* EXR: add missing Windows build support
* generate_vcxproj.bat: add vs2019 compatibility (#2676)
* nmake.opt: add a vc142 reference for ECW
== Doc ==
* generate man pages for gdalmdiminfo, gdalmdimtranslate and gdal_viewshed (#2538)
* Various fixes
== Misc ==
* Driver metadata: fix XML errors in option declarations and add testing (#2656)
== Port ==
* CPLStrtodDelim(): recognize '1.#SNAN' as a NaN value
* /vsiaz/: fix OpenDir()/NextDirEntry() that returned S_IFDIR for regular files
* /vsimem/: fix normalization of slashes in filenames to avoid potential infinite loop in VSIDirGeneric::NextDirEntry()
== GDAL algorithms ==
* Warper/transformer: avoid error about invalid latitude when warping a dataset in Geographic CRS whose north/south lat is > 90deg (#2535)
* Warper: fix average resampling that lead to very wrong results in some circumstances (#2665) (3.1.0 regression) (#2667)
* Viewshed: adjust computation of observer position (#2599)
== GDAL utilities ==
* gdaldem: ignore 'nv' entry in color file if there is no nodata value in input file
* gdal2tiles: make general cmd line switches like --formats work without exception (#2522)
* raise exception in case of I/O error. (QGIS #36867)
* gdalwarp: fix crash if warping a dataset without source or target CRS when -ct is specified (#2675)
* gdal_rasterzie: fix an error string regarding -ts parameter (#2698)
== GDAL core ==
* GDALDataset::IRasterIO(): Fixes wrong IO of subpixel shifted window (#2507)
* GDALMDArray::GetScale() and GetOffset(): avoid nullptr dereference
== GDAL drivers ==
BAG driver:
* fix for big endian arch
COG driver:
* avoid crash if passing an invalid (warp) resampling option
* add tolerance when computing tile numbers, so as to make -co TILING_SCHEME= idempotent on a file already properly tiled
ECW driver:
* fix related to network files with SDK >= 5.5 (#2652)
GPKG driver:
* fix GDAL 3.0 regression regarding some update scenarios (#2325)
* increase limitation of number of tables to 10000, and make it configurable through OGR_TABLE_LIMIT config option as for vector tables
GRIB driver:
* avoid rejecting valid product due to over-zealous security check
GTiff driver:
* fix reading/writing GEO_METADATA TIFF tag on big-endian
* fix importing WGS_1984_Web_Mercator / ESRI:102113 (#2560)
* Internal libtiff: TWebPSetupEncode(): fix logic problem in test that checks input is 8bit unsigned data
* fix potential crash when generating degenerate 1x1 overviews
HDF5 driver:
* multidim API: fixes for big endian host
HFA driver:
* do not report TOWGS84 when reading SRS with WGS84, NAD27 or NAD83 datums (unless OSR_STRIP_TOWGS84 config option is set to NO) (QGIS #36837)
INGR driver:
* avoid invalid cast on corrupted data. (ossfuzz #22351)
LCP driver:
* add extension checking in Identify() (#2641)
PDS driver:
* take into account FIRST_STANDARD_PARALLEL for Mercator projection (#2490)
TileDB driver:
* use returned length to truncate string for tiledb metadata
VICAR driver:
* fix for Basic compression and non-Byte type on big endian host
== OGR core ==
* ogr_geometry.h: export OGRWktOptions class (#2576)
* swq_op_general.cpp: Fix type conversion issues in some arithmetic expressions
* OGR SQL: fix buffer overflow in BuildParseInfo for SQL query when joining multiple tables that each have implicit FID columns.
== OGRSpatialReference ==
* Make GetAuthorityCode('PROJCS') work on a WKT1 COMPD_CS with a VERT_DATUM type = 2002 (Ellipsoid height)
* Avoid warnings and fix crash in GetProjTLSContextHolder() (#2691)
== OGR utilities ==
* ogr2ogr: add missing line feed in usage message (#2548)
* ogr2ogr: make -f PostgreSQL work when using PG:service= syntax
== OGR drivers ==
DXF driver:
* avoid potential big stack calls when eliminated 999 comment lines (ossfuzz #22668)
Elastisearch driver:
* make OVERWRITE_INDEX=YES work properly by re-creating the index afterwards
GML driver:
* fix typo in VFR GFS files BonitovaneDilRizeniId -> BonitovanyDilRizeniId (#2682)
GMLAS driver:
* fix so as to get same unique ids on big-endian arch
GPKG driver:
* hide also view "geometry_columns" (#2518)
* fix wrong RTree _update3 trigger on existing files (QGIS #36935)
GTM driver:
* writing: fix timezone handling issues (#2696)
MITAB driver:
* fix reading and writing of Transverse Mercator projections based on KKJ
* .tab: fix writing empty/null Time fields (#2612)
MVT driver:
* revise logic to attribute FID when reading directories (#2566)
netCDF driver:
* fix for big-endian
* GrowDim(): fix issue with non-ASCII filename on Windows
ODS driver:
* avoid potential deep call stack in formula evaluation (ossfuzz #22237)
PDF driver:
* write correctly attribute object dictionary when there is no field to write, and read back correctly broken files we generated before (#2624)
S57 driver:
* apply update to DSID_EDTN field (#2498)
Shapefile driver:
* SHPRestoreSHX: fix for (64 bit) big endian
SXF driver:
* fixes for big-endian
XLSX driver:
* fix numeric precision issue when reading datetime that could lead to an error of 1 second (#2683)
== SWIG bindings ==
* {OGRDriver}.CopyDataSource(): check that source dataset is not NULL
* validate range of resample_alg algorithm (#2591)
Python bindings:
* Fix Python2 install to be synchronous and report all errors (#2515)
= GDAL/OGR 3.1.0 Release Notes =
== In a nutshell... ==
* Implement RFC 75: support for multidimensional arrays in MEM, VRT, netCDF, HDF4, HDF5 and GRIB drivers. Read/write for MEM and netCDF. Read/only for others. Add gdalmdiminfo and gdalmdimtranslate utilities.
* Implement RFC76: add capability of writing vector drivers in Python
* New GDAL drivers:
- COG: write-only, for Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF
- EXR: read/write driver, relying on OpenEXR library
- ISG: read-only, for geoid models of the International Service for the Geoid
- RDB: read-only, for RIEGL Database .mpx RDB 2 files (#1538) (needs proprietary SDK)
* New OGR drivers:
- FlatGeoBuf: read-support and creation (#1742)
- MapML: read/write driver for experimental web spec
* Improved drivers:
- OAPIF driver (renamed from WFS3): updated to OGC API - Features 1.0 core spec
- GTiff: improve performance of internal overview creation
- GTiff: GeoTIFF 1.1 support
- Shapefile driver: add read/creation/update support for .shz and
- netCDF vector: read/write support for CF-1.8 Encoded Geometries (#1287)
- VICAR: multiple improvements and write support (#1855)
- DDS: add read support
* Other improvements:
- gdalwarp: accept output drivers with only CreateCopy() capabilities
- gdal_viewshed: new utility for viewshed algorithm
* Remove GFT driver now that the online service no longer exists (#2050)
* New Sphinx-based documentation
* Multiple security related fixes (ossfuzz)
* Continued code linting (cppcheck, CoverityScan, etc.)
* Compatibility with GDAL 3.0:
- C and C++ API: backward compatible changes
- C ABI: backward compatible changes
- C++ ABI: modified
- Functional changes: see MIGRATION_GUIDE.TXT
== Build ==
== GDAL/OGR 3.1.0 - General Changes ==
* use pkg-config for libxml2 detection (#2173)
* fix detection of libpq in a non-standard place (#1542)
* do not use absolute path in linking command. Helps Mac OS and cygwin builds (#2075)
* Enable Bash completions and control installation
* silence datarootdir warning
* Doc: allow user full control over installation directory
* fix JVM detection for HDFS support on MacOS (#2313)
* Remove #define HOST_FILLORDER from cpl_config.h (#2345)
* Added search for proj library in lib64 directory.
* configure: strip -L/usr/lib and similar from netCDF, MySQL, GEOS and SFCGAL lib path (#2395)
* configure: remove useless -lproj from --with-spatialite dectection
* parametrize number of CPUs for parallel builds with CPU_COUNT variable (#1922)
* add HDF5_H5_IS_DLL variable to switch the scenario when HDF5 is built as a DLL (#1931)
* add POSTFIX that defaults to _d for GDAL .dll, .lib and .pdb for DEBUG builds (#1901)
* Fix issues with thread_local and C++ objects that don't work well with DLL on Windows
* Support Poppler 0.82, 0.83, 0.85
== GDAL 3.1.0 - Overview of Changes ==
== Algorithms ==
* Warper: add sum resampling method (#1437)
* Average resampling (warp and overview/translate): use weighted average for border source pixels
* GDALReprojectImage(): properly take into account source/target alpha bands
* GDALCreateReprojectionTransformerEx(): do not emit error if reverse transformation fails, and fix crash when trying to use null reverse transformation
* Warper: fix GDAL 2.3 regression in a situation with source nodata value, multiple bands and nearest resampling where the logic to detect which source pixels are nodata was inverted (#1656)
* GWKAverageOrModeThread(): reject invalid source pixels for average/q1/q3/mode/min/max resampling (#2365)
* Multithreaded warper: make sure a transformer object is used by the thread which created it (#1989). This workarounds a PROJ bug also fixed per
* Contour: fix SegmentMerger list iterator skipping and out of bounds error (#1670)
* Contour: fix (over) precision issue when comparing pixel value to NoData on Float32 rasters (#1987)
* Contour: add sanity checks for interval based contouring, in case the dataset contains extreme values regarding the settings, which would lead to a lot of memory allocations / too large computation time
* TPS warper: enhance precision without armadillo support (#1809)
* RPC warper: fix issue when source image has a geotransform (#2460)
* GDALRasterizeGeometries(): fix potential integer overflow / memory allocation failure, depending on GDAL_CACHEMAX and raster dimensions (#2261)
* Rasterize: speed optimization for geometry collections (#2369)
* GDALContourGenerate(): propagate raster acquisition error (#2410)
== Port ==
* /vsitar/: support >100 character file names (#1559)
* /vsitar/: accept space as end of field terminator
* /vsigz/: fix seeking within .gz/.tgz files larger than 2 GB (#2315)
* /vsicurl (and derived filesystems): fix concurrency issue with multithreaded reads (#1244)
* /vsicurl/: avoid downloading one extra block when the end offset is just at a chunk boundary
* /vsicurl/: fix CPL_VSIL_CURL_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS with query string (#1614)
* /vsicurl/: allow 'Connection timed out' CURL errors as candidate for HTTP retry
* /vsicurl/: GetFileSize(): when HEAD request does not return Content-Length header, retry with GET
* /vsis3/: for a long living file handle, refresh credentials coming from EC2/AIM (#1593)
* /vsis3/: invalidate cached non-existing file is AWS_ config options are changed in the meantime (#2294)
* /vsis3/ /vsigs/ /vsiaz/: implement Rename() first doing a copy of the original file and then deleting it
* /vsis3/ and similar: add a NUM_THREADS option to Sync() for parallelized copy
* AWS: Fix error in loading ~/.aws/config file (#2203)
* VSISync(): when copying from /vsis3/ to /vsis3/ (or /vsigs/->/vsigs/, /vsiaz/->/vsiaz/), use CopyObject() method to use server side copy
* VSISync(): make file copying from /vsis3/ actually use /vsis3_streaming/ to reduce number of GET requests
* VSISync(): add a CHUNK_SIZE option to Sync() to split large objects and get parallelization of their download and upload
* Add VSIUnlinkBatch() for batch deletion of files, and add optimized /vsis3/ implementation
* Add efficient VSIRmdirRecursive() implementation for /vsis3/
* Add VSIGetFileMetadata()/VSISetFileMetadata() and implement them to get/set HTTP headers, and AWS S3 object tagging
* /vsis3/ and other network filesystems: avoid useless network requests when we already got a directory listing (#2429)
* /vsiswift/: V3 authentication method, handling auth token expiration
* /vsimem/: make Rename() error if destination file is not in /vsimem/
* /vsizip/ writing: in ZIP64 mode, also advertise 45 as the version in the central directory (avoids a warning from 'zip' utility)
* Add CPLCanRecode function and use it in MITAB, Shape and SXF drivers to decide when to advertize UTF-8 capability
* CPLConfigOptionSetter: only reset thread-locale value, not global one
* CPLJSONObject::GetType(): return Long when the value doesn't fit on a int32
* CPLJSON: distinguish Null type from Unknown/invalid type
* CPLEscapeString(): escape double-quote for CPLES_URL
* Add a CPLCondTimedWait()
* cpl_safemaths.hpp: safe + and * for GUInt64
* Add CPLJSonStreamingWriter class
* Add cpl_error_internal.h with logic with error accumulator
* Add VSIOverwriteFile()
* Add CPLLaunderForFilename()
* cpl_error.h: add a CPLDebugOnly() macro that expands to CPLDebug() only for DEBUG builds
* QuietDelete: support expliciting the drivers to use
== Core ==
* Block cache: fix corruption on multithreaded write on datasets (#2011)
* GDALInvGeoTransform(): make it work with scale and rotation/skew coefficients of small absolute value (#1615)
* GDALCopyWholeRasterGetSwathSize(): fix potential int overflows for big values of GDAL_SWATH_SIZE or GDAL_CACHEMAX
* PAMRasterBand: add presence flag for Offset and SetScale so that GetOffset()/GetScale() properly reports if they are defined in PAM
* GDALDefaultOverviews::BuildOverviews(): fix typo in detection of 1x1 overview (#1730)
* Fix precision loss at GDALResampleChunkC32R with complex data
* Fix precision loss at GDALComputeBandStats with complex data
* Proxy pool: Load band block sizes if not provided at creation. Fixes floating point exception on copy overviews from PRF dataset to destination dataset.
* GTiff and PAM: allow serializing WKT2 for SRS using non-WKT1 compatible projections such as Vertical Perspective (#1856)
* RasterIO(): fix non-neareset resampling over nodata blocks (#1941)
* Overview dataset (-oo OVERVIEW_LEVEL): expose mask if the source dataset has a mask with overviews
* GDALUnrolledCopy<GByte,2,1>: fix SSE2-only implementation (when SSSE3 is not available, on older AMD CPUs)
* PAM: support reading GCPs from ESRI GeodataXform in .aux.xml files
* Make it possible to call BuildOverviews() on a dataset returned by GDALBuildVRT()
* GDALDataset::SetProjection(): re-allow the use of PROJ4 strings (#2034)
== Utilities ==
* GDALInfo(): fix axis order issue in lon,lat corner coordinates, in particular when reading from a .aux.xml with a ProjectedCRS (#2195)
* gdal_translate: Make 'gdal_translate foo.tif foo.tif.ovr -outsize 50% 50% -of GTiff' work
* gdal_translate: clamp/round source nodata value when not compatible of the target data type. Was already done when using -a_nodata, but not with implicit copy (#2105)
* gdalwarp: accept output drivers with only CreateCopy() capabilities
* gdalwarp: adjust nodata values, passed with -srcnodata/-dstnodata, and close to FLT_MAX to exactly it (#1724)
* gdalwarp: fix wrong axis order when using source/target CRS being a geographic3D CRS such as EPSG:4979, and with vertical shift grid application (#1561, GDAL 3.0 regression)
* gdal_contour: remove explicit width/precision=12/3 of the elev field (#1487)
* gdal_contour: turn on quiet mode if output dataset is standard output (refs #2057)
* gdaldem: avoid potential integer overflow in color-relief mode (#2354)
* fixed NaN-streaking in output images when the --allBands option is given to tiled images
* fix outputing to geojson without explicit -f switch (#1533)
* take into account mask bands
* add resume option (#1703)
* gdallocationinfo: emit verbose error when dataset canot be opened (#1684)
* gdallocationinfo and gdaltransform: print a hint when values are expected from the command line and stdin is an interactive terminal (refs #1684)
* Python utilities: fix GetOutputDriverFor() when multiple drivers found (#1719)
* add remaining resample methods
* add option for setting the tile size (#2097)
* add --xyz option to generate tiles in the OSM Slippy Map standard (#2098)
* show warning when running against non-Byte input (#1956)
* update cache calculation (#2020)
* check that min zoom <= max zoom (#2161)
* ignore nodata values that are not in the range of the band data type
* fix hang when --s_srs specified but image lacks georeferencing
* gdal_translate / gdalwarp / ogrct: allow dealing with non-WKT1 representable SRS (#1856)
* add a -units switch
* add -a_ulurll switch
* fix crash when smooth_iterations is used, and with some progress functions such as the one used by Python (#1184)
* Python scripts and samples: use python3 for shebang (#2168)
== Sample scripts ==
* Add sample script to generate the extent of each raster tile in a overview as a vector layer
* Add script
== GDAL drivers ==
Multiple drivers:
* GTiff, GPKG, MBTiles, PostgisRaster drivers: share lock of overview dataset with parent dataset (#1488)
* HDF5 and netCDF: fix crash when reading attributes of type string of variable length with NULL values
* CTable2/LOSLAS/NTv1/NTv2: document in metadata that positive longitude shift values are towards west
* Revise raster drivers GDAL_DMD_HELPTOPIC
* JP2KAK and JP2OPENJPEG: fix to read images whose origin is not (0,0)
* Strip TOWGS84 when datum is known, in GTiff, Spatialite and GPKG drivers
BAG driver:
* modify way georeferencing is read (particularly pixel sizes and origin) (#1728)
* Backward compatibility for metadata reading for BAG < 1.5 (#2428)
BSB driver:
* Report PLY coordinates as a WKT POLYGON in a BSB_CUTLINE metadata item
BYN driver:
* fix nodata value for Int32 encoded products
DAAS driver:
* accept 4-band RGBA PNG response even when a single band is requested
DIMAP driver:
* don't look inside Dataset_Components if Raster_Data is present
* avoid reparsing xml if already a product dimap
* ignore missing strip xml file
DDS driver:
* add read support
DTED driver:
* Add DTED_APPLY_PIXEL_IS_POINT environment switch (#2384)
* emit a CE_Failure instead of a CE_Warning in case of checksum verification failure (#2410)
* support E96 as well as MSL for COMPD_CS (#2422)
EEDA driver:
* fix startTime / endTime comparisons that were incomplete in #1506
FITS driver:
* fix memory leaks
ENVI driver:
* add read support for reading GCPs (#1528), and fix off-by-one offset on line,pixel on reading GCP
* fix potential use of invalid pointer on some unusual std::string implementations (#1527)
* preserve 'byte order' on update (#1796)
GPKG driver:
* support opening subdataset of /vsicurl/ files (#2153)
GTiff driver:
* improve performance of internal overview creation (#1442)
* in COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES, interleave mask with imagery, and add leader/trailer to strile
* optimize read of cloud-optimized geotiffs
* do not generate a TIFFTAG_GDAL_METADATA with color interpretation information for JPEG YCbCr compression
* make -co NUM_THREADS produce reproducible output
* make overview blocksize defaults to same as full-resolution
* move defered tile/strip offset/bytecount loading to libtiff
* make WEBP_LEVEL to be honored in Create() mode (fixes #1594)
* PushMetadataToPam(): early exit when PAM is disabled, to avoid error messages
* remove support for libtiff 3.X
* set a LAYOUT=COG metadata item in the IMAGE_STRUCTURE metadata domain of the dataset when the hidden feature declarations typical of a COG file are found
* fix memory leak with -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES
* fix error message for NBITS != 16 and Float32
* add explicit error message when trying to create a too big tiled TIFF file (refs #1786)
* ensure GDAL PROJ context is used for all libgeotiff functions (requires internal libgeotiff / libgeotiff 1.6)
* make sure that GetMetadataDomainList() doesn't return EXIF when there's no EXIF metadata
* GTIFGetOGISDefn: avoid querying UOM length info when it is KvUserDefined to avoid an error to be emitted
* on CRS reading, avoid unsetting of EPSG code when ProjLinearUnitsGeoKey = Linear_Foot_US_Survey and the CRS also uses that unit (#2290)
* do not write in GeoTIFF keys non-standard projections
* do not write TOWGS84 that come from EPSG codes, unless GTIFF_WRITE_TOWGS84=YES is explicitly set
* GTiff writing: workaround PROJ 6.3.0 bug when writing a EPSG:4937 ETRS89 Geog3D CRS
* GTiff writing: do not write by default EPSG:3857/WebMercator as a ESRI PE string. Fixes 3.0 regression
* avoid crash on single-component file with Whitepoint and PrimaryChromaticities tags
* libtiff: BigTIFF creation: write TileByteCounts/StripByteCounts tag with SHORT or LONG when possible
* Internal libgeotiff: set UOMLength from GeogLinearUnits (for geocentic CRS) (#1596)
* Internal libgeotiff: upgrade to libgeotiff 1.6.0dev to support OGC GeoTIFF 1.1
* Internal libtiff: resync with internal libtiff (post 4.1.0)
GRIB driver:
* do not do erroneous K->C unit conversion for derived forecasts whose content is not a temperature, but a derived quantity, such as spread
* avoid erroneous K->C conversion for Dew point depression
* update GRIB tables to degrib 2.24
* add missing entries in MeteoAtmoChem table
* add more values from Table 4.5 in Surface type table
* add support for template 4.48 Optical Properties of Aerosol
* add support for rotated lat-lon grids
* avoid quadratic performance on GRIB2 datasets using subgrids within a single GRIB message (#2288)
GXF driver:
* avoid closing the file pointer before being sure this is a GXF driver, otherwise this can prevent the opening of some raw format files (#1521)
HDF4 driver:
* fix retrieval of non-string swath and grid attributes
* fix GR support for non-Byte rasters
* remove broken attribure reading
* fixes related to color table
HDF5 driver:
* avoid error report of the HDF5 library when _FillValue attribute is missing
* Make GH5_FetchAttribute(CPLString) more robust and able to cope with variable-length string
* type detection: only detect complex data type if the component names start with r/R and i/I (refinement of #359)
* add a way to open datasets split over several files using the 'family' driver
* fix reading single dimension dataset (#2180)
HFA driver:
* fix writing of compressed file when a RLE run count is in the [0x4000,0x8000[ range or [0x400000, 0x800000[ (#2150)
IGNFHeightASCIIGrid driver:
* fix to read RASPM2018.mnt grid
IRIS driver:
* make identification more restrictive to avoid false-positive identification of raw binary formats such as ENVI (#1961)
ISIS3 driver:
* extract band name from BandBin group, and wavelength/bandwidth (#1853)
* preserve label in PAM .aux.xml when copying to other formats (#1854)
* add support for PointPerspective projection (#1856)
* add support for Oblique Cylindrical projection (#1856)
JP2ECW driver:
* add support for ECWJP2 SDK 5.5
JP2OpenJPEG driver:
* Fix multi-threading race condition (#1847)
* fix reading overviews, when tiled API is used, and the dimensions of the full resolution image are not a multiple of 2^numresolutions (#1860)
* fix to return the proper number of bytes read when we read more than 2 GB at once (fixes
JP2KAK driver:
* fix issue with multi-threaded reads
* NMAKE: Allow users to tweak/append extras to KAKINC (#1584)
JPEG driver:
* fix further calls to RasterIO after reading full image at full resolution (#1947)
* tune sanity check for multiple-scan (QGIS #35957)
* in case of multiscan image and implicit overviews, limit memory consumption
JPEGLS driver:
* add support for CharLS 2.1
KEA driver:
* return error when deleting metadata item rather than crashing (#1681)
* Backport thread safety fixes and nullptr tests from standalone driver (#2372)
LOSLAS driver:
* add support for .geo geoid models
MEM driver:
* Set access mode to the one required in Open()
MRF driver:
* fix relative file name detection
* relax TIFF tile format rules on read
* Accept any known projection encoding
* use PNG library for swapping
* fixes caching MRF issue
MrSID driver:
* add MRSID_PLATFORM to frmts/mrsid/nmake.opt
netCDF driver:
* improve performance when reading chunked netCDF 4 bottom-up files (read-only)
* correctly parse grid_mapping attribute in expanded form
* allow "radian" value for the X/Y axis units
* very partial workaround for an issue in libnetcdf 4.6.3 and 4.7.0 with unlimited dimensions (refs
* NCDFIsUserDefinedType(): make it work for types in subgroups
* Disregard valid range if min > max (#1811)
* for byte (signed/unsigned) variables, do not report a nodata value if there's no explicit _FillValue/missing_value as recommended by the netCDF specs. And for other data types use nc_inq_var_fill() to get the default value
* do not report nodata if NOFILL is set
* fix bottom-up identification with negative scale_factor for y axis (#1383)
* fix issue when opening /vsicurl/http[s]:// filenames (#2412)
* Fix support of WKT1_GDAL with netCDF rotated pole formulation
NGW driver:
* Add support for additional raster types and QGIS styles.
* Add more server side attribute filters.
NITF driver:
* skip bad UDID data (#1578)
NTv2 driver:
* add support for the Canadian NAD83(CRSR)v7 / NAD83v70VG.gvb velocity grid
OZI driver:
* fix axis order issue with georeferencing (3.0 regression)
PDF driver:
* update to use newer versions of pdfium
PDS3 driver:
* report the label in a json:PDS metadata domain
* fix support of Oblique Cylindrical (#1856)
* ix opening of datasets with BSQ organization (or single band), where one band is larger than 2 GB (2.3 regression)
* nasakeywordhandler: fixes to be able to read some labels with metadata items whose value is a list on several lines
* add a GDAL_TRY_PDS3_WITH_VICAR configuration option that can be set to YES so that PDS3 datasets that contain a VICAR label are opened by the VICAR driver
PDS4 driver:
* update CART schema to 1D00_1933 and PDS to 1C00 (#1851)
* fix reading side of Mercator and Orthographic
* add a CREATE_LABEL_ONLY=YES creation option, and create a <Header> element (#1832)
* add write support for LAEA projection
PNG driver:
* Update internal libpng to 1.6.37
PNM driver:
* emit warning if creating file with non-standard extension
RasterLite2 driver:
* fix build against latest librasterlite2, and require it
RMF driver:
* Add support for PZ-90.11 and GSK-2011 coordinate systems
* Read vertical datum info
* Add translation vertical CS ID to dataset's spatial reference
RS2 driver:
* add half-pixel shift to reported GCP line and column numbers (#1666)
Sentinel2 driver:
* Add support for exposing Level-2A AOT, WVP, SCL, CLD, SNW data in SAFE_COMPACT format (#2404)
TileDB driver:
* add capability to define co-registered attributes per band
* set row-major reads and removed adviseread (#1479)
* added support for raster band metadata
* TILEDB_LIBS added for windows build
* partial updates to existing arrays
* support reading tiles in update mode (#2185)
* use array metadata to store xml (#2103)
* redirect vsis3 calls to tiledb s3 direct calls
* Flush cache in block order for global writes (#2391)
TSX driver:
* add PAZ support
USGSDEM driver:
* fix reading FEMA generated Lidar datasets whose header is 918 bytes large
VICAR driver:
* Support big-endian order for integer & floating point values
* Support VAX floating-point order
* Support BIP and BIL organizations
* Ignore binary label records (NBL), and properly skip binary prefixes (NBB)
* fix reading of EOL labels with non BSQ organizations, and possible confusion with LBLSIZE of EOL overwriting the main one
* improvements in label reading, and report label in a json:VICAR metadata domain
* read binary prefixes as OGR layer
* add read support for BASIC and BASIC2 compression methods
* add write support
* remove obsolete END-OF-DATASET_LABEL, CONVERSION_DETAILS and PIXEL-SHIFT-BUG metadata items that dates back to 1.X era
VRT driver:
* add 'vrt://{gdal_dataset}?bands=num1,...,numN' syntax as a convenient way of creating a on-the-fly VRT with a subset of bands
* VRT warp: do not fail if a block has no corresponding source pixels (#1985)
* VRT Python: also probe (#1660)
* VRT Python: add Python 3.8 compatibility
* avoid erroneous pixel request do be done with KernelFilteredSource
* VRTRawRasterBand: add GetVirtualMemAuto interface to enable mmap io
* fix requesting a downsampling version of the mask band of a source that has masks and overviews
* VRT pansharpening: fix crash when NoData is set and input multispectral bands are separate files (#2328)
* fix IGetDataCoverageStatus() that can cause issue for the use case of
* gdalvrt.xsd: add 'dataAxisToSRSAxisMapping' attribute for GCPList element (#2378)
WCS driver:
* pass user-supplied progress function to curl HTTP request when using DirectRasterIO
WMS driver:
* IReadBlock(): limit number of tiles downloaded at once
* Use curl_multi_wait instead of socket API (#1789)
* AGS: Remove unused parameters from url
== OGR 3.1.0 - Overview of Changes ==
== Core ==
* Support API-level precision/round for geometry WKT (#1797)
* OGR SQL: make LIKE behave in a case sensitive way from now
* OGR SQL: support constructs 'A OR B OR C ... OR N' with many successive OR
* SQL SQLite: do not propagate 'IS / IS NOT value' constructs to OGR SQL
* SQL SQLite: add support for ST_MakeValid() using OGRGeometry::MakeValid() if not exposed by Spatialite already
* Rename swq.h->ogr_swq.h and install it, mark SQL query parse API with
CPL_UNSTABLE_API macro (#1925)
* SQLite dialect: fix issue when using JOIN on a layer without fast filter count capability
* OGRSimpleCurve::getPoints() with XYZM: fix wrong stride used for M array
* OGRSimpleCurve: fix reversePoints() and addSubLineString() to take into account M dimension
* Add OGR_G_CreateGeometryFromEsriJson() and map it to SWIG
* OGRLinearRing::isPointOnRingBoundary(): fix incomplete test that could falsely return true if the point was aligned with a segment, but not between the nodes. Impact correct reconstruction of holes in shapefile driver
* OGRGeometryFactory::ForceTo(): fix crash when forcing a MultiPolygon Z/M/ZM to a CompoundCurve (#2120)
* OGRGeometryFactory::forceToMultiLineString(): fix for a GeometryCollection of LineStringZ/M/ZM (#1873)
* OGRGeometryRebuildCurves(): only try to reconstruct curved geometry if one of the input geometries has really a non-linear portion
* curveFromLineString(): make sure to exactly close the compound curve if the input curve is itself closed
* GDALDataset::CopyLayer(): fix crash when using DST_SRSWKT option. And also set SetAxisMappingStrategy(OAMS_TRADITIONAL_GIS_ORDER)
* Add OGR_G_RemoveLowerDimensionSubGeoms()
== OGRSpatialReference ==
* Revise how SRS methods deal with TOWGS84. Add OSR_ADD_TOWGS84_ON_IMPORT_FROM_EPSG, OSR_ADD_TOWGS84_ON_EXPORT_TO_PROJ4 and OSR_ADD_TOWGS84_ON_EXPORT_TO_WKT1 configuration options. See for details
* SetFromUserInput(): add capability to import PROJJSON
* add ExportToPROJJSON() (PROJ >= 6.2)
* GetAxis(): make it work with a compound CRS (#1604)
* Coordinate transformation: fix invalid output with some input coordinates in EPSG:4326 to EPSG:3857 transformation (3.0 regression)
* Coordinate transformation: Coordinate transformation: add a OGR_CT_OP_SELECTION=PROJ/BEST_ACCURACY/FIRST_MATCHING config option. Defaults to PROJ for PROJ >= 6.3
* importFromWkt(): emit a CPLError() in case of import failure (#1623)
* Add OSRGetAxesCount() to C API and SWIG bindings
* Add OSRPromoteTo3D() and map it to SWIG (PROJ >= 7) (#1852)
* importFromESRI(): acept COMPD_CS (#1881)
* add an internal cache for importFromEPSG() and importFromWkt(). Helps performance for MapServer PROJ6 migration
* Add support for Vertical Perspective projection (#1856)
* Add a OSRGetPROJSearchPaths() function and a SWIG osr.GetPROJVersionMicro()
* Fix use-after-free issue when destroying a OGRSpatialReference object in a thread when another thread has created it but has been destroy in-between
* Coordinate transformation: make it work with hacky WKT1 rotated pole from netCDF driver
* Add OGR_GeomTransformer_XXXX API that wraps OGRGeometryFactory::transformWithOptions() and expose it to SWIG (fixes #1911)
* Fix PROJ usage across fork() calls (#2221)
* OGRCoordinateTransformation: correctly deal when transforming CRS that includes +lon_wrap= or similar qualifiers
* Add OSRIsDerivedGeographic()
* EPSGTreatsAsNorthingEasting(): fix it to properly deal with Polar projected CRS with northing,easting order
== Utilities ==
* ogrinfo: add a -nogeomtype switch
* ogrinfo: fix to output WKT2 SRS by default. Was done correctly for several geometry column, but not single one
* ogr2ogr: emit better error message when using -f VRT
* ogr2ogr: improve performance of -explodecollections on collections with big number of parts
* ogr2ogr: avoid non-relevant warning 'Input datasource uses random layer reading, but output datasource does not support random layer writing' when converting one single layer
* ogr2ogr: allow to combine -nlt CONVERT_TO_LINEAR and -nlt PROMOTE_TO_MULTI (#2338)
* ogr2ogr: add a -makevalid switch (requires GEOS 3.8 or later) and expose it in Python as makeValid=True options of gdal.VectorTranslate()
== OGR drivers ==
Multiple drivers:
* GML/WFS: add support for Date, Time and DateTime fields
* GeoJSONSeq & TopoJSON: avoid false positive detection and errors on unrelated http[s]:// filenames
AmigoCloud driver:
* Modify amigocloud URL endpoint.
AVCE00 driver:
* fix alternance from sequential to per-FID reading
CAD driver:
* Fix read ellipse and arc (#1886)
DXF driver:
* Re-add some header and trailer elements that caused compatibility issues with recent Autocad versions (#1213)
* Generate correct HATCH boundary elliptical arc segments for certain start/end angles
* Skip "Embedded Object" sections in 2018 version DXFs
* Specify maximum gap between interpolated curve points, configurable with OGR_ARC_MAX_GAP
* do not error out if trying to create a OGR_STYLE field
* fix handling of SPLINE whose first knot is at a very very close to zero negative (#1969)
* do not discard Z value when reading a HATCH (#2349)
* write (100, AcDbEntity) before (8, layer_name) (#2348)
* Correct handling of "off" and "frozen" layers in blocks (#1028)
DWG driver:
* add support for ODA 2021.2 (Windows builds)
ElasticSearch driver:
* rename driver to Elasticsearch (s lowercase for search)
* update geometry type name for Points
* Enable support for Elasticsearch 7 (#1246)
* Set 'application/json' in RunRequest() with POST (#1628)
* GeoJSON type field should be mapped as text in ES>=5
* add FORWARD_HTTP_HEADERS_FROM_ENV open option to pass HTTP headers down to the ES server
* translate constructs like CAST(field_name AS CHARACTER[(size)]) = 'foo' to ES query language
ESRIJson driver:
* attempt identification of SRS from database entries (#2007)
* do not require a 'geometry' member to be present in a feature
GeoJSON driver:
* on writing, format OFTDate and OFTDateTime as ISO 8601 strings rather than OGR traditional formatting
* add a DATE_AS_STRING open option that can be set to YES to disable autodetection of date/time/datetime
* Advertise UTF-8 encoding of strings (#2151).
* report 3D layer geometry types (#1495)
* fix recognizing some documents with members sorted alphabetically (#1537)
* avoid SetFeature() to repeat first feature when looping over features (#1687)
* use VSIOverwriteFile() to fix update of file on Windows (fixes
* Transform MAX_OBJECT_SIZE to runtime environment option - OGR_GEOJSON_MAX_OBJ_SIZE
* on reading of a file that use = urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC:1.3:CRS84, report EPSG:4326 as we used to do in GDAL 2 (#2035)
* in writing mode, implement GetExtent() (#2269)
* Add ID_GENERATE option for generating missing feature ids (#2406)
GeoJSONSeq driver:
* make Open() return successfully only if at least one feature is detected
GML driver:
* support reading standalone geometry (#2386)
* fix axis order issue when decoding AIXM ElevationPoint (#2356)
* fix axis order issue with gml:CircleByCenterPoint and gml:ArcByCenterPoint (# 2356)
* fix handling of angles with ArcByCenterPoint and urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326, and compound curves made of a sequence of straight lines and ArcByCenterPoint in a <segments> (#2356)
GPKG driver:
* change default value of OGR_GPKG_FOREIGN_KEY_CHECK to NO, so as to avoid issues in downstream software
* insert more accurate spatial extent in gpkg_contents
* on layer creation, check if the SRS is consistent with its advertize AUTHORITY/ID, and if not do not use official EPSG entries (#1857)
* allow parsing datetime serialized as OGR strings, and emit warnings when unrecognized content is found (#2183)
* when writing a layer of geometry wkbUnknown, make sure to set gpkg_geometry_columns.z/m to 2 when there are geometries with Z/M values (#2360)
KML driver:
* set OAMS_TRADITIONAL_GIS_ORDER for SRS returned on returned layers
LIBKML driver:
* make it accept /vsigzip/foo.kml.gz files (#1743)
MITAB driver:
* Add friendly layer name (description) support.
* Fix creation of long field names in local encoding (#1617)
* don't left truncate numeric values in the .dat when the field formatting is incompatible, but error out (#1636)
* Add custom datum/spheroid parameters export
* Update WindowsLatin2 definition (#1571)
* identify correctly GDA2020 datum
* do not set (by default) TOWGS84 when reading a known Datum
* cleanup management of update flag (#2170)
MSSQLSpatial driver:
* Fix handling empty geometries (#1674)
* Fix handling mixed geometries (#1678)
* avoid GetExtent() to mess with GetNextFeature() statement, so that ogrinfo -al works properly
MVT driver:
* make CONF option accept a filename as well
* reduce memory usage when processing big geometries (#1673)
MySQL driver:
* Add SRID to geometry when creating layer table (#1015)
NAS driver:
* disable generation of .gfs file in read-only file systems (or intended to be), similarly to GML driver
netCDF driver:
* add read/write support for CF-1.8 Encoded Geometries
* add support for vector products Sentinel3 SRAL MWR Level 2
NGW driver:
* Fix dataset access mode
* Add support for layers geometry types with Z
OAPIF driver (previously WFS3):
* updated to OGC API - Features 1.0 core spec (#1878)
* correctly handle user query string parameters in connection URL (#1710)
* add persistent curl session for better performance
* add capability to use a XML Schema to build the layer field definition and geometry type
* add capability to use JSON schema
* add support for rel=queryables and cql-text
* add a IGNORE_SCHEMA=YES/NO open option
* implement filter-lang=json-filter-expr
* avoid issues with double slash when building a /collections URL
OSM driver:
* make error message hopefully clearer and more complete (#2100)
PDF driver:
* fix reading polygon with holes and Bezier curves (#1932)
* add a GDAL_PDF_LAUNDER_LAYER_NAMES configuration option
* fix reading strings with escape sequences
PostgreSQL driver:
* add support for PostgreSQL 12 (#1692)
* add support for PG:service=xxx syntax and SERVICE open option (#2373)
* support PostGIS schema installed in non-public schema (#2400)
* do not attempt to create VARCHAR(n) columns with n >= 10485760 (#1508)
* be more restrictive when deducing non-nullability of columns in SQL result layers (#1734)
Shape driver:
* add read/creation/update support for .shz and
* identify a EPSG code if the confidence is >= 90 (
* better deal with empty .shp+.shx and SHAPE_RESTORE_SHX (#1525)
* launder layer name to get Windows compatible filename
* try to better deal with polygons with parts touching on an edge (which is illegal simple features) (#1787)
* fix crash when creating a layer with a wkbNone geometry type but a SRS (3.0 regression)
* include fseek() optimization of
* expose .dbf and .cpg source encodings in the SHAPEFILE metadata domain
* correctly update layer extent when first feature is a point at (0,0) (#2269)
S57 driver:
* s57objectclasses.csv: add missing TXTDSC attribute for DRYDOC class (#1723)
* s57objectclasses.csv: add wtwdis and unlocd for distance marks from IENC (#2123)
* s57objectclasses.csv: add PICREP attribute to LNDMRK object class
* Added handling of ISDT when using updates (#895)
* Added creation of additional field "ATTF" when missing while updating (#2249)
SOSI driver:
* Append values from duplicate fields when setting new appendFieldsMap open option (#1794)
SQLITE driver:
* fix crash in loading sqlite extensions on iOS (#1820)
* fix conversion of geometry collections (and derived types) in geometry collections as Spatialite geometries, by flattening the structure
* cleanup management of update flag (#2162)
* GetSpatialiteGeometryHeader(): fix bug regarding detection of empty geometries
SXF driver:
* Add open options with RSC file name
* Use SXF_LAYER_FULLNAME from dataset open options
* Use SXF_SET_VERTCS from dataset open options
* Add OGRSXFLayer::CanRecode and check it for OLCStringsAsUTF8 capability
* Add driver identify function (#1607)
VFK driver:
* use a faster implementation of VFKDataBlockSQLite::LoadGeometryPolygon()
VRT driver:
WaSP driver:
* on creation, make sure the layer geometry type set on the feature definition is wkbLineString25D
WFS driver:
* Support FlatGeobuf as WFS outputformat (#2135)
* skip silently GeoServer EPSG:404000 dummy CRS
XLSX driver:
* add support for .xlsm extension
== SWIG Language Bindings ==
* add osr.SetPROJSearchPath(path) that can be used since setting PROJ_LIB from C# does no work (#1647)
Python bindings:
* add 'add' option to gdal.Rasterize
* add hint&workaround for ImportError on Windows Python >= 3.8
* add compatibility with SWIG 4.0 (#1702)
* build modules in parallel
* honour gdal.UseExceptions() in numpy related methods (gdalnumeric module) (#1515)
* update to SWIG 3.0.12 to have better error message (#1677)
* make the feature iterator on the layer call ResetReading()
* Removed calls to deprecated imp module (#2264)
* Add numpy as extras_require dependency (#2158)
* emit exception is osr.SpatialReference(wkt) fails, even if in non-UseExceptions() mode, to avoid later cryptic exception (#2303)
* NUMPYDataset::Open() / gdal_array.OpenArray(): honour writeable flag of the numpy array to decide update status of GDAL dataset
* fix invalid check for Dataset.ReadAsArray(buf_obj=some_array, interleave='pixel') scenario
= GDAL/OGR 3.0.0 Release Notes =
== In a nutshell... ==
* Implement RFC 73: Integration of PROJ6 for WKT2, late binding capabilities, time-support and unified CRS database. PROJ >= 6 is now a build requirement
* New GDAL drivers:
- DAAS: read driver for Airbus DS Intelligence Data As A Service
- TileDB: read/write driver for (#1402)
* New OGR drivers:
- MongoDBv3: read/write driver using libmongocxx v3.4.0 client (for MongoDB >= 4.0)
* Improved drivers:
- FITS: read/write support for scale, offset and CRS
- netCDF: read support for groups
- PDF: add a COMPOSITION_FILE creation option to generate a complex document
- PDS4: subdataset creation support, read/write table/vector support
* Support for minimal builds on Unix (#1250)
* Add a docker/ directory with Dockerfile for different configurations
* Continued code linting
== New installed files ==
* Resource file: pdfcomposition.xsd
== Removed installed files ==
* Removal of resource files related to EPSG and ESRI CRS databases: compdcs.csv, coordinate_axis.csv, datum_shift.csv, ellipsoid.csv, esri_epsg.wkt, esri_extra.wkt, esri_Wisconsin_extra.wkt, gcs.csv, gcs.override.csv, gdal_datum.csv, geoccs.csv, pcs.csv, pcs.override.csv, prime_meridian.csv, projop_wparm.csv, unit_of_measure.csv, vertcs.csv, vertcs.override.csv
== Backward compatibility issues ==
== GDAL/OGR 3.0.0 - General Changes ==
* Allow internal drivers to be disabled (#1250)
* Fix build with OpenBSD which doesn't support RLIMIT_AS (#1163)
* Fix MacOS build failures due to json-c
* Poppler: require pkg-config
* PostgreSQL: Switch from pg_config to pkg-config (#1418)
* fix build --without-lerc (#1224)
* fix netcdf_mem.h detection in netcdf 4.6.2 (#1328)
* Fix build --with-curl --without-threads (#1386)
* nmake.opt: remove unicode character at line starting with '# 4275' that apparently cause build issues with some MSVC versions (#1169)
* PROJ >= 6.0 is a required external dependency
* libgeotiff >= 1.5 should be used for builds with external libgeotiff
* Poppler: drop support for Poppler older than 0.23.0
* Poppler: add support for 0.72.0, 0.73.0, 0.75.0, 0.76.0
== GDAL 3.0.0 - Overview of Changes ==
* Add capability to define external VSI virtual file systems from C API (#1289)
* MiniXML: Fix wrong node order when calling CPLAddXMLAttributeAndValue() after CPLCreateXMLElementAndValue()
* /vsicurl/: ReadMultiRange(): use default implementation if there is a single range (#1206)
* /vsicurl/: ignore proxy CONNECT response headers (#1211)
* /vsicurl/: automatically detect signed URLs where host ends with a port number; also detect signed URLs as created with the AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 method (#1456)
* /vsizip/: Add config option to create zip64 extra fields by default (#1267)
* /vsis3/, /vsigs/, /vsiaz/: add HTTP retry logic in writing code paths
* Fix data race in VSIFileManager::Get
* cpl_zipOpenNewFileInZip3: fix memory leak in error code path. Fixes
* VSIGZipWriteHandleMT: avoid potential deadlock in case of error
* Fix assertion in CPLGetValueType when testing non-ASCII chars
* /vsihdfs/: fix Read() when more than one hdfsRead call is needed (#1349)
* Fix potential buffer overflow in CPLODBCSession::Failed (#1390)
* /vsitar/: handle .tar file header with space padding instead of 0 for file size (#1396)
* Support blocks larger than 2 billion pixels/bytes
* Make CPLHaveRuntimeSSSE3() and CPLHaveRuntimeAVX() use GCC constructor functions
* Move RawDataset base class to gcore/ (#1268)
* RasterBand/Dataset::RasterIO(): enforce access mode on write
* PAM: preserve existing metadata when setting new one (#1430)
* RawDataset: use generic RasterIO() implementation when non-nearest resampling is asked (#1301)
* DumpJPK2CodeStream(): dump PLT and POC markers
* RPC transformer: test success code of GDALRPCTransform() in GDALCreateRPCTransformer()
* RPC transformer: add a RPC_FOOTPRINT transformer option to provide a polygon in long/lat space where the RPC is valid, and also make gdalwarp use GDALSuggestedWarpOutput2() to restrict the bounding box of the output dataset
* GDALFillNodata(): fix wrong comparison in QUAD_CHECK() macro: nNoDataVal is only assigned to target_y values (#1228)
* GDALFillNodata(): reinitialize panLastY array to nNoDataVal before bottom to top pass (#1228)
* GDALFillNodata(): do an extra iteration to reach the maximum search distance in all quadrants (#1228)
* GDALRasterizeLayersBuf():support any GDAL data type for buffer,and pixel and line spaceing arguments
* GDALResampleChunk32R_Mode: performance improvement
* Rasterize with MERGE_ALG=ADD: avoid burning several times intermediate points of linestrings (#1307)
* rasterize: fix crash when working buffer is larger than 2GB (#1338)
* gdal_translate: add "-nogcp" option (#1469)
* gdal_contour: remove explicit width/precision=12/3 of the elev field (#1487)
* gdaldem hillshade: add -igor option (#1330)
* gdalwarp -crop_to_cutline: do not round computed target extent to be aligned on the grid of the source raster if -tr is set (restore partially pre 2.4 behaviour) (#1173)
* gdalwarp: assume -tap when using -crop_to_cutline, -tr and -wo CUTLINE_ALL_TOUCHED=TRUE, so as to avoid issues with polygons smaller than 1x1 pixels (#1360)
* gdal2tiles: give local tile layer and basemap layers same min/max zoom levels as generated tile cache
* gdal2tiles: fix breakage of openlayers.html getURL() javascript function, introduced in GDAL 2.3.3 / 2.4.0 (#1127)
* gdal2tiles: prevent accidental copy of full GeoTIFF into temporary .vrt file
gdal2tiles: Refactor and fix multiprocessing completion handling
* preserve color interpretation and table
* do not set geotransform if source doesn't have one
* gdalsrsinfo: do not silence errors when calling SetFromUserInput()
* gdal_retile: Use nodata value from origin dataset
* allow setting band-specific scale and offset values (#1444)
* check if file is only greater than 512px (#1403)
* report headers size
Multidriver fixes:
* GTiff, GPKG, MBTiles, PostgisRaster drivers: ensure that main dataset and overviews share the same lock, so as to avoid crashing concurrent access (#1488)
ADRG driver:
* modified to ensure that there is no confliction between ADRG and SRP when opening a .gen file (#953)
* fix filename case adjustment that failed on /vsi filesystems (#1385)
BAG driver:
* fix potential nullptr deref on corrupted file
COSAR driver:
* avoid out-of-bound write on corrupted dataset. Fixes
EEDA driver:
* report 'path' metdata in 'path' field
GPKG driver:
* allow negative srs_id values in gpkg_spatial_ref_sys
* reduce memory requirements for cached tiles
GTiff diver:
* supports tiles/strips larger than 2GB
* add APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES capability to create subdataset / new TIFF page to an existing file
* only report scale/offset deduced from ModelTiepointTag and ModelPixelScaleTag if the SRS has a vertical component (and thus currently if GTIFF_REPORT_COMPD_CS is set) (
* TIFF Lerc: properly initialize state after Create() so that BuildOverviews() succeed (#1257)
* emit merged consecutive multi-range reads (#1297)
* add warnings when using unsupported combination of internal mask+external overview, and fix COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES so that it does not copy ALL_VALID masks (#1455)
* do not generate a TIFFTAG_GDAL_METADATA with color interpretation information for JPEG YCbCr compression
* Internal libtiff and libgeotiff: resync with upstream
FITS driver:
* new functions for Scale Offset and FITS World Coordinate System read and write (#1298)
GeoRaster driver:
* Fix memory leaks
HDF5 driver:
* support reading blocks larger than 2GB
* fix handling of attributes of type SCHAR, UCHAR, USHORT and UINT (
* detect nodata from netCDF _FillValue (#1451)
* add more strict checks for accepting datasets for GCP, and handle nodata in GCP too (#1451)
IGNFHeightAsciiGrid driver:
* add support for RAF18.mnt
JPEG driver:
* fix GDAL 2.3.0 performance regression when decoding JPEG (or GPKG using JPEG) images (#1324)
KEA driver:
* add support for /vsi file systems
KMLSuperOverlay driver:
* report color table of single overlay datasets, and also handle some variation in the KML structure (
MRF driver:
* sparse index and internal resampling fixes
* fix integer overflow. Fixes
MrSID driver:
* fix potential crash when a zoom level cannot be opened
netCDF driver:
* implement support for NetCDF-4 groups on reading (#1180)
* support complex data types (#1218)
* fix crash when opening a dataset with an attribute of length 0 (#1303)
* fix IWriteBlock() to support non-scanline blocks, and use the chunk size
* better deal with datasets indexed with unusual order for x/y dimensions
* avoid inappropriate shift by -360 when attribute axis=X is set (#1440)
NGW driver:
* Add CreateCopy function
NITF driver:
* avoid harmless floating point division by zero. Fixes
PCIDSK driver:
* avoid uint overflow and too big memory allocation attempt. Fixes
PDF driver:
* Add a COMPOSITION_FILE creation option to generate a complex document
* And a sample script
* Fix selection of Poppler PDF layers with duplicate names (#1477)
* avoid division by zero when generating from vector content whose bounding box is almost a horizontal or vertical line. Fixes
* fix decoding of band interleaved images (such as for CRISM HSP) (#1239)
* add support for ENCODING_TYPE=DCT_DECOMPRESSED (#1457)
PDS4 driver:
* add subdataset creation support, and getting/setting the band unit
* update template and code to PDS v1B00 schema versions
VRT driver:
* Python pixel functions: add shared object name for python 3.7
* VRT: in case of no SourceProperties, do not use global shared datasets, but only shared to the owning VRTDataset, to avoid potential reference cycles and annoying related issues. Fixes
WCS driver:
* avoid potential out-of-bound access
WMS driver:
* use proper JSon parsing for ESRI MapServer document (#1416)
* Add url parameters escaping to ArcGIS Server minidriver
* avoid warning when a wms cache doesn't exist
XPM driver:
* fix read heap buffer overflow on corrupted image. Fixes
XYZ driver:
* add creation options DECIMAL_PRECISION and SIGNIFICANT_DIGITS like with AAIGrid
* fix regression regarding header lines that are not X,Y,Z (#1472)
== OGR 3.0.0 - Overview of Changes ==
* Add OGR_G_MakeValid() (requires GEOS 3.8)
* change prototye of OGRFeature::SetField( int iField, int nBytes, GByte *pabyData ) to ( ... , const void* pabyData), and same for OGR_F_SetFieldBinary().
* Polyhedral surface: fix importFromWKT to properly fix Z/M flag
* OGRBuildPolygonFromLines: avoid generating effectively duplicate points
* OGRBuildPolygonFromEdges(): improve performance.
* OGRGeometryFactory::transformWithOptions(): if WRAPDATELINE=YES, test that the geometry SRS is geographic
* OGRGeometryFactory::GetCurveParmeters(): fix assertion when coordinates are very near 0
* Expat XML parsing: add OGR_EXPAT_UNLIMITED_MEM_ALLOC=YES config option to workaround failure for very specific cases
* OGRLineString::segmentize(): fix issues when segment length is divisible by maxlength (#1341)
* OGR SQL: limit recursion in swq_expr_node::Check(). Fixes
* OGRGeometry / SFCGAL: fix dead code, memory leaks and potential nullptr deref.
* Deep rework due to RFC 73 integration
* SRS_WKT_WGS84 macro replaced by SRS_WKT_WGS84_LAT_LONG
* Add OSRSetPROJSearchPaths(), OSRExportToWktEx(), OSRGetName(), OSRIsSameEx(), OSRGetCRSInfoListFromDatabase(), OSRGetAreaOfUse(),OSRGetAxisMappingStrategy(), OSRSetAxisMappingStrategy(), OSRGetDataAxisToSRSAxisMapping()
* Add OCTNewCoordinateTransformationOptions(), OCTCoordinateTransformationOptionsSetOperation(), OCTCoordinateTransformationOptionsSetAreaOfInterest(), OCTDestroyCoordinateTransformationOptions(), OCTNewCoordinateTransformationEx(), OCTTransform4D()
* Remove OSRFixupOrdering(), OSRFixup(), OSRStripCTParms(), OCTProj4Normalize(), OCTCleanupProjMutex(), OPTGetProjectionMethods(), OPTGetParameterList(), OPTGetParameterInfo()
* ogrinfo: report TITLE metadata in summary layer listing
* ogr2ogr: for drivers supporting ODsCCreateGeomFieldAfterCreateLayer, do not create geometry column if -nlt none
* add shared='1' to speed-up -single mode with many layers
CARTO driver:
* Overwrite tables in single transactions
* Improve documentation and warnings around CARTODBFY (#1445)
CSW driver:
* fix crash when geometry parsing fails (#1248)
DODS driver:
* fixes related to memory leaks and null pointer dereferences
DXF driver:
* support RGB true color values
* fix the coloring of ByBlock entities inserted via a ByLayer INSERT
* fix double-free issue in case of writing error. Fixes
FileGDB/OpenFileGDB drivers:
* be robust when winding order of outer ring is incorrect (#1369)
Elasticsearch driver:
* Fixed index comparison bug when a index have at least one mapping
* Fix _mapping url for Elasticsearch 7 compatibility
GeoJSON driver:
* speed-up random reading with GetFeature() by storing a map FID->(start,size) to retrieve performance similar to GDAL 2.2 or before (
* report 3D layer geometry types (#1495)
GeoJSONSeq driver:
* be more robust to invalid objects, and fixes performance issue on corrupted files. Fixes
GML driver:
* write SRSName element in .gfs when parsing a GML file with srsName only on top-level boundedBy element (#1210)
* Add "FeatureType" to list of suffixes recognized by XSD parser (#1313)
* GML/WFS: add minimum support for 'hexBinary' type (as string) (#1375)
GMLAS driver:
* avoid null pointer dereference on some schemas
* do not use space as separator for schema filename in XSD open option (#1452)
GMT driver:
* use file extension based detection to accept files without header (#1461)
MongoDB driver:
* fix releated to filters in GetFeature()
MITAB driver:
* Add encode/decode feature labels to/from UTF-8 encoding while MIF file read/write (#1151)
* .tab: fix deleting a feature without geometry (#1232)
* adapt dynamically default projection bounds to false_easting/false_northing values (#1316)
* avoid potential assertion or stack buffer overflow on corrupted .ind files. Fixes
* prevent potential infinite recursion on broken indexes. Fixes
* TAB_CSLLoad(): fix performance issue. Fixes
* avoid long processing on corrupted .mif files. Fixes
MSSQLSpatial driver:
* Add support for curve geometries (#1299)
* Add option to expose the FID column as a feature attribute (#1227)
* Adding improved extent queries
* Fix extent calculation for geography type, take care of invalid geometries
NGW driver:
* Fix get children API. Add authorization support to create dataset options
* Add support for feature extensions in OGRFeature native data
* Add feature query via chunks, attribute and spatial filter support
* Add resource type and parent identifier to metadata
* Fix batch update features
* Add JSON_DEPTH open option
* Add check forbidden field names, check duplicate field names.
OCI driver:
* Add MULTI_LOAD to open options (#1233)
* Fix memory leaks
ODS driver:
* allow opening tables with empty cells with huge values of columns-repeated attribute at end of line (#1243)
* avoid potential null pointer dereference when writing to corrupted filename. Fixes
OGDI driver:
* switch incorrect order for east/west bounds of spatial filter
PDS4 driver:
* add read/write support for tables (vector support)
PGDump driver:
* in WRITE_EWKT_GEOM=YES non-default mode, export geometries to ISO WKT so as to be able to export XYZM (#1327)
* Fix emitted SQL when UNLOGGED=ON
PLScenes driver:
* update plscenesconf.json with SkySatCollect and add missing fields for PSOrthoTile
SDTS driver:
* error out if too many errors are raised to avoid timeout in oss-fuzz. Fixes
Selafin driver:
* avoid null pointer dereference on corrupted files. Fixes
Shapefile driver:
* DeleteLayer(): make it delete .cpg, .sbn, .sbx, .qpj and other sidecar files (#1405)
* speed-up creation of lots of fields with name collisions. Fixes
SQLite driver:
* set sqlite3_busy_timeout, handle SQLITE_BUSY during tile read (#1370)
* close database before freeing the spatialite context. Fix crashes on dataset closing, with VirtualShape and recent spatialite versions
* Spatialite: fix update of geometry_columns_statistics when extent goes to infinity (#1438)
S57 driver:
* avoid long procession on corrupted datasets. Fixes
SXF driver:
* Fix wrong EPSG codes range (#1278)
* Fix memory leaks in SetVertCS()
VFK driver:
* fix curved geometries being ignored (#1351)
WFS3 driver:
* handle paging wth missing type for rel:next, and better deal with user:pwd in URL
* use 'id' attribute of collection items, if 'name' not available
== SWIG Language Bindings ==
All bindings:
* add Geometry::MakeValid()
Python bindings:
* fix Dataset.ReadAsRaster() on CInt16 data type (#82)
* adding overviewLevel option to WarpOptions
* add noGCP options to gdal.Translate()
= GDAL/OGR 2.4.0 Release Notes =
== In a nutshell... ==
* New GDAL drivers:
- BYN: read/write support for Natural Resources Canada's Geoid binary format
- EEDAI: read-only driver for Google Earth Engine Data API
- IGNFHeightASCIIGrid: read-only driver to read IGN-France height correction ASCII grids
- NGW: NextGIS Web read-only driver
- NTv1: read-only driver for NTv1 datum shift grids
* New OGR drivers:
- EEDA: read-only driver for Google Earth Engine Data API
- GeoJSONSeq: read/creation support of new-line or record-separator separated GeoJSON features (#378)
- NGW: NextGIS Web read-write driver
* Improved drivers:
- BAG: add read support for variable-resolution grids, and write support for single-resolution grids
- GTiff driver: add Lerc and WebP codecs
- PostgisRaster: add support for out-db rasters
- MSSQLSpatial
* RFC 72: Make GDAL Python autotest suite use pytest framework
* Add /vsihdfs/ virtual file system handler for Hadoop File System (via libhdfs)
* Add /vsiwebhdfs/ read-write virtual file system for Web Hadoop File System REST API
* gdal_contour rewriting: speed optimizations and capability to compute polygon isosurfaces.
* Remove PHP and Ruby bindings.
* Continued code linting in C++, Python scripts, Shell scripts and autotest
== Backward compatibility issues ==
* The value of COMPRESSION_ZSTD used for ZStd-in-TIFF compression has been changed. ZStd-compressed TIFF files produced by GDAL 2.3.0 will not be readable
== GDAL/OGR 2.4.0 - General Changes ==
* configure: error out when --enable-pdf-plugin is used with --with-libtool since frmts/pdf/GNUmakefile isn't ready for that (#556)
* Fix compilation in C++17 mode with older ogdi headers
* Fix the datadir in gdal.pc.
* re-install cpl_vsi_error.h
* update GRASS drivers to support GRASS 7.4.0 (#639, #633)
* configure: use CXXFLAGS when CXX is used (#693)
* GNUmakfile: fix dependency of install target (#707)
* configure: fix 12 bit JPEG-in-TIFF support (#716)
* configure: Remove additionnal '$' in front of '${CXX}' to fix ECW5 detection
* configure: use ogdi.pc if available
* Set minimum pkg-config version to 0.21
* fix potential link errors when using internal libgif and internal libpng but headers of those libraries are available in the system in different versions than our internal ones (#938)
* nmake.opt: allow install into paths with spaces
* MBTiles driver: fix issue in Makefile
* Fix HDF4 Plugin build for Visual C++ (#624)
* NMAKE: copy gdal pdb to $(LIBDIR) in libinstall target
* NMAKE: Enable friendlier static library builds to allow an external `DLLBUILD = 0`
* nmake.opt: allow DEBUG=0 to be set (#703)
* Do not include DllMain() in static library builds
* add support for JPEGLS driver
* Add support for Poppler 0.64, 0.69, 0.71
* avoid compilation error when compiling GMT's gmtdigitize.c that defines _XOPEN_SOURCE to empty (#590)
* Fix build against PDFium (#612)
* Add support for MySQL 8.0
== GDAL 2.4.0 - Overview of Changes ==
* Add multi-threaded compression to /vsigzip/ and /vsizip/
* /vsizip/: create ZIP64 when needed
* /vsizip/: encode filename in Unicode when needed also in local file header
* /vsigzip/: allow seeking to beginning of file, despite decompression error
* /vsicurl/: extend retry logic to HTTP 500 and HTTP 400 with RequestTimeout, emit a CE_Warning if code != 400 and != 404
* /vsicurl/: fix parsing of HTML file listing that got broken in GDAL 2.3.0
* /vsicurl/ and derived: implement a LRU cache for file properties (instead of ever growing cache)
* /vsicurl/ and derived: implement a LRU cache for directory content listing
* /vsicurl/: make GetCurlMultiHandleFor() more thread-safe
* HTTP: added curl cookiefile and cookiejar variables (fixes #1000)
* /vsioss/: fix support of filenames with spaces
* /vsizip/: output explicit error message when encountering a unsupported file compression method
* /vsis3/: fix VSIStatL() on a directory (#603)
* /vsis3/: take into account AWS_CONTAINER_CREDENTIALS_RELATIVE_URI for ECS instances (#673)
* /vsis3/: honour CPL_VSIL_CURL_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS configuration option (#995)
* /vsis3/: ignores files with GLACIER storage class in directory listing, unless CPL_VSIL_CURL_IGNORE_GLACIER_STORAGE=NO
* /vsiaz/: support BlobEndpoint element in AZURE_STORAGE_CONNECTION_STRING such as found in Azurite (#957)
* Add a VSICurlPartialClearCache(const char* filenameprefix) function to partially clear the /vsicurl/ and related caches; and bind it to SWIG
* Add VSISync() to synchronize source and target files/directories
* /vsitar/: support headers with fields using star base-256 coding (#675)
* Add VSIOpenDir/VSIGetNextDirEntry/VSICloseDir and provide efficient recursive implementation for /vsis3/, /vsigs/, /vsioss/ and /vsiaz/
* Detect Amazon EC2 instances that use the newer hypervisor. Deprecates CPL_AWS_CHECK_HYPERVISOR_UUID and replaces with CPL_AWS_AUTODETECT_EC2
* CPLString class: rework visibility of exported symbols for Visual Studio (rework of #321) (#636)
* CPLGetPhysicalRAM(): take into account cgroup limitation (Docker use case), and rlimit (#640)
* CPLGetNumCPUs(): take into account cgroup limitation.
* ODBC: Improve Fetch() error handling.
* ODBC: get multiple ODBC error messages.
* ODBC: Fetch wide-char strings on UNIX (#839)
* Fix buffer overflow in GDALDefaultCSVFilename with GDAL_NO_HARDCODED_FIND (#683)
* VSIZipFilesystemHandler::Open: Fix leaks of poVirtualHandle (#699)
* Fix date-time formatting for /vsigs/, /vsiaz/ and /vsioss/ protocols with non-C locales
* CPLQuadTreeGetAdvisedMaxDepth(): avoid int overflow. Fixes
* CPLJSonStreamingParser: make it error on invalid array constructs (#970)
* Add a GDAL_HTTPS_PROXY configuration option to selectively setup proxy for https only connections (#972)
* Add template class CPLAutoClose (#952)
* Make VSIToCPLError() handle the generic VSIE_AWSError (#1007)
* Propagate error handler user data correctly (#1098)
* CPLOpenSSLCleanup(): reset callbacks to nullptr to avoid potential segfault
* SetStatistics(): write a STATISTICS_APPROXIMATE=YES metadata item if bApproxOK=true, and take it into account in GetStatistics() (trac #4857, trac #4576)
* Add percentage of valid pixels to metadata when computing raster band statistics (#698)
* Overview creation: avoid creating too many levels, and fix related heap buffer overflow (#557,#561)
* Overview: fix wrong computation of source pixel indices for AVERAGE and pixel-interleave bands
* Lanczos rasterio/overview/warp: do not compute target pixel if there are too many missing source pixels, to avoid weird visual effects depending on if valid source pixels match positive or negative kernel weights
* Overview / RasterIO resampling: do not use nodata value as a valid output value
* RawRasterBand: only accept VSILFILE*
* Add alpha mask flag for alpha band in Uint16 One band dataset (#742)
* GetMaskBand(): do not use a GDALNoDataMaskBand when nodata value is out of range (#754)
* Pleiades metadata reader: Add more strict check (#431)
* Statistics/minmax computation: on a float32 raster, be more tolerant when the nodata is slightly larger than +/- FLOAT_MAX
* GDALNoDataMaskBand: improve performance in downsampling cases
* GDALDestroy(): no longer call it automatically on GCC/CLang (non-MSVC) builds
* GDALGetJPEG2000Structure(): avoid excessive memory allocation. Fixes
* Implement GDALAllValidMaskBand::ComputeStatistics(). Fixes
* PAMDataset: avoid illegal down_cast to GDALPamRasterBand. Fixes
* GDALOpenEx(): improve anti recursion detection. Fixes
* GDALResampleChunk32R_Convolution: avoid invalid left shift. Fixes
* Gauss resampling: fix potential read heap buffer overflow in corner cases. Fixes
* GDALDefaultOverviews::OverviewScan(): avoid potential infinite recursion. Fixes
* GDALPamRasterBand::CloneInfo(): do not clone empty RAT
* OpenCL wrapper: fix memory leak
* Warper: add complex nodata handling in average/min/max modes
* TPS solver: improve numerical stability, for non Armadillo builds, for points not centered on (0,0)
* GCP polynomial interpolation: fix bug where worst_oultier always assumed polynomial order 2
* GCP polynomial interpolation: fix bug where remove_ouliers used the parameters of the reverse transformation
* GDALGridLinear(): speed-up search of triangle for points outside of the triangulation
* gdal_grid linear: avoid artifacts with degenerate triangles (#638)
* GDALPansharpenOperation::Initialize(): validate value of GDAL_NUM_THREADS (CID 1393944)
* GDALFillNodata(): add NODATA option
* GDALDEMProcessing(): fix null pointer dereference if psOptionsIn == nullptr (#931)
* gdal_translate: make -stats option work with -co COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES (#792)
* gdal_translate: fix RPC correction when using -srcwin with negative offsets (#827)
* gdalwarp: automatically enable SKIP_NOSOURCE=YES when it is safe to do so
* gdalwarp: make -crop_to_cutline stick to source pixel boundaries when no raster reprojection is involved, to avoid unnecessary resampling or resolution change
* gdalwarp -r average: better deal with south-up oriented datasets (#778)
* gdalwarp: improve robustness of computation of source raster window for a given target raster window (#862)
* gdalwarp: allow to create bottom-up grid with -te xmin ymax ymin ymin
* gdalwarp: fix crash when warping on an existing dataset with less bands as needed
* gdal_contour: speed optimizations and capability to compute polygon isosurfaces.
* gdal_contour: add amin and amax parameter for gdal_contour to be used with option -p
* gdal_contour: avoid out-of-memory situation (#594)
* gdal_contour: fix GDAL 2.3 regression with fixed interval contouring that resulted in discontinuities in contour lines (#889)
* deal with NaN values
* fix rounding issues when computing source and target regions (#670)
* add --optfile switch
* gdal2tiles: fix wrong computation of min zoom level in some cases (#730)
* gdal2tiles: add -x option for skipping transparent tile generation
* gdal2tiles: fix performance issue by caching source dataset; GDALAutoCreateWarpedVRT()
* gdal2tiles: fix issue with out-of-range nodata values (#770)
* gdal2tiles: restore GDAL < 2.3 behaviour when output directory is not explicitly specified (#795)
* gdal2tiles: fix --force-kml (#809)
* add -setstats to set "fake" statistics (#819)
* add -unsetrpc option to, and fix GTiff driver to be able to clear RPC
* gdal_grid: fix -clipsrc from a vector datasource (broken at least since GDAL 2.1)
* gdalenhance: avoid potential nullptr dereference (CID 1394096)
* make sure that --config is early evaluated for config options such as CPL_VSIL_CURL_CHUNK_SIZE that are read early
Multi driver changes:
* HFA and KEA: better support for writing RATs (trac #4903)
* Fix creation of large enough datasets with drivers EHdr, ENVI and ISCE that failed due to inappropriate check on file size whereas the file wasn't filled yet (#705, 2.3.0 regression)
BAG driver:
* avoid warnings when reading georeferencing
* get datetime
* safer retrieval of variable extents
* add read support for variable-resolution grids, and write support for single-resolution grids
E00GRID driver:
* correctly parse projection sections that have lines with tildes (#894)
EHdr driver:
* only write .stx if bApproxOK=false (#514)
ENVI driver:
* support reading truncated datasets (#915)
ERS driver:
* fix quadratic performance in parsing .ers header. Fixes
* avoid excessive memory allocation. Fixes
* avoid potential stack overflow. Fixes
* prevent infinite recursion. Fixes
* avoid potential bad cast. Fixes
FIT driver:
* avoid excessive block size on creation. Fixes
* error out in CreateCopy() on failed I/O on source dataset. Fixes
GeoRaster driver:
* Fix the issue by freeing the temporary lobs created by readCLob() and writeCLOB().
GPKG driver:
* fix memleak if I/O error occurs on write
* retrieve original raster file when using gdal_translate -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES with other gdal_translate switches
* copy source metadata when using TILING_SCHEME
* properly delete gridded coverage raster layers
GRIB driver:
* replace DataSource and derived classes with VSILFILE directly for > 4GB file support on Windows
* turn printf() warning as CPLDebug() messages
* read and write missing data values correctly for complex packing when original data is integer (#1063)
* g2clib: avoid int overflow. Fixes
* g2clib: avoid potential out of bound access (CID 1393528)
* degrib: fix floating point division by zero. Fixes
* degrib: avoid potential floating point division by zero. Fixes
* add UNIT[] node to SRS on reading, so that is valid
GTiff driver:
* Add TIFF Lerc codec (in GTiff driver itself)
* Add TIFF WebP codec (in libtiff)
* save XMP on field TIFFTAG_XMLPACKET (#767)
* fix retrieving mask band of overview band when the mask is external. Fixes -co COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES of such datasets (#754)
* improve progress report in CreateCopy() when there is a mask (#935)
* improve performance reading multi-band 1-bit data. Fixes
* internal libtiff: updated to libtiff 4.0.10
* internal libgeotiff: resync with upstream.
* workaround bug in currently released libgeotiff versions, where when rewriting a ASCII key with a string value longer than the original value (#641)
* allow the use of PREDICTOR with ZSTD compression
* avoid various memory corruptions in case of some corrupted file. Fixes
* load PAM if not already done when GetDefaultRAT() is called
* fix missing #ifdef causing compilation failure due to missing bTryCopy (#946)
HDF4 driver:
* quote swath and field names if needed (if they contain spaces, column, quotes) in HDF4_EOS subdataset names
HDF5 driver:
* add VSI functionality (#786)
* fix reading variable names with single character (#622)
* fix HDF5 object leak (thus preventing file closing) on datasets with variable length attributes (#933)
HFA driver:
* fix floating point division by zero. Fixes
* fix division by zero. Fixes
HTTP driver:
* do not immediately delete a file used by the JP2OpenJPEG driver
ILWIS driver:
* Fix performance issue on creation with big number of bands. Fixes
IRIS driver:
* add UNIT[] node to SRS on reading, so that is valid
* avoid infinite loop. Fixes and 8439
ISCE driver:
* do not try to stat() mainfile.xml if mainfile does not exist
ISIS3 driver:
FITS driver:
* allow reading/writing beyond 2 billion pixels limit
JP2OpenJPEG driver:
* allow YCC for non-Byte datasets; and allow 4-band MCT with openjpeg >= 2.2
* add CODEBLOCK_STYLE creation option for OpenJPEG >= 2.3
* add support for generating and using external overviews
JPEG driver:
* slightly improve performance of whole RGB image loading with pixel-interleaved buffer
* Internal libjpeg: Avoid integer overflow on corrupted image in decode_mcu_DC_first() (
JPEGLS driver:
* Add support for CharLS 2 (#632)
MRF driver:
* Add TestBlock(), skip empty areas when building overviews
* Fix detection of Lerc2 data
* Resync with upstream LercLib and put it in third_party/LercLib
NetCDF driver:
* add VSI functionality on Linux (#786)
* add support for longitude values wrapping at 180deg of longitude (#1114)
* avoid use of uninitialized variable when reading blocks in creation mode
NGSGEOID driver:
* report a CRS that conforms to the official publications for GEOID2012 and USGG2012 datasets (#1103)
NITF driver:
* avoid excessive processing time on corrupted files. Fixes
* avoid heap-buffer-overflow for VQ compression. Fixes
PCIDSK driver:
* add back support for creating external overviews, removed years ago when switching to the new PCIDSK SDK (#887)
PCRaster driver:
* libcsf: avoid potential out of bound access (CID 1074445)
PDF driver:
* Remove forced use of libstdc++ for macOS when building plugin (#888)
PDS driver:
* deal with detached labels whose line spacing is not a multiple of record size (#955)
* add support for reading CRISM images
* add support for ^QUBE = number for multi-band images
PDS4 driver:
* fix georeferencing reading/writing to use pixel corner convention (#735)
* add UNIT[] node to SRS on reading, so that is valid
PostgisRaster driver:
* add support for out-db rasters (Trac #3234)
* use ST_BandFileSize of PostGIS 2.5 when available for outdb_resolution=client_side_if_possible
* improve performance of line by line reading; add performance hints section in the doc
* fix CreateCopy() when PostGIS is not in public schema
* add quoting of identifiers
PRF driver:
* Fix Photomod x-dem files georeference
RasterLite2 driver:
* fail on Create() that is not supported
RDA driver:
* enable support for DG RDA Image Reference string
RMF driver:
* Add support JPEG compressed RMF datasets (#691)
* Add optional projection import/export from EPSG code (#701)
* Create compressed datasets: LZW, DEM, JPEG (#732)
* Cache decoded tile to improve performance of interleaved access
* Parallelize data compression, add internal tile write-cache, add compressed overviews support (#748)
* Fix 4-bit dataset reading
* Expose NBITS to metadata
RS2 driver:
* avoid potential memleak (CID 1393537, CID 1393534, CID 1074387)
SENTINEL2 driver:
* Add support of S2x_MSIL2A files (#1069)
SGI driver:
* writer: avoid out-of-bound buffer access. Fixes
SIGDEM driver:
* be more robust against excessive memory allocation attempt
* avoid floating point division by zero. Fixes
SDTS driver:
* avoid long processing time on corrupted dataset. Fixes
SRP driver:
* ASRP/USRP: allow opening files padded with 0x5E / ^ character without emitting error (#838)
USGSDEM driver:
* fix reading of Benicia.dem and Novato.dem (trac #4901, #583)
* optimize I/O access a bit
* avoid potential out-of-bounds access (CID 1393532)
* avoid int overflow. Fixes
VRT driver:
* GDALCreateWarpedVRT(): automatically set GCI_AlphaBand on the alpha band
* data/gdalvrt.xsd: add GDALRasterAttributeTable (#818)
* VRTComplexSource: make sure that min and max values in case of exponential resampling are properly computed
* ComputeStatistics(): optimize when nodata is set on a single SimpleSource
* Fix issue when opening VRT with large number of bands (#1048)
* deal with serialized nodata value that is slightly outside Float32 validity range (#1071)
* fix source window computation that caused sub-pixel shift with non-nearest resampling
* fix potential int overflow on invalid VRT
WCS driver:
* Parse envelopes with time periods. Improve error reporting. Fix one SUBDATASETS metadata thing. More metadata from Capabilities to metadata. Print some URLs in debug mode. Unique subset params in URLs. Add time domain interval to metadata.
* GeoServer does not like primary subsets to have postfixes. Fix service dirty issue. Add GeoServer TimeDomain coverage metadata. Do not put service parameter into subdataset name and use generic coverage parameter
* deal with GDALPamDataset::GetMetadata returning nullptr. (#648)
WMTS driver:
* avoid issue with reprojection of layer extent into TileMatrixSet SRS
* fix issue with inappropriate zoom level being selected causing integer overflow in raster dimension computation
* fix potential off-by-one pixel when compositing the underlying WMS/TMS source into the final raster
== OGR 2.4.0 - Overview of Changes ==
* Add JSON field subtype for String fields
* OGR SQL: avoid int overflow on -(-9223372036854775808) evaluation. Fixes
* OGR SQL: evaluation modulo operator on floating point values as a floating point modulo. Fixes
* OGR SQL: swq_expr_node::Evaluate(): avoid too deep recursion. Fixes
* OGRLineString::TransferMembersAndDestroy(): fix crashing issue with M component. Fixes
* OGRGeometry::exportToGEOS(): fix potential out-of-bounds write on some GeometryCollection with TIN/PolyhedralSurface (#688)
* OGRGeometryFactory::organizePolygons(): improve performance for polygons with many consecutive identical nodes. Fixes
* Fix IsValid() for a TRIANGLE with GEOS, but without SFCGAL
* morphToESRI(): fix a heap user-after-free.
* OGRFeature::SetField( int iField, const char * const * papszValues ): avoid potential invalid access to pauFields[iField].StringList.paList
* SQLite dialect: fix when ROWID is used in WHERE clause and the source layer has a real FID column name
* GML geometry parser: recognize MultiGeometry.geometryMembers syntax (refs
* OGRGetXMLDateTime(): Interpret TZFlag correctly (#996)
* OGRFeatureStyle: Restore font field at OGRStyleSymbol
* importFromEPSG(): append ' (deprecated)' at end of deprecated GCS and GEOCCS (#646)
* ogr_opt.cpp: fix wrong values and add missing values in papszProjectionDefinitions[]
* importFromProj4/exportToProj4: fix typo in the PROJ method name of InternalMapOfTheWorldPolyconic which is imw_p
* Krovak: explicit that alpha and Pseudo_standard_parallel_1 are hardcoded in PROJ
* SetNormProjParm(): avoid division by zero. Fixes
* FindMatches(): if the input SRS has a EPSG code, check that its definition and the EPSG one actually matches (#990)
* ogr2ogr: reject -append, -select options together
* ogr2ogr: speed-up in case of big number of field name clashes. Fixes
* ogr2ogr: make -clipsrc work when output dataset has no geometry field (#943)
* ogrlineref: fix tolerance for not geographic spatial reference
* avoid exception in error code path of GetOutputDriverFor()
* fix issue with non-ASCII characters (fixes #1067)
Multi driver changes:
* KML/LIBKML: robustify for out-of-memory conditions (fixes
* XLSX / ODS: avoid harmless warning in some cases when guessing column data types
AVCE00 driver:
* avoid perforance issues on huge lines. Fixes
* fix performance issue on reading PRJ section. Fixes
BNA driver:
* refuse to open existing file in update mode, since it causes later crashes when attempting to add new features (
* avoid long processing. Fixes
* more efficient building of polygons. Fixes
CAD driver:
* Fix read objects map. Upgrade version of libopencad to 0.3.4. (#677)
* Fix wrong OGRCircularString construction from CADCircle. (#736)
* avoid integer overflow. Fixes
* Fix buffer overflow on skip read. Fixes
Carto driver:
* Use new /sql/copy-from end point for writing (#715)
* fix ICreateFeatureCopy() with unset fields
CSV driver:
* in writing, use WKT instead of actual geometry column name if GEOMETRY=AS_WKT mode is used without CREATE_CSVT=YES (fixes #660)
* writer: limit to 10000 fields to avoid performance issues. Fixes (8449 as well)
* avoid endless loop when iterating and updating features (#919)
DXF driver:
* add PaperSpace field (Trac #7121)
* allow attributes with spaces in the tag
* Correctly handle non-uniformly-weighted spline HATCH boundaries (#1011)
* avoid null pointer dereference when DXF_MAX_BSPLINE_CONTROL_POINTS is hit. Fixes
* Fix reporting of wrong line numbers in errors (fixes #726)
* Don't crash when spline control point limit is reached
* fix memory leak in case of attempt to write GeometryCollection of unsupported type
EDIGEO driver:
* reading multipolygons (trac #6955, #711)
ElasticSearch driver:
* add compatibility with ES v6.0
* add a USERPWD open option
* add lazy loading of layers
* add a LAYER open option
* skip xpack indices, and do not emit 503 error when listing unauthorized layers
* add a INDEX_DEFINITION layer creation option
*allow several geometry fields of type GEO_POINT to be created
ESRIJson driver:
* parse documents that lack 'geometryType' member (#914)
GeoJSON driver:
* fix type deduction when there is a of type string and of type int. The later has precedence over the former (arbitrary decision) (#669)
* properly flush the file in SyncToDisk() in append situations (
* parse '{"type": "GeometryCollection", "geometries": []}' as empty geometrycollection
* increase max memory allowed to parse a single feature (#807)
* remore topojson from extensions recognized by the driver
* add partial support for field names differing by case (#1057)
* RFC7946 writer: clip and offset geometries outside [-180,180] (#1068)
* no longer write NaN/Infinity values by default (#1109)
GeoRSS driver:
* avoid excessive processing time. Fixes
GML driver:
* avoid fetching SRS from http
* fix potential memory leak in case of duplicated name of geometry fields in .gfs
* improve performance for large number of attributes. Fixes
GPKG driver:
* add read/write support for JSON field subtype
* speed up GetExtent() on huge tables with rtree. Refs
* take into ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT to invalidate cached feature count
* make sure to not invalidate POSIX advisory locks
* remove useless check that encoding is UTF-8 (#793)
* fix typo in gpkg_metadata_reference_column_name_update trigger definition
* optimize table renaming by avoiding to drop the spatial index, but just renaming it
IDF driver:
* use a temporary SQLite database (when driver available) for files larger than 100 MB
* add support for Z coordinate (#964)
LIBKML driver:
* add support for reading several schemas for the same layer (#826)
* make edition of existing file work (
* implement OGRLIBKMLLayer::SyncToDisk() to fix
* workaround weird issue with OSGeo4W and newline characters in <coordinate> element (fixes
MITAB driver:
* fix potential use of uninitialized memory
* improve performance of adding many fields in a .tab. Fixes
* fix geometry corruption when editing some datasets (#817)
* fix writing .tab when field name has invalid characters in it (#924)
* Expose font family to feature style symbol ID
MSSQLSpatial driver:
* Add support for MSODBCSQL (#1136)
* Fix layer-schema separation problem (#586)
* Fix bulk copy for multiple layers (#619)
* Accept datetime values (#841)
* Don't truncate string values on Unix (#843)
* Create 3D features (#852)
* enforce read-only/update mode for CreateFeature/SetFeature/DeleteFeature
* fix retrieval of geometry column on Linux for SQL result layers
* Use only valid SRIDs; Create features preserving SRID (#860)
* Fix geometry parser with M values (#1051)
* Assign new ID following an INSERT (#1052)
* Adding configuration option MSSQLSPATIAL_ALWAYS_OUTPUT_FID (#1101)
MVT driver:
* writer: do not ignore Z/M/ZM geometries
* writer: make it possible to output to /vsizip/ out-of-the-box
* disable check on 'extent' field in identifiation method, which rejected tiles with extent > 16384
* avoid recursion on opening. Fixes
* add support for MySQL 8.0
NAS driver:
* speed-up in case of huge number of attributes. Fixes
OCI driver:
* Ensure table Dims and GTYPE are retrieved for the correct table (#629)
OGR_GMT driver:
* avoid performance issue when opening layer with big number of fields. Fixes
OGR_PDS driver:
* avoid int overflow. Fixes
OpenFileGDB driver:
* Catch a NaN in FileGDBDoubleDateToOGRDate to prevent undefined behavior. (#740)
* fix potential crash on corrupted datasets. Fixes
OSM driver:
* allow parsing files with up to 10 000 nodes per way (#849)
* avoid array overflow with ways with many tags. Relates to
PCIDSK driver:
* defer writing of segement header to improve performance when creating huge number of fields. Fixes
* fix performance issue when inserting in layer with huge number of fields. Fixes
PDF driver:
* fix the parser of drawing instructions that had issues with array objects
PG driver:
* add SPATIAL_INDEX=SPGIST/BRIN layer creation options (and PGDump as well) (#892)
* add read/write support for JSON field subtype
PGDump driver:
PLScenes driver:
* fix /vsicurl/ raster download
* fix scene activation
* add ground_control field in layer definition
Shapefile driver:
* avoid being dependent on correctness of file size field in .shp
* fix corruption when deleting a field from a .dbf without records (#863)
* Add CP1251 codepage name synonym (ANSI 1251) for DBF files.
S57 driver:
* add S57_AALL, S57_NALL, S57_COMF, S57_SOMF creation options (#810)
SOSI driver:
* fix memory leaks / null pointer dereference
SQLite/Spatialite driver:
* avoid SetFeature() to reset the iterator (#964)
* Spatialite: read table name in its original case (#1060)
* do not run spatial index creation in rollback code
VFK driver:
* create index on ID column only for selected (geometry-related) layers (#498)
* create db indices after inserting data (#498)
* create indices before resolving geometry
* new open option - include filename field (#564)
* speed up sequential feature access
* fix leak of unfinalized statement (#634)
* fix file check on Windows with large files (#637)
* fix big int overflow, force text attributes (PODIL_CITATEL/PODIL_JMENOVATEL) to avoid int64 overflow (#672)
* fix missing geometry for SBPG layer (#710)
* missing fields in update mode gfs (#734)
VRT driver:
* revise logic for handling the <FID> element (or when it is omitted) (#941)
WFS driver:
* avoid potential bad cast. Fixes
WFS3 driver:
* update to current version (May 2018) of the API draft (#626)
* add USERPWD open option
XLSX driver:
* avoid stack buffer overflow is creating too many fields. Fixes
* avoid timeout. Fixes
* fix null pointer dereference. Fixes
== SWIG Language Bindings ==
All bindings:
* use a dedicated VSILFILE class to avoid type mismatch (#601)
* reload drivers if GDAL_SKIP/OGR_SKIP is defined with --config in gdal/ogr.GeneralCmdLineProcessor()
* Add VSIFFlushL()
* Add VSIErrorReset()
CSharp bindings:
* GDALCreateCopy.cs sample code: Correct misspelling in info message (#647)
* SWIG 2.x and 3.x compatibility (#824)
Java bindings:
* update to Java 1.6 requirement to please 'ant maven' target
* Fix JNI library bundling.
Perl bindings:
* fix make dependencies (#43)
Python bindings:
* Python logging improvements: add gdal.ConfigurePythonLogging() function (#1017)
* added support for band / pixel interleave for numpy array
* fixed NULL check on python's swig VSIFReadL (#572)
* fix dataset[slice] access (#574)
* added support for reading vsi data as memorybuffer and writing buffers via VSIFWriteL
* add more prominent warning when numpy is not available (#822)
* for utilities as library functions, when gdal.UseExceptions() is enabled, do not emit Python exceptions when the operation is reported as successful
* update import path
* avoid crash in ReadRaster() under low memory condition (#1026)
= GDAL/OGR 2.3.0 Release Notes =
Note: due to the change of SCM during the development, #XXXX still refers to
Trac tickets. GitHub tickets are explicitly indicated with github #XXXX
== In a nutshell... ==
* New GDAL drivers:
- PDS4: read/write
- RDA: DigitalGlobe Raster Data Access (read-only)
* New OGR drivers:
- MVT: add read/write driver for Mapbox Vector Tile standalone files or tilesets
- ESRIJson and TopoJSON: read-only, split from existing code of the GeoJSON driver
- WFS3: *experimental* read-only driver
* RFC 68: Make C++11 a build requirement
* RFC 70: Guess output format from extension of output filename, if no explicit format passed to C++ or Python utilities
* RFC 71: Move to GitHub for source code repository and issue tracker.
* Significantly improved drivers:
- MBTiles (vector tiles support)
- GRIB (GRIB2 write support)
- WCS (support WCS 2.0)
* Improvements in network-based /vsi handlers: /vsicurl, /vsis3, /vsigs. Add:
- /vsiaz for Microsoft Azure Blobs
- /vsioss for Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service
- /vsiswift/ for OpenStack Swift object storage
* Command line utilities: use Unicode main on Windows to avoid issues with non-ASCII characters (#7065)
* Update to EPSG v9.2 (#7125)
* Update data/esri_extra.wkt and add data/esri_epsg.wkt, taken from (Apache v2 license) (#2163)
* Add support for PROJ.5 new API (requires proj 5.0.1 or later). PROJ 4.X is still supported.
* More than 1000 fixes for issues/vulnerabilities found by OSS-Fuzz
* Remove raster OGDI driver (vector OGDI driver still there) (#7087)
== New installed files ==
* data/pds4_template.xml
* data/esri_epsg.wkt
== Backward compatibility issues ==
== GDAL/OGR 2.3.0 - Build changes ==
* refresh config.{guess,sub} from latest upstream; upgrade to libtool 2.4.6 files
* add a --with-rename-internal-shapelib-symbols option that defaults to yes if --with-hide-internal-symbols is set; and make -with-rename-internal-libtiff/libgeotiff-symbols also defaults to yes when --with-hide-internal-symbols is set
* add a --with-charls switch (enabled by default) to compile that JPEGLS driver
* make --without-static-proj and --with-fgdb an error when filegdb (>= 1.5) embeds proj.4 symbols
* add --with-zstd switch (for GTiff ZStd compressino with internal libtiff)
* add support for ECW SDK 5.4, by detecting if we must link against the newabi or oldabi link
* fix detection of 64bit file API with clang 5 (#6912)
* GNUmakefile: add a static-lib and install-static-lib targets
* use .exe extension when building with mingw64* toolchains (#6919)
* Pass --silent to libtool in compile (C and C++), link, install and clean modes.
* Limit number of installed cpl*.h files installed to a fixed list.
* configure / m4/acinclude.m4: replace use of CCFLAGS by plain CFLAGS (github #529)
* configure / m4/acinclude.m4: require 'long long' type (github #530)
* always build the PDF driver, even when none of poppler/podofo/pdfium are available, in which case it is write-only (#6938)
* add new targets bindings, bindings_install and bindings_clean that depend on the new BINDINGS option in nmake.opt (#6948)
* for Kakadu, add capability to build as a plugin, and make it possibly to link only against the Kakadu .lib/.dll instead of incorporating some of its .obj (#6940)
* nmake.opt: Ensure PDB is included in release DLL if WITH_PDB requested (#7055)
* nmake.opt: use /MDd for OPTFLAGS for DEBUG=1 builds (#7059)
* nmake.opt: avoid some settings to be defined unconditionally (#5286)
* nmake.opt: add configuration to enable openssl (which is needed for thread-safe curl use)
* fix compilation error with Crypto++ 7.0.0 (github #541)
Developer corner:
* Add scripts/ to setup env variables needed for running GDAL without installing it
== GDAL 2.3.0 - Overview of Changes ==
* Add CPLJSONDocument/Object/Array - C++ thin wrapper around json-c library. (github #282)
* /vsicurl/: fix occasional inappropriate failures in Read() with some combinations of initial offset, file size and read request size (#6901)
* /vsicurl/: add a CPL_VSIL_CURL_NON_CACHED configuration option, so as to be able to specify filenames whose content must not be cached after dataset closing
* /vsicurl/: honour GDAL_HTTP_MAX_RETRY and GDAL_HTTP_RETRY_DELAY config options. Add extended filename syntax to pass options use_head, max_retry, retry_delay and list_dir.
* /vsicurl/: enable redirection optimization on signed URLs of Google Cloud Storage. Helps for the PLScenes driver (fixes #7067)
* /vsicurl/ and derived filesystems: redirect ReadDir() to ReadDirEx() (#7045)
* /vsicurl/ and related file systems: add compatibility with HTTP/2 (requires recent enough curl, buit against nghttp2). Can be controlled with the GDAL_HTTP_VERSION=1.0/1.1/2/2TLS
* /vsicurl/: fix 2.2 regression regarding retrieval of file size of FTP file (#7088)
* /vsicurl/: when stat'ing a file, fallback from HEAD to GET if the server issues a 405 error
* Add a VSICurlClearCache() function (bound to SWIG as gdal.VSICurlClearCache()) to be able to clear /vsicurl/ related caches (#6937)
* CPLHTTPSetOptions(): use SearchPathA() for curl-ca-bundle.crt on Windows. See
* CPLHTTPFetch() / vsicurl: add retry on HTTP 429, and add exponential backoff logic for retry delay
* CPLHTTPFetch(): when openssl is enabled, and used by libcurl, use openssl thread safety mechanism to avoid potential crashes in multithreading scenarios
* CPLHTTPFetch(): add a SSL_VERIFYSTATUS option / GDAL_HTTP_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS configuration option to check OCSP stapling
* CPLHTTPFetch(): add a USE_CAPI_STORE option / GDAL_HTTP_USE_CAPI_STORE configuration option to use certificates from the Windows certificate store
* Ignore SIGPIPE that may arose during curl operations (mostly when using OpenSSL for TLS)
* Add CPLHTTPMultiFetch() and CPLMultiPerformWait()
* /vsis3/: support reading credentials from ~/.aws/credentials, ~/.aws/config or IAM role on EC2 instances
* /vsis3/: properly handle cases where a directory contains a file and subdir of same names; implement Mkdir() and Rmdir()
* /vsis3/: fix Seek(Tell(), SEEK_SET) fails if current position is not 0 (#7062)
* /vsis3/: properly handle 307 TemporaryRedirection (#7116)
* /vsis3/: fix support of bucket names with dot in them (#7154)
* /vsis3/: make multipart upload work with Minio
* /vsigs/: add new authentication methods using OAuth2 refresh token or service account or Google Compute Engine VM authentication, or using ~/.boto file
* /vsigs/: add write, Unlink(), Mkdir() and Rmdir() support
* /vsigs/: allow authentication to be done with the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS configuration option pointing to a JSon file containing OAuth2 service account credentials
* /vsis3/ and /vsigs/: take into account user provided x-amz- / x-goog- HTTP headers with GDAL_HTTP_HEADER_FILE
* Fix CPLReadDirRecursive() to behave properly on /vsis3/ buckets that have foo (file) and foo/ (sub-directory) entries (#7136)
* /vsis3/: add a AWS_NO_SIGN_REQUEST=YES configuration option to disable request signing (#7205)
* /vsis3, /vsigs, /vsioss, /vsiaz: fix support of non-ASCII characters in keys (#7143)
* Add VSIGetActualURL(), typically to expand /vsis3/ paths to full URLs, and bind it to SWIG as gdal.GetActualURL()
* Add VSIGetSignedURL()
* Add VSIGetFileSystemsPrefixes() and VSIGetFileSystemOptions()
* CPLFormFilename() / CPLProjectRelativeFilename(): add /vsis3 and similar file systems to the list of filesystems requiring unix separator (github #281)
ù Make CPLFormFilename() properly work with http[s:]// filenames
* Add a CPLGetErrorCounter() function that can be used to test if new errors have been emitted
* Add cpl_safemaths.hpp to detect integer overflows (#6229)
* /vsigzip/: avoid trying to write a file on a /vsicurl/ file (#7016)
* CPLStrtod(): parse string like '-1.#IND0000000' as NaN instead of -1 (seen when looking at refs #7031, but does not fix it)
* Fix CPLCopyTree() that doesn't properly on MSVC 2015 (and possibly other platforms) (#7070)
* /vsimem/: to improve Posix compliance, do not make Seek() after end of file error out in read-only mode
* define HAVE_LONG_LONG 1; cpl_port.h remove MSVC specific logic for int64 (github #264)
* /vsisparse/: make Read() detect end of file
* GDALVersionInfo("BUILD_INFO"): report if GEOS is available
* Add VSIMkdirRecursive() and VSIRmdirRecursive()
* Add CPLGetHomeDir()
* CPLSetErrorHandler(): avoid later crashes when passing a null callback (github #298)
* CPLHTTPParseMultipartMime(): make it format the pasMimePart[].papszHeaders in a standard key=value format without EOL
* CPLString: avoid std::string symbols to be exported with Visual Studio (#7254)
* I/O on Android: add support for 64-bit file operations if API level >= 24 (Android 7.0 or later) (github #339)
* add GDALDataTypeIsFloating, GDALDataTypeIsSigned, GDALDataTypeUnionWithValue, GDALFindDataType, GDALFindDataTypeForValue (github #215). Add GDALDataTypeIsInteger()
* Cleanup ARE_REAL_EQUAL() and GDALIsValueInRange() (#6945, #6946)
* Various SSE2/AVX2 optimizations for GDALCopyWords()
* GDALGCPsToGeoTransform(): add GDAL_GCPS_TO_GEOTRANSFORM_APPROX_OK=YES and GDAL_GCPS_TO_GEOTRANSFORM_APPROX_THRESHOLD=threshold_in_pixel configuration option (#6995)
* RawDataset::IRasterIO(): don't assume all bands are RawRasterBand
* GDALOpenInfo: make number of bytes read at opening configurable with GDAL_INGESTED_BYTES_AT_OPEN
* GDALCopyWholeRasterGetSwathSize(): try to use at least 10 MB for swath size
* GDALDatasetCopyWholeRaster(), GDALRasterBandCopyWholeRaster(), GDALCreateCopy(): always call AdviseRead() on the full extent of the source dataset (#7082)
* make DefaultCreateCopy() copy RAT
* Generate gcore/gdal_version.h from git date and sha for a dev version (Unix builds only)
* Add GDALDataset::Open()
* Add C++ iterators for layers, bands and features in GDALDataset
* External .ovr: make sure that ExtraSamples tag is written
* Overview creation: avoid creating too many levels, and fix related heap buffer overflow (github #557)
* SetStatistics(): write a STATISTICS_APPROXIMATE=YES metadata item if bApproxOK=true, and take it into account in GetStatistics() (#4857,#4576)
* Contour: make sure no 3D geometry is created unless -3d switch is defined (#336)
* Warper: revise/improver how working data type is inferred from other parameters
* Warper: when operating on single-band, skip target pixels whose source center pixel is nodata (2.2 regression, #7001)
* Warper: avoid blocking when number of rows is 1 and NUM_THREADS > 1 (#7041). Also limit the number of threads so that each one processes at least 65536 pixels
* Warper: use AdviseRead() when source chunks are sufficiently compact (#7082)
* Warper: fix rounding error in scale factor computation (github #273)
* Warper: use panSrcBands[0] in the single band case (regression fix, github #295)
* Warper: add very special case to handle situation where input raster edge touches dateline, but proj.4 transformation involves a discontinuity (#7243)
* Geoloc transformer: fix systematic pixel shift (github #244)
* RPC transformer: set output coordinates to HUGE_VAL when failure occurs, so that a following coordinate transformation can detect the error too (#7090)
* RPC transformer: return NULL at instantiation if the specified RPC_DEM file cannot be opened
* Export GDALRegisterTransformDeserializer() and GDALUnregisterTransformDeserializer() (#5392)
* GDALRasterize(): avoid hang in some cases with all_touched option (#5580)
* Optimize GDALResampleConvolutionVertical() and GDALPansharpenOperation::WeightedBroveyPositiveWeightsInternal() for SSE2 / AVX
* Overview / resampling: speed-up bicubic upsampling for SSE2
* GDALGrid() with linear algorithm: avoid assertions/segmentation fault when GDALTriangulationFindFacetDirected() fails (#7101)
* GDALComputeProximity(): fix int32 overflow when computing distances on large input datasets (#7102)
* GDALAllRegister(): make sure that all drivers that need to look for sidecar files are put at the end
* GDAL and OGR C++ and Python utilities: accept -f or -of to specify output format
* --optfile: re-parse inlined content with GDALGeneralCmdLineProcessor(), in particular to support --config key value in option file
* gdalsrsinfo: for consistency with other output, do not quote the proj.4 string output
* gdal_rasterize: fix segfault when rasterizing onto a raster with RPC (#6922)
* gdal_rasterize: add a -to option to specify transformer options
* gdal_rasterize / GDALRasterizeGeometries(): optimize rasterization for large number of small geometries (#5716)
* gdal_rasterize: fix crash in some situations with ALL_TOUCHED option (#7176)
* gdaladdo: support not specifying explicitly overview factors, and add -minsize option
* gdal_translate: add -a_scale / -a_offset (#7093)
* gdal_translate: add -colorinterp / -colorinterp_X options
* DefaultCreateCopy()/gdal_translate: do not destroy target file in case of failed copy wen using -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES (#7019)
* gdal_translate: make -b mask[,xx] use the appropriate band data type (#7028)
* gdal_translate property copy RAT (or not-copy RAT when -norat is specified)
* gdalwarp: make -crop_to_cutline works when RPC transform is involved
* gdalwarp: for RPC warping add a few extra source pixels by default
* gdalwarp: -crop_to_cutline: reduce number of iterations to find the appropriate densification (#7119)
* gdalwarp: do not set implicitly nodata on destination dataset when -dstalpha is specified (#7075)
* gdalwarp: display errors (such as invalid open options) on successful opening of destination dataset
* gdalwarp: fix "-dstnodata inf" (#7097)
* gdalwarp: fix when several input datasets with different SRS are specified, and no explicit target SRS is provided (#7170)
* gdalwarp: make sure to try to redefine the destination nodata value from the source nodata even if the newly created dataset has already set a default nodata value (#7245)
* gdalwarp: improve progress meter when using multiple source files. For GDALWarp() function, make sure that the progress goes monotonically from 0 to 1. (#352)
* fix GDAL 2.2 regression where tilemapresource.xml was no longer generated (#6966)
* gdal2tiles: add --processes=intval option to parallelize processing (#4379)
* gdalinfo --format / ogrinfo --format: report extra metada items in a 'Other metadata items:' section (#7007)
* gdalinfo: make sure to display geodetic coordinates always in degree (and not potentially in another unit such as grad) (#4198)
* gdalinfo: report 'Mask Flags: PER_DATASET NODATA' when NODATA_VALUES metadata item is specified
* add a -colorinterp_X red|green|blue|alpha|gray|undefined option to change band color interpretation
* gdal_contour: return with non-0 code if field creation or contour generation failed (#7147)
* fix failure if the filename contains % (percent) symbol (#7186)
* gdalbuildvrt: make warnings about heterogeneous projection/band characteristics more explicit (#6829)
* gdalbuildvrt: add support for band scale and offset (#3221)
*,,,,, avoid potential problem on Windows in verbose mode (github #458)
Sample Python scripts:
* Add, and samples scripts
* fix use of GCP related API (github #255)
* automatically set relativeToVRT=1 for input and output filenames givn in relative form in the same directory
Multi driver changes:
* tag (and do needed changes) CALS, FUJIBAS, PAUX, SGI, RS2, GXF, TERRAGEN, Rasterlite, CPG, MSGN, Leveller as supporting GDAL_DCAP_VIRTUALIO
* fix handling on raw 32-bit AIG blocks (#6886)
BT driver:
* make GetNoDataValue()/SetNoDataValue() use PAM
DIMAP driver:
* do not report dummy geotransform (see
DTED driver:
* Support VerticalCS for DTED and SRTM drivers when REPORT_COMPD_CS config option is set (github #237)
ECW driver:
* fix Windows compilation against old ECW SDK and VS < 2015 (#6943)
* make AdviseRead() to store its call parameters, and only do the actual work in RunDeferredAdviseRead() if TryWinRasterIO() determines that the IRasterIO() parameters are compatible of the AdviseRead() ones (#7082)
* data/ecw_cs.wkt: fix PRIMEM of MONTROME (#2340)
EHdr driver:
* support reading/writing .clr as/from RAT (#3253)
* only write .stx if bApproxOK=false (github #514)
ENVI driver:
* support 'major frame offsets' keyword (#7114)
ERS driver:
add extension metadata (github #320)
GeoPackage driver:
* update from 'tiled gridded extension' to now OGC approved 'tiled gridded coverage data extension' (OGC 17-066r1) (#7159)
* avoid corruption of gpkg_tile_matrix when building overviews, down to a level where they are smaller than the tile size (#6932)
* fix opening subdatasets with absolute filenames on Windows (
* fix possible assertion / corruption when creating a raster GeoPackage (#7022)
* properly handle non-0 nodata value in edge tiles, especially with TILING_SCHEME creation option
* do not write empty tiles for Float32 data type
* speed-up statistics retrieval on non-Byte datasets (#7096)
* make DELLAYER:rastertable / DROP TABLE rastertable delete the table and all references to it (#7013)
* create single tiled TIFF tiles if they are not bigger than 512x512 pixels
* avoid multi-threading issues when creating TIFF tiles with GDAL_NUM_THREADS defined.
* fix overview creation with big overview factors on some datasets
GeoRaster driver:
* handle memory allocation failures (#6884)
* add support for GCP (#6973)
GTiff driver:
* add support for ZSTD compression/decompression (requires internal libtiff, or libtiff HEAD)
* when IRasterIO() realizes that several blocks are going to be needed, use MultiRangeRead() interface for /vsicurl/ related file systems to get data in parallel
* change default value of BIGTIFF_OVERVIEW to be IF_SAFER (github #231)
* make sure that -co PHOTOMETRIC=RGB overrides the color interpretation of the first 3 bands of the source datasets (#7064)
* allow modifying color interpretation on existing file opened in update mode
* Internal libtiff: resync with upstream HEAD (post 4.0.9)
* Internal libgeotiff: resync with upstream HEAD: use ProjScaleAtCenterGeoKey for CT_Mercator if ProjScaleAtNatOriginGeoKey is not set (github #296)
* fix compilation without BIGTIFF_SUPPORT (#6890)
* fix reading subsampled JPEG-in-TIFF when block height = 8 (#6988)
* when reading a COMPD_CS (and GTIFF_REPORT_COMPD_CS=YES), set the name from the GTCitationGeoKey (#7011)
* on reading use GeogTOWGS84GeoKey to override the defaults TOWGS84 values coming from EPSG code (#7144)
* when writing SRS, do not drop EXTENSION PROJ4 node if the projection is unknown (#7104)
* make it accept to write SetGeoTransform([0,1,0,0,0,1]) as a ModelTransformationTag, and remove particular cases with the [0,1,0,0,0,1] geotransform (#1683)
* warn when SetNoDataValue() is called on different bands with different values (#2083)
* add a GTIFF_HONOUR_NEGATIVE_SCALEY=YES config option that can be set to honour negative ScaleY value in GeoPixelScale tag according to the GeoTIFF specification (#4977)
* read/write Z dimension for ModelTiepointTag and ModelPixelScaleTag and translate it into/from band scale and offset, when there's a SRS with a vertical component (#7093)
* fix reading PCSCitationGeoKey (#7199)
* add support for reading and writing TIFF_RSID and GEO_METADATA GeoTIFF DGIWG tags
* use consistently multiplication/division by 257 when converting between GDAL [0,255] range to TIFF [0,65535] range for color map values (#2213)
* don't write <GDALMetadata> colorinterp when writing a file with a color table
* copy georeferencing info to PAM if the profile is not GeoTIFF
GRIB driver:
* add GRIB2 write support
* update to degrib 2.14 and g2clib 1.6.0
* add support for GRIB2 template 4.32 (github #249)
* add support for GRIB2 template '4.32 Simulate (synthetic) Satellite Product'
* add support for GRIB2 template 4.40 (Analysis or forecast at a horizontal level or in a horizontal layer at a point in time for atmospheric chemical constituents)
* update table 4.2-0-7 current (github #274)
* add support for GRIB1 products with non-zero NV (number of vertical coordinate parameters) field in GDS (NV is just ignored) (#7104)
* add support for Rotated pole LatLon projections (#7104)
* adjust the longitude range to be close to [-180,180] when possible for products whose left origin is close to 180deg. Can be controlled with the GRIB_ADJUST_LONGITUDE_RANGE=YES/NO config option, that defaults to YES (#7103)
* advertize .grb2 and .grib2 extensions in metadata
* expose product discipline of GRIB2 products in GRIB_DISCIPLINE (#5108)
* add a GRIB_PDS_TEMPLATE_ASSEMBLED_VALUES metadata items which expose a slightly higher view of GRIB_PDS_TEMPLATE_NUMBERS
* speed-up GetNoData() implementation of GRIB2 files by avoiding decompressing the data
* GRIB2: add support for Transverse Mercator, Albers Equal Area, Lambert Azimuthal projections, fixes in Mercator and Polar Stereographic support, adjustment for GS80 and WGS84 datums
* correctly read Mercator as Mercator_2SP when stdparallel1 != 0
* GRIB2: add support for Grid point data - IEEE Floating Point Data template 5.4 encoding
* GRIB2: report Section 1 / Identification section as GRIB_IDS metadata item
* fix decimal_scale_factor != 0 handling with nbits = 0 for simple packing and JP2K compression/decompression, and PNG compression.
* GRIB2: don't error out on a unhandled template in Section 4
* remove TDLPack support
GSAG driver:
* fix reading issue that could cause a spurious 0 value to be read and shift all following values (#6992)
GTX driver:
* do not emit error when opening with GDAL_PAM_ENABLED=NO (#6996)
GRC driver:
* Fix handling of alpha values in GRC color table (#6905)
* Handle case of 0-len GRC class names (#6907)
HDF5 driver:
* Added CInt16, CInt32, CFloat32, CFloat64 support (github #359)
* HDF5 driver as a plugin: register the BAG driver as well (#5802)
HF2 driver:
* creation: copy source information (including nodata) into PAM if needed (#6885)
* fix reading tiles that are 1-pixel wide (2.1 regression, #6949)
HFA driver:
* add GDAL_HFA_OVR_BLOCKSIZE configuration option to control HFA overviews block size (github #292)
HTTP driver:
* do not open the underlying dataset with GDAL_OF_SHARED, to avoid later assertion
ISIS3 driver:
* make sure that -co USE_SRC_HISTORY=NO -co ADD_GDAL_HISTORY=NO results in remove of History section (#6968)
* fix logic to initialize underlying GeoTIFF file in IWriteBlock(), and implement Fill() (#7040)
JP2ECW driver:
* add NBITS creation option, and automatically select codestream output for .j2k extension
JP2KAK driver:
* add support fr Kakadu 7.A (#7048)
* fix lossless compression with NBITS != 8 for Byte and NBITS != 16 for UInt16
* use tile dimensions as block size up to 2048x2048 (#6941)
* make write side honour .j2k extension to generate only codestream
JP2OpenJPEG driver:
* add support for OpenJPEG 2.2 (#7002) and 2.3 (#7074). Drop support for openjpeg 2.0
* fix performance issues with small images with very small tile size, such as some Sentinel2 quicklooks (#7012)
* emit warning if GMLJP2v2 explicitly requested but georeferencing implemented
* allow YCC for non-Byte datasets; and allow 4-band MCT with openjpeg >= 2.2
JPEG driver:
* Add compatibility with libjpeg-turbo 1.5.2 that honours max_memory_to_use
* add capability to write EXIF and GPS tags in a EXIF segment
* Internal libjpeg: provide implementation of tmpfile() that works better on Windows (#1795)
* avoid mis-identification of some SRTMHGT files as JPEG
JPEG2000 driver:
* add NBITS creation option, and automatically select codestream output for .j2k extension
KEA driver:
* add some additional metadata items (STATISTICS_HISTOBINVALUES and STATISTICS_HISTONUMBINS) (#6892)
L1B driver:
* support reading NOAA18 datasets (#7115)
MBTiles driver:
* add read/write support for Mapbox vector tiles
* support opening and creating datasets with tiles whose dimension is not 256 (#7233)
* default to opening as RGBA (#6119)
MEM driver:
* Avoid Create(foo.tif) / CreateCopy(foo.tif) on the MEM or Memory drivers to delete a 'real' foo.tif file
* add RAT support
MRF driver:
* Add Zen chunk support
* Open option to ignore decompression errors and missing data files
* delay data file creation when NOCOPY is set
* Identify MRF metadata passed as filename
* Initialize PAM better on CopyCreate, enable external mask.
* Fix for coordinates when opening single overview level
* Use input mask if available to filter input data when creating JPEG compressed files.
* Add open option to select Z-slice, also Z-slice selection in the metadata file
MrSID driver:
NetCDF driver:
* avoid vector vs raster variable confusion that prevents reading Sentinel3 datasets, and avoid invalid geolocation array to be reported (#6974)
* fix raster read as nodata with Byte datatype, (valid_range={0,255} or _Unsigned = True) and negative _FillValue (#7069)
* be more tolerant on the formatting of standard parallel (space separated instead of {x,y,...} syntax), and accept up to 2/1000 error on spacing to consider a regular grid, to be able to read files provided by the national weather institute of Netherlands (KNMI) (#7086)
* on creation, attach grid_mapping attribute to all bands
* netCDF: support UTF-8 filenames on Windows (#7065)
* add support for reading files in rotated pole projection (#4285)
* behave correctly when an extra dimension of a variable has a corresponding 1D variable of different names (#7165)
* netCDF: fix bad interaction of SetNoDataValue() and SetGeoTransform()/SetProjection() for NC4/NC4C modes (#7245)
NITF driver:
* add support for NITF CCINFA TRE (github #232)
* data/nitf_spec.xml: fix location of PIAPRD TRE (github #234)
* make sure that BLOCKA_ or TRE=BLOCKA= creation option override source NITF metadata; add a USE_SRC_NITF_METADATA=YES/NO creation option; make sure that gdal_translate doesn't preserve source BLOCKA when georeferencing is modified
* fix swapped lines and samples in IMRFCA (github #289)
* allow to read single-block JPEG2000 compressed images with one dimension > 8192 pixels (fixes #407)
PCIDSK driver:
* sort overviews (#7100)
PCRaster driver:
* fix fseek/ftell for large files on Windows (#322)
PDF driver:
* add support for Poppler 0.58 (#7033)
* round to upper integer when computing a DPI such that page size remains within limits accepted by Acrobat (#7083)
* do not emit 'Cannot find GPTS object' on VP.Measure objects whose Subtype != GEO
PDS driver:
* map STEREOGRAPHIC with fabs(lat)=90 to Polar_Stereographic (#6893)
PLMosaic driver:
* update to use the new Basemaps and Mosaics API
* take into account BBOX for XYZ tiles
PNM driver:
* add .pgm and .ppm extensions in metadata
RMF driver:
* add RMF native overviews support (github #266)
* fix raster garbage values while reading sparse RMF files (github #267)
* add native overview build (github #275)
* fix NoData value update (github #312)
* fix elevation units write and update (github #314)
RRASTER driver:
* add support for reading creator and created metadata items, band names and color table / RAT
* add update and create/createcopy support
SAGA driver:
* add support for .sg-grd-z files (github #228)
Sentinel2 driver:
* make sure that the True Color Image subdatset really uses the R,G,B bands and not the R,R,R (#7251)
* add support for direct opening of .zip files of new safe_compact L1C products (#7085)
SNODAS driver:
* accept header lines up to 1024 characters (github #506)
SRTMHGT driver:
* set appropriate description when opening a file
* recognizes the .hgt.gz extension (#7016)
* add support for reading files (GRASS #3246)
USGSDEM driver:
* properly handle southern hemisphere UTM projections (#344)
VICAR driver:
* optimize nodata handling, and map STEREOGRAPHIC with fabs(lat)=90 to Polar_Stereographic (#6893)
VRT driver:
* add option for separable kernel (github #216)
* warn if band attribute of VRTRasterBand is not the one expected
* implement FlushCache()
* fix use of VRTs that point to the same source in multi-threaded scenarios (#6939)
* Warped VRT: correctly take into account cutline for implicit overviews; also avoid serializing a duplicate CUTLINE warping options in warped .vrt (#6954)
* Warped VRT: fix implicit overview when output geotransform is not the same as the transformer dst geotransform (#6972)
* fix IGetDataCoverageStatus() in the case of non-simple sources, which unbreaks gdalenhance -equalize (#6987)
* re-apply shared='0' on sources if existing in original VRT when rewriting it due to invalidation
* avoid error being emitted when opening a VRTRawRasterBand in a .zip files (#7056)
* implement VRTDataset::AdviseRead() (in the particular case of a single source) (#7082)
* allow to incorporate a warped VRT as CDATA in the SourceFileName field of a regular VRT
* VRTDerivedRasterBand: fix detection of Python runtime already loaded when more than 100 modules are linked. Fixes QGIS3 use case (#7213)
* add RAT support
* for consistency, make sure that VRT intermediate datatype demotion is done, e.g that a VRT band of type Byte, with a source of type Float32, requested as Float32 buffer involves Float32 -> Byte -> Float32 conversions
* VRTDataset::AddBand(): honour 'PixelFunctionLanguage' option (github #501)
WCS driver:
* add support for WCS 2.0
* add caching
* add various open options
WMS driver:
* ArcGIS miniserver: use latestWkid and wkt metadata (#6112)
* avoid AdviseRead() to download too many tiles at once (#7082)
* recognize /ImageServer?f=json ESRI endpoints
* Add support for maximum size and expiration time and unique per dataset name for WMS cache
XYZ driver:
* fix 2.2.0 regression where the driver hangs on some dataset with missing samples (#6934)
* support non numeric characters when there is an header line (#7261)
== OGR 2.3.0 - Overview of Changes ==
* OGRLayer::FilterGeom(): make sure a feature with a null or empty geometry never matches a spatial filter (#7123)
* OGRSimpleCurve::get_LinearArea(): return 0 on a non-closed linestring (#6894)
* OGRFeature::SetField: Improve the setting for OFTInteger fields from a double.
* OGR_G_TransformTo(): emit error message when source geometry has no SRS
* OGR API SPY: various fixes
* OGRCurve::get_isClosed(): do not take into account M component (#7017)
* OGRLineString::setPoint() and addPoint() with a OGRPoint* argument. properly takes into account ZM, Z and M dimensions (#7017)
* OGRMultiSurface: refuse to add a triangle to it. (github #357)
* OGRPolyhedralSurface: importFromWkt(): remove support for invalid constructs, that contrary to comments are not supported by PostGIS
* Fix OGR[Curve]Polygon::Intersects(OGRPoint*) to return true when point is on polygon boundary (#7091)
* Emit an explicit error message for OGRGeometry::IsValid(), IsSimple(), IsRing() when GEOS is not available
* Make OGRGeometry::assignSpatialReference() a virtual method, and make implementation recursively assign the SR to child geometries (#7126)
* Expose OGRGeometry::swapXY() as OGR_G_SwapXY() in C API (#7025)
* importFromWkt(): fix import of GEOMETRYCOLLECTION ending with POINT EMPTY or LINESTRING EMPTY (#7128, 2.1 regression)
* OGRSQL: avoid silent cast so that int64->int overflow is better signaled
* OGRSQL: accept using the real FID column name (in addition to the special 'FID' alias) (#7050)
* Add GDAL_DCAP_NONSPATIAL capability to ODS, REC, XLS and XLSX drivers
* Add DMD_CREATIONFIELDDATASUBTYPES metadata type (github #278)
* OGRParseDate(): only accept seconds up to 60 included for leap seconds (#6525)
* Fix OGRPolygon::IsPointOnSurface() broken with polygons with holes
* OGRFormatDouble(): add a OGR_WKT_ROUND config option that can be set to FALSE to disable the heuristics that remove trailing 00000x / 99999x patterns (#7188)
* Add C++ iterators for feature in layer and field values in features.
* Add C++ iterators for "sub-parts" of geometry classes
* Const-correctness fixes in signatures of methods of OGRFeatureDefn, OGRFeature, OGRFieldDefn and OGRGeomFieldDefn classes.
* Fix constness of OGR_G_CreateFromWkb(), OGR_G_CreateFromFgf(), OGR_G_ImportFromWkb() and related C++ methods
* Fix const correctness of OGRGeometry::importFromWkt() and OGRGeometryFactory::createFromWkt(), and add compatibility wrappers
* Update to EPSG v9.2 (#7125)
* Update data/esri_extra.wkt and add data/esri_epsg.wkt, taken from (Apache v2 license) (#2163)
* Add support for PROJ.5 new API (requires proj 5.0.1 or later)
* Add a OSRFindMatches() function to look for equivalent SRS in the EPSG database, map it to SWIG Python. Enhance gdalsrsinfo to use it
* Add OGRSpatialReference::convertToOtherProjection() (bound to C as OSRConvertToOtherProjection() and to SWIG) to transform between different equivalent projections (currently Merc_1SP <--> Merc_2SP and LCC_1SP <--> LCC_2SP) (#3292)
* Fix OGRSpatialReference::IsSame() to return FALSE when comparing EPSG:3857 (web_mercator) and EPSG:3395 (WGS84 Mercator) (#7029)
* importFromProj4(): implement import of Hotine Oblique Mercator Two Points Natural Origin, and fix OGRSpatialReference::Validate() for that formulation (#7042)
* morphFromESRI(): fix remapping from DATUM = D_S_JTSK + PRIMEM = Ferro to OGC DATUM System_Jednotne_Trigonometricke_Site_Katastralni_Ferro
* Add alternate simpler signature for OGRGeometryFactory::createFromWkt()
* Add importFromWkt(const char**)
* fix '-single -o out.shp in.shp' case (#6888)
* allow using wildchar '*' in source names and use glob.glob to expand it
* correctly guess vrt format
* error when outputting to a existing vrt if -overwrite_ds is not specified
* use ogr.wkbUnknown to fix -nlt GEOMETRY
* ogr2ogr: fix crash when using -f PDF -a_srs (#6920)
* ogr2ogr: make -f GMT work again (#6993)
* ogr2ogr: make it fail if GetNextFeature() returned NULL with an error
* ogr2ogr: honour -select when using -addfiels
* ogr2ogr: preserve source geometry field name for output drivers that support GEOMETRY_NAME layer creation option (such as GPKG)
* ogr2ogr: add support for circularstring, compoundcurve, curvepolygon, multicurve and multisurface in SetZ()
* GDALVectorTranslate(): fix converting from Memory to Memory datasources (#7217)
* gnmmanage: fix crash on shape files with linestring and multilinestring geometries mixing
* ogrtindex: fix crash when using -f SQLITE -t_srs XXXX (#7053)
* ogrinfo: always open in read-only mode, unless -sql without -ro is specified
* ogrinfo/ogr2ogr with -sql @filename: remove lines starting with '--' (github #459)
Multi driver changes:
* port/tag ILI, NAS, DGN, NTF, SDTS, OGR_GMT, Geoconcept, AVCE00, AVCBin to VirtualIO API
Amigocloud driver:
* Fixed data field types (github #246)
* Output list of datasets if dataset id is not provided.
* Implemented waiting for job to complete on the server. This will improve write to AmigoCloud reliability.
* Add HTTP user agent (github #263)
* add OVERWRITE open option (github #268)
AVCE00 driver:
* Make sure AVCE00 opens .e00 files and not AVCBIN one
AVCBin driver:
* fix 2.1 regression regarding attributes fetching (#6950)
Carto driver:
* fix append mode by retrieving the sequence name for the primary key (#7203)
* fix insertion with ogr2ogr -preserve_fid (#7216)
* fix missing features when iterating over a SQL result layer with pagination (#6880)
CSV driver:
* add a STRING_QUOTING=IF_NEEDED/IF_AMBIGUOUS/ALWAYS layer creation option, that defaults to IF_AMBIGUOUS (quote strings that look like numbers)
* temporarily disable spatial and attribute filter when rewriting CSV file (#7123)
* fix autodetection of types when a Real value is followed by a Integer64 one (#343)
DGNv8 driver:
* add support for building against static library (#7155)
DXF driver:
* Support LEADER and MULTILEADER entities (#7111, #7169)
* Support HELIX and TRACE entities
* Support spline hatch boundaries
* Support MLINE entity
* Support rows/columns within INSERT
* Add support for block attributes (ATTRIB entities) (#7139)
* Support text styles (#7151)
* Support cylinders (CIRCLE entities with thickness)
* set dx and dy to DXF LABEL style string on TEXT and MTEXT objects (github #225)
* fix reading of hatches with boundaries that contain elliptical arcs (#6971)
* fix reading files where INSERT is the last entity and DXF_MERGE_BLOCK_GEOMETRIES is false (#7006)
* fix ordering of vertices in a SOLID entity (#7089)
* only apply certain escaping rules to the text of the MTEXT object (#7047)
* Handle all known MTEXT escapes; allow user to turn off text unescaping (fixes #7122)
* do not apply the OCS transformation for MTEXT (#7049)
* do not output dx and dy in MTEXT style strings (#7105)
* apply DXF codepage encoding while decoding ExtendedEntity field (#5626)
* allow user to set the tolerance used when joining parts of a hatch boundary with a DXF_HATCH_TOLERANCE config option, and default to 1e-7 of the extent of the geometry (#7005)
* refactor out block insertion to its own function, and transform insertion point of an INSERT entity into OCS (#7077)
* on write side, force 'defpoints' layer to be non-displayed (#7078)
* entities on layer 0 within a block should inherit the style of the layer the INSERT is on. Do that for entities with a PEN style string for now. (#7099)
* OCS fixes for HATCH and INSERT entities (#7098)
* defer inlining of blocks until actually required (#7106)
* Read DIMSTYLEs and block record handles
* Handle linetype scales (#7129)
* Improved support for DIMENSION entities (#7120)
* handle ByBlock colors (#7130)
* Fix parsing of complex linetypes (#7134)
* Correct color for ByBlock text features; respect hidden objects (#5592, #7099, #7121)
* Make ACAdjustText also transform text width and offset (#7151)
* Honor block base points (#5592)
* Use BRUSH style tool instead of PEN when reading polygonal SOLIDs and leader arrowheads; add PEN style string to 3DFACE
* Specify ground units for TEXT dx and dy style values; interpret dx and dy in the writer
* Fix bug in text style property retrieval; handle text color in DIMENSION fallback renderer
* Write text styles and HATCH elevations; fix output of invalid extent values (#7183)
* Allow access to unused entity group codes with RawCodeValues field (github #226)
* Reduce the size of header.dxf and trailer.dxf (tested with AutoCAD, QCAD Teigha, QCAD dxflib, FME)
* Make the writer aware of linetype scaling
* Don't force elevation to zero in smooth polylines (#7200)
* Always output all edges in polyface mesh, and add styling (#7219)
* Remove incorrect OCS transformation from MLINE entities
* Introduce 3D extensible mode to allow translation of 3D entities
ESRIJson driver:
* "New": extracted from code previously in GeoJSON driver
* avoid endless looping on servers that don't support resultOffset (#6895)
* use 'latestWkid' in priority over 'wkid' when reading 'spatialReference' (github #218)
* recognize documents that lack geometry fields (#7071)
* do not attempt paging requests on a non-HTTP resource
* recognize documents starting with a very long fieldAliases list (#7107)
FileGDB driver:
* remove erroneous ODsCCreateGeomFieldAfterCreateLayer capability declaration (github #247)
* add LAYER_ALIAS layer creation option (#7109)
* FileGDB / OpenFileGDB: attempt to recover EPSG code using FindMatches()
* FileGDB / OpenFileGDB: linearize Bezier curves with a more reasonable number of points
GeoJSON driver:
* Add support for json-c v0.13 (github #277)
* support loading (true) GeoJSON files of arbitrary size (#6540)
* in update mode, support appending features, in some cases, without ingesting features of existing file into memory
* writer: accept writing ZM or M geometry by dropping the M component (#6935)
* fix 2.2 regression regarding lack of setting the FeatureCollection CRS on feature geometries (fixes
* make sure that -lco WRITE_NAME=NO works even if the native data has a 'name' attribute
* ignore 'properties' member of features whose value is null or empty array
* fix writing of id with RFC7946=YES (#7194)
* add ID_FIELD and ID_TYPE layer creation options
GeoPackage driver:
* default to version 1.2 (#7244)
* speed-up loading of databases with hundreds of layers
* make driver robust to difference of cases between table_name in gpkg_contents/gpkg_geometry_columns and name in sqlite_master (#6916)
* fix feature count after SetFeature() with sqlite < 3.7.8 (#6953)
* do not error out if extent in gpkg_contents is present but invalid (#6976)
* avoid GetFeature() to hold a statement, that can cause database locking issues (
* emit warning when feature geometries are not assignable to layer geometry type
* remove UNIQUE keyword for PRIMARY KEY of gpkg_metadata (doesn't hurt, but just to align with the examples of DDL in the GeoPackage spec)
* fix logic to detect FID on SQL result layer when several FID fields are selected (#7026)
* fix handling of spatial views
* do not try to update extent on gpkg_contents after GetExtent() on a empty layer of a datasource opened in read-only mode
* when inserting a SRS with a non-EPSG code, then avoid using srs_id that could be later assigned to a EPSG code
* when deleting a layer, delete from gpkg_metadata metadata records that are only referenced by the table we are about to drop
* fix incorrect rtree_<t>_<c>_update3 trigger statement (
* fix definition of extensions
* only create metadata table if needed, and register it as extension
* declare gpkg_crs_wkt extension when using GPKG_ADD_DEFINITION_12_063=YES config option, and do not emit warning when finding it declared
GeoRSS driver:
* fix detection of field type (#7108)
GML driver:
* CreateGeometryFromGML(): accept gml:Arc with odd number of points > 3, even if they are invalid
* decode gml:Solid as PolyhedralSurface (#6978)
* JPGIS FGD v4: fix logic so that coordinate order reported is lon/lat (github #241)
* a GML_FEATURE_COLLECTION=YES/NO dataset creation option
* fix FORCE_SRS_DETECTION=YES effect on feature count and SRS reporting on gml files with .gfs (#7046)
* do not try to open some kml files (#7061)
* do not report gml:name / gml:description of features as layer metadata
GMLAS driver:
* get the srsName when set on the srsName of the gml:pos of a gml:Point (#6962)
* CityGML related fixes: better take into account .xsd whose namespace prefix is not in the document, fix discovery of substitution elements, handle gYear data type (#6975)
* properly interpret SolidPropertyType (#6978)
* handle GML geometries in elements that are a substitutionGroup of an element (#6990)
* make sure to try namespaces that are indirectly imported (helps in the case of parsing the result of a WFS GetFeature request)
* take into account gYearMonth XML data type (
* implement resolution of internal xlink:href='#....' references (
* Recognize gml:Envelope as a Polygon geometry (
* fix creation of several layers
IDB driver:
* optimize spatial query using spatial index and st_intersects function (#6984)
* close connection at dataset closing (#7024)
ILI driver:
* declare OLCCreateField and OLCSequentialWrite capabilities
Ingres driver:
JML driver:
* add support for reading and write SRS from gml:Box element (#7215)
KML driver:
* KML / LIBKML: read documents with an explicit kml prefix (#6981)
* KML/LIBKML: make sure layer names are unique (QGIS github#5415)
LIBKML driver:
* fix reading placemarks in toplevel container, when it has subfolders (#7221)
* improve open performance on huge number of layers
MDB driver:
* fix multi-thread support (
MITAB driver:
* support for additional datums (#5676)
* add support for Reseau_National_Belge_1972 / EPSG:31370 on writing (#6903)
* add support for SWEREF99 datum (#7256)
* fix EPSG datum code for NTF Paris
* support units as code instead of string when reading a coordsys string from a .mif (#3590)
* add read/write support between MapInfo text encodings and UTF-8. Add ENCODING layer/dataset creation option (github #227)
* do not emit error if the .ind file is missing, just a debug message (#7094)
* accept creating files with LCC_1SP SRS (#3292)
* support 'CREATE INDEX ON layer_name USING field_name' (if called after field creation and before first feature insertion)
* avoid reporting invalid extent on empty .mif
* report aspatial .tab as wkbNone geometry type
* export BRUSH(fc:#.....) with mapinfo brush pattern 2 (solid fill)
mongoDB driver:
* compilation fix on Windows
MSSQLSpatial driver:
* Fix issues on x64 (#6930)
* Implement EXTRACT_SCHEMA_FROM_LAYER_NAME layer creation option.
* properly format DELETE statement with schema (#7039)
* fix compilation issue with MariaDB 10.1.23 (#6899) and MariaDB 10.2 (#7079)
* make sure geometry column name is properly set (GDAL 2.0 regression, github #397)
NAS driver:
* [NAS/GML] try reversing non contiguous curves
* Allow usage of a GFS template file for type assignment and mapping of element paths to attributes and remove arbitrary hacks that used to avoid attribute name conflicts:
* New option: NAS_GFS_TEMPLATE: specify gfs template
* New option: NAS_NO_RELATION_LAYER: skip unused alkis_beziehungen (also makes progress available)
* Multiple geometries per layer
* NAS_INDICATOR updated to "NAS-Operationen;AAA-Fachschema;aaa.xsd;aaa-suite"
* use single geometry column name from input (like GMLAS)
* accept unqualified attribute name in wfs:Update
NTF driver:
* fix regression introduced by fix for causing some valid records to be skipped (#7204)
NULL driver:
* Generalize OGR NULL development driver as a GDAL raster+vector one; enable to compile it --with-null
OCI driver:
* initialize in multi-threaded compatible mode (
* support for extended max_string_size (#7168)
ODBC driver:
* deal with table names that require double quoting (#7242)
ODS driver:
* add read/write support for Boolean sub datatype
OSM driver:
* performance improvements
* increase string buffer for osm XML files (#6964)
* OGR_SQL/OSM: avoid OSM driver warning about attribute filter not being taken into account when issuing a 'select * from X limit Y' request on a OSM datasource
OpenFileGDB driver:
* properly read GeneralPolygon with M component whose all values are set to NaN (#7017)
PDF driver:
* make OGR_PDF_READ_NON_STRUCTURED=YES configuration option work with documents without layers (#6359)
* Improvements to text and dash pattern support in writer (#7185)
PDS driver:
* fix reading 8-byte IEEE_REAL fields (github #570)
PG driver:
* do not be confused by a 'geometry' table in a non-PostGIS enabled database (#6896)
* PG/PGDump: make sure serial sequence is updated at layer closing/end-of-copy if we inserted features with fixed ids (#7032)
PLScenes driver:
* remove support for V0 and V1 API. Only Data V1 is kept (#6933)
* add SkySatScene
SEGY driver:
*report more attributes from Segy Standard Trace Header (github #315)
Shapefile driver:
* Fix GetFeatureCount() to properly take into account spatial filter when attribute filter also in effect (#7123)
* use VSIStatL() in Create() to properly work with /vsimem/ directories (#6991)
* fix regression affecting GDAL 2.1.3 or later, 2.2.0 and 2.2.1, when editing the last shape of a file and growing it, and then appending a new shape, which resulted in corruption of both shapes (#7031)
* hide shapelib symbols on Unix
* improvements auto-identification of EPSG codes from input SRS, using OSRFindMatches()
* Improve guidance on use of SHAPE_RESTORE_SHX in SHPOpenLL() (#7246)
SQLite/Spatialite driver:
* SQLite/GPKG: report SQLITE_HAS_COLUMN_METADATA=YES as driver metadata item when it is available (#7007)
* escape integer primary key column name on table creation (#7007)
* don't invalidate statistics when running a PRAGMA (
* SQLite dialect: avoid erroring out if source layer has a OGR_STYLE field
* SQLite dialect: support SQLite 3.21, and LIKE, <>, IS NOT, IS NOT NULL, IS NULL and IS operators (fixes #7149)
* SQLite/GPKG: avoid parsing of OGR_SQLITE_JOURNAL to stop on JOURNAL_MODE keyword
VFK driver:
* fix collecting linestrings for sbp layer
* collect geometries also for zvb layer
* Improve VFK parser logic (github #365)
* add option to suppress geometry (github #371)
VRT driver:
* increase maximum size limit to 10 MB (instead of 1MB), and add config option to be able to force loading if above that
XLS driver:
* workaround opening filenames with incompatible character set on Windows (
XLSX driver:
* avoid 'ogr2ogr -f XLSX out.xlsx in.shp -preserve_fid' to overwrite the first record. Note however that FID preservation itself doesn't really work with XLSX (#6994)
* fix non working detection of Date/Time fields in some documents (#7073)
* fix opening of documents with x: namespace in xl/workbook.xml (#7110)
* fix misdetection of field type if first cell blank (github #291)
* fix updating multi layer document where existing layers where dropped (#7225)
* add read/write support for Boolean sub datatype
* on writing, use %.16g formatting for floating point numbers (#7230)
== SWIG Language Bindings ==
All bindings:
* Expose gdal.VSIFEofL()
* Expose gdal.GRA_Max, GRA_Min, GRA_Med, GRA_Q1 and GRA_Q3 (#7153)
* Expose Geometry.SwapXY()
* Expose Geometry.RemoveGeometry()
* Expose SpatialReference.SetMercator2SP()
* Expose Band.AdviseRead() and Dataset.AdviseRead()
CSharp bindings:
Java bindings:
* create single JNI shared library ( (github #286)
Perl bindings:
* Keep parent geometry alive if an object is created from a child geometry. Experimental methods Features and Geometries. Catch an error in storing a geometry into a feature. Prefer GeometryCount over GetGeometryCount and Geometry over GetGeometryRef.
* Set INSTALLSITEMAN1DIR and INSTALLSITEMAN3DIR according to what is in GDALmake.opt if INSTALL_BASE is set. (#6142)
* ignore no data cells in ClassCounts and Reclassify for real valued rasters.
* support for number line (or decision tree) classifiers also for integer bands.
* Set error handler separately in all modules (required by Strawberry Perl build).
Python bindings:
* add scripts to python module (#342)
* make sure that errors in Open() related functions, that do not prevent dataset opening in C/C++, do not either prevent it in Python (#7094)
* avoid hang when calling gdal/ogr.UseExceptions()/DontUseExceptions() in wrong order (#6891)
* accept callback = 0 since SWIG generates it as the default argument of BandRasterIONumPy(). (github #219)
* fix 2.2.0 regression preventing use of callback function in Band.ComputeStatistics() (#6927)
* fix reference count issue on gdal.VSIStatL() when it returns None, that can cause Python crashes if None refcount drops to zero
* avoid potential cross-heap issue on Windows with numpy (
* fix potential alignment issues when reading double values with ReadRaster() or ReadBlock()
* fix issue with PyInstaller (#7044)
* add a addAlpha option to gdal.DEMProcessing()
* fix for include files when building .cpp files (github #258)
* make gdal.Transform() return None in case of an error (instead of an invalid Transformer object)
* emit exceptions if VSI_RETVAL methods (such as gdal.Rename()) fail and gdal.UseExceptions() is enabled
* add addFields and forceNullable options to gdal.VectorTranslate()
* for command line utilities as functions, serialize number of floating-point arguments with higher precision
* Fix python 3.x package installation in custom prefixes (#6671)
* lots of PEP8-related fixes in scripts and autotest
* add NULL checks after PyUnicode_AsUTF8String() in case the unicode cannot be translated to UTF-8 and workaround SWIG bug to avoid crashes with Python 3. (github #356)
* make sure gdal.VectorTranslate() and gdal.Grid() open their source dataset with a vector driver (github #449)
* make 'for field_val in feature' work (github #451)
= GDAL/OGR 2.2.0 Release Notes =
== In a nutshell... ==
* New GDAL/raster drivers:
- DERIVED driver: read-support. Expose subdatasets in a a new metadata domain, called DERIVED_SUBDATASETS
- JP2Lura driver: read/create support for JPEG-2000 images using Luratech JP2 Library
- PRF: add read-only support for PHOTOMOD PRF file format driver (github #173)
- RRASTER driver: read-support .grd/.gri files handled by the R 'raster' package (#6249)
* New OGR/vector drivers:
- CAD driver: read support for DWG R2000 files (GSoC 2016 project)
- DGNv8 driver: read-write support for DGN 8.0 format (using Teigha ODA libraries)
- GMLAS driver: read-write support. XML/GML driver driven by Application Schemas.
* New utility script: to merge several vector datasets into a single one
* New /vsigs/ and /vsigs_streaming/ virtual file systems to read Google Cloud Storage non-public files
* Significantly improved drivers:
- NWT_GRD: write support (#6533)
- FileGDB/OpenFileGDB: add support to read curve geometries (#5890)
- VRT derived band: add the capability to define pixel functions in Python
- Add read support for RasterLite2 coverages in SQLite driver
- GPKG: implement tiled gridded elevation data extension
- ISIS3: add write support and improve read support
* RFC 63: Add GDALRasterBand::GetDataCoverageStatus() and implement it in GTiff and VRT drivers
* RFC 64: Triangle, Polyhedral surface and TIN
==> this RFC introduces potential backward incompatible behaviour.
* RFC 66: OGR random layer read/write capabilities
* RFC 67: add null field state for OGR features, in addition to unset fields
==> this RFC introduces potential backward incompatible behaviour.
* Upgrade to EPSG database v9.0 (#6772)
* Python bindings: Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) released before entering GDAL native code (for all, in GDAL module and a few ones in ogr like ogr.Open())
* Continued major efforts on sanitization of code base
* Remove bridge and vb6 bindings (#6640)
* GNM built by default
== Installed files ==
* Removed: data/s57attributes_aml.csv data/s57attributes_iw.csv data/s57objectclasses_aml.csv data/s57objectclasses_iw.csv
* Added plscenesconf.json, gmlasconf.xsd
== Backward compatibility issues ==
== GDAL/OGR 2.2.0 - General Changes ==
* improve detection of packaged libfyba (SOSI) --with-sosi, as in Ubuntu 16.04 (#6488)
* Sort files in static library to make the build reproducible (#6520)
* fix libqhull include path when it is /usr/local/include/libqhull (#6522)
* FileGDB: compilation fix on Linux in C++11 mode
* configure: make pdfium detection not fail if there are just warnings. And make configure fail if --with-pdfium was required but failed (#6653)
* Make ./configure --with-xerces fail if not found
* Don't install script documentation in INST_BIN (github #157)
* configure: auto-detect webp without requiring explicit --with-webp
* configure: use pkg-config for HDF5 detection so that works out of the box on recent Ubuntu
* auto-detect JDK 8 on Ubuntu
* MDB: allow to be dlopen'd with --with-jvm-lib=dlopen (Unix only, github #177)
* configure: delete temporary directories on the mac
* configure: make sure --with-macosx-framework is correctly defined
* configure: error out if --with-ld-shared is specified (#6769)
* configure: remove bashism.
* configure: fix --without-mrf (#6811)
* configure: take into account CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS in a few more cases (cryptopp, podofo, libdap)
* Vagrant: all lxc and Hyper-V provider support; use vagrant-cachier for package caching
* configure: update DWG support to work with Teigha libraries
* Internal libgeotiff: hide symbols in --with-hide-internal-symbols mode
* Shape: do not export Shapelib symbols for builds --with-hide-internal-symbols (#6860)
* Try to avoid confusion between libqhull io.h and mingw own io.h (#6590)
* update script to generate most recent Visual C++ project files (#6635)
* fix broken and missing dependencies in
* add a way to use an external zlib (github #171)
* Rename makegdal_gen.bat to generate_vcxproj.bat
* generate_vcxproj.bat: Set correct value of PlatformToolset property based on specified Visual C++ version. Add NMAKE command line parameters: MSVC_VER based on specified Visual C++ version, DEBUG=1 WITH_PDB=1 to Debug build configuration.
* generate_vcxproj.bat: generate project for autotest/cpp (Ticket #6815)
* Add WIN64=1 to NMAKE command line options.
* Add HDF4_INCLUDE option (#6805)
* Add MSVC compiler option /MP to build with parallel processes.
* Add ZLIB_LIB missing from EXTERNAL_LIBS
* make Xerces 3.1 the minimal version
* drop support for PostgreSQL client library older than 7.4, or non security maintained releases older than 8.1.4, 8.0.8, 7.4.13, 7.3.15
== GDAL 2.2.0 - Overview of Changes ==
* Export VSICreateCachedFile() as CPL_DLL so as to enable building JP2KAK as a plugin
* Added possibility to find GDAL_DATA path using INST_DATA definition without execution GDALAllRegister if GDAL_DATA placed in version named directory on Linux (#6543)
* Unix filesystem: make error message about failed open to report the filename (#6545)
* File finder: Remove hardcoded find location (/usr/local/share/gdal) (#6543)
* Win32 filesystem handler: make Truncate() turn on sparse files when doing file extension
* Add VSIFGetRangeStatusL() and VSISupportsSparseFiles()
* GDAL_NO_HARDCODED_FIND compilation option (#6543,#6531) to block file open calls (for sandboxed systems)
* Add VSIMallocAligned(), VSIMallocAlignedAuto() and VSIFreeAligned() APIs
* /vsizip / /vsitar: support alternate syntax /vsitar/{/path/to/the/archive}/path/inside/the/tar/file so as not to be dependent on file extension and enable chaining
* Optimize opening of /vsitar/my.tar.gz/my_single_file
* /vsizip/ : support creating non-ASCII filenames inside a ZIP (#6631)
* VSI Unix file system: fix behaviour in a+ mode that made MRF caching not work on Mac and other BSD systems
* Fix deadlock at CPLWorkerThreadPool destruction (#6646)
* Windows: honour GDAL_FILENAME_IS_UTF8 setting to call LoadLibraryW() (#6650)
* CPLFormFilename(): always use / path separator for /vsimem, even on Windows
* /vsimem/: add trick to limit the file size, so as to be able to test how drivers handle write errors
* /vsimem/: fix potential crash when closing -different- handles pointing to the same file from different threads (#6683)
* CPLHTTPFetch(): add MAX_FILE_SIZE option
* CPLHTTPFetch(): add a CAINFO option to set the path to the CA bundle file. As a fallback also honour the CURL_CA_BUNDLE and SSL_CERT_FILE environment variables used by the curl binary, which makes this setting also available for /vsicurl/, /vsicurl_streaming/, /vsis3/ and /vsis3_streaming/ file systems (#6732)
* CPLHTTPFetch(): don't disable peer certificate verification when doing https (#6734)
* CPLHTTPFetch(): cleanly deal with multiple headers passed with HEADERS and separated with newlines
* CPLHTTPFetch(): add a CONNECTTIMEOUT option
* CPLHTTPSetOptions(): make redirection of POST requests to still be POST requests after redirection (#6849)
* /vsicurl/: take CPL_VSIL_CURL_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS into account even if GDAL_DISABLE_READDIR_ON_OPEN is defined (#6681)
* /vsicurl/: get modification time if available from GET or HEAD results
* /vsis3/: add a AWS_REQUEST_PAYER=requester configuration option (github #186)
* CPLParseXMLString(): do not reset error state
* Windows: fix GetFreeDiskSpace()
* Fix GetDiskFreeSpace() on 32bit Linux to avoid 32bit overflow when free disk space is above 4 GB (#6750)
* Fix CPLPrintUIntBig() to really print a unsigned value and not a signed one
* Add CPL_HAS_GINT64, GINT64_MIN/MAX, GUINT64_MAX macros (#6747)
* Add CPLGetConfigOptions(), CPLSetConfigOptions(), CPLGetThreadLocalConfigOptions() and CPLSetThreadLocalConfigOptions() to help improving compatibility between osgeo.gdal python bindings and rasterio (related to
* MiniXML serializer: fix potential buffer overflow.
* Proxy dataset: add consistency checks in (the unlikely) case the proxy and underlying dataset/bands would not share compatible characteristics
* GDALPamDataset::TryLoadXML(): do not reset error context when parsing .aux.xml
* PAM/VRT: only take into account <Entry> elements when deserializing a <ColorTable>
* GDALCopyWords(): add fast copy path when src data type == dst data type == Int16 or UInt16
* GetVirtualMemAuto(): allow USE_DEFAULT_IMPLEMENTATION=NO to prevent the default implementation from being used
* Nodata comparison: fix test when nodata is FLT_MIN or DBL_MIN (#6578)
* GetHistogram() / ComputeRasterMinMax() / ComputeStatistics(): better deal with precision issues of nodata comparison on Float32 data type
* Fast implementation of GDALRasterBand::ComputeStatistics() for GDT_Byte and GDT_UInt16 (including use of SSE2/AVX2)
* Driver manage: If INST_DATA is not requested, do not check the GDAL_DATA variable.
* Make sure that GDALSetCacheMax() initialize the raster block mutex (#6611)
* External overview: fix incorrect overview building when generating from greater overview factors to lower ones, in compressed and single-band case (#6617)
* Speed-up SSE2 implementation of GDALCopy4Words from float to byte/uint16/int16
* Add SSE2 and SSSE3 implementations of GDALCopyWords from Byte with 2,3 or 4 byte stride to packed byte
* GDALCopyWords(): SSE2-accelerated Byte->Int32 and Byte->Float32 packed conversions
* Fix GDALRasterBand::IRasterIO() on a VRT dataset that has resampled sources, on requests such as nXSize == nBufXSize but nXSize != dfXSize
* GDALRasterBand::IRasterIO(): add small epsilon to floating-point srcX and srcY to avoid some numeric precision issues when rounding.
* Add GDALRasterBand::GetActualBlockSize() (#1233)
* Fix potential deadlock in multithreaded writing scenarios (#6661)
* Fix thread-unsafe behaviour when using GetLockedBlock()/MarkDirty()/DropLock() lower level interfaces (#6665)
* Fix multi-threading issues in read/write scenarios (#6684)
* Resampled RasterIO(): so as to get consistent results, use band datatype as intermediate type if it is different from the buffer type
* Add GDALIdentifyDriverEx() function (github #152)
* GDALOpenInfo: add a papszAllowedDrivers member and fill it in GDALOpenEx()
* GDALDefaultOverviews::BuildOverviews(): improve progress report
* Average and mode overview/rasterio resampling: correct source pixel computation due to numerical precision issues when downsampling by an integral factor, and also in oversampling use cases (github #156)
* Overview building: add experimental GDAL_OVR_PROPAGATE_NODATA config option that can be set to YES so that a nodata value in source samples will cause the target pixel to be zeroed. Only implemented for AVERAGE resampling right now
* GDALValidateOptions(): fix check of min/max values
* GMLJP2 v2: update to 2.0.1 corrigendum and add capability to set gml:RectifiedGrid/gmlcov:rangeType content. Set SRSNAME_FORMAT=OGC_URL by default when converting to GML. Add gml:boundedBy in gmljp2:GMLJP2RectifiedGridCoverage
* GMLJP2 v2: ensure KML root node id unicity when converting annotations on the fly. When generating GML features, make sure that PREFIX and TARGET_NAMESPACE are unique when specifying several documents.
* RPC transformer: speed-up DEM extraction by requesting and caching a larger buffer, instead of doing many queries of just a few pixels that can be costly with VRT for example
* GDALDeserializeRPCTransformer(): for consistency, use the same default value as in GDALCreateRPCTransformer() if <PixErrThreshold> is missing (so use 0.1 instead of 0.25 as before)
* TPS solver: when Armadillo fails sometimes, fallback to old method
* Fix GDAL_CG_Create() to call GDALContourGenerator::Init() (#6491)
* GDALContourGenerate(): handle the case where the nodata value is NaN (#6519)
* GDALGridCreate(): fix hang in multi-threaded case when pfnProgress is NULL or GDALDummyProgress (#6552)
* GDAL contour: fix incorrect oriented contour lines in some rare cases (#6563)
* Warper: multiple performance improvements for cubic interpolation and uint16 data type
* Warper: add SRC_ALPHA_MAX and DST_ALPHA_MAX warp options to control the maximum value of the alpha channel. Set now to 65535 for UInt16 (and 32767 for Int16), or to 2^NBITS-1. 255 used for other cases as before
* Warper: avoid undefined behaviour when doing floating point to int conversion, that may trigger exception with some compilers (LLVM 8) (#6753)
* OpenCL warper: update cubicConvolution to use same formula as CPU case (#6664)
* OpenCL warper: fix compliance to the spec. Fix issues with NVidia opencl (#6624, #6669)
* OpenCL warper: use GPU based over CPU based implementation when possible, use non-Intel OpenCL implementation when possible. Add BLACKLISTED_OPENCL_VENDOR and PREFERRED_OPENCL_VENDOR to customize choice of implementation
* gdalinfo -json: fix order of points in wgs84Extent.coordinates (github #166)
* gdalwarp: do not densify cutlines by default when CUTLINE_BLEND_DIST is used (#6507)
* gdalwarp: when -to RPC_DEM is specified, make -et default to 0 as documented (#6608)
* gdalwarp: improve detection of source alpha band and auto-setting of target alpha band. Automatically set PHOTOMETRIC=RGB on target GeoTIFF when input colors are RGB
* gdalwarp: add a -nosrcalpha option to wrap the alpha band as a regular band and not as the alpha band
* gdalwarp: avoid cutline densification when no transform at all is involved (related to #6648)
* gdalwarp: fix failure with cutline on a layer of touching polygons (#6694)
* gdalwarp: allow to set UNIFIED_SRC_NODATA=NO to override the default that set it to YES
* gdalwarp: add support for shifting the values of input DEM when source and/or target SRS references a proj.4 vertical datum shift grid
* gdalwarp: fix crash when -multi and -to RPC_DEM are used together (#6869)
* gdal_translate: when using -projwin with default nearest neighbour resampling, align on integer source pixels (#6610)
* gdal_translate & gdalwarp: lower the default value of GDAL_MAX_DATASET_POOL_SIZE to 100 on MacOSX (#6604)
* gdal_translate: avoid useless directory scanning on GeoTIFF files
* gdal_translate: make "-a_nodata inf -ot Float32" work without warning
* gdal_translate: set nodata value on vrtsource on scale / unscale / expand cases (github #199)
* GDALTranslate(): make it possible to create a anonymous target VRT from a (anonymous) memory source
* gdaldem: speed-up computations for src type = Byte/Int16/UInt16 and particularly for hillshade
* gdaldem hillshade: add a -multidirectional option
* GDALDEMProcessing() API: fix -alt support (#6847)
* explicitly set output layer geometry type to be polygon (#6530)
* add support for -b mask[,band_number] option to polygonize a mask band
* gdal_rasterize: make sure -3d, -burn and -a are exclusive
* gdal_rasterize: fix segfaults when rasterizing into an ungeoreferenced raster, or when doing 'gdal_rasterize my.shp my.tif' with a non existing my.tif (#6738)
* gdal_rasterize: fix crash when rasterizing empty polygon (#6844)
* gdal_grid: add a smoothing parameter to invdistnn algorithm (github #196)
* add a -overlap switch
* do not crash on empty tiles generation (#6057)
* handle requested tile at too low zoom to get any data (#6795)
* gdal2tiles: fix handling of UTF-8 filenames (#6794)
* gdal2xyz: use %d formatting for Int32/UInt32 data types (#6644)
* add -scale and -offset switches (#6833)
* gdaltindex: emit warning in -src_srs_format WKT when WKT is too large
* gdalbuildvrt: add a -oo switch to specify dataset open options
Python samples:
* add
* add
* Add GEOREF_SOURCES open option / GDAL_GEOREF_SOURCES config. option to all JPEG2000 drivers and GTiff to control which sources of georeferencing can be used and their respective priority
AIGRID driver:
* fix 2.1.0 regression when reading statistics (.sta) file with only 3 values, and fix <2.1 behaviour to read them in LSB order (#6633)
AAIGRID driver:
* auto-detect Float64 when the nodata value is not representable in the Float32 range
ADRG driver:
* handle north and south polar zones (ZNA 9 and 18) (#6783)
ASRP driver:
* fix georeferencing of polar arc zone images (#6560)
BPG driver:
* declare GDALRegister_BPG as C exported for building as a plugin (#6693)
DIMAP driver:
* DIMAP: for DIMAP 2, read RPC from RPC_xxxxx.XML file (#6539)
* DIMAP/Pleiades metadata reader: take into tiling to properly shift RPC (#6293)
* add support for tiled DIMAP 2 datasets (#6293)
DODS driver:
* fix crash on URL that are not DODS servers (#6718)
DTED driver:
* correctly create files at latitudes -80, -75, -70 and -50 (#6859)
ECW driver:
* Add option ECW_ALWAYS_UPWARD=TRUE/FALSE to work around issues with "Downward" oriented images (#6516).
ENVI driver:
* on closing, pad image file with trailing nul bytes if needed (#6662)
* add read/write support for rotated geotransform (#1778)
GeoRaster driver:
* fix report of rotation (#6593)
* support for JP2-F compression (#6861)
* support direct loading of JPEG-F when blocking=no (#6861)
* default blocking increased from 256x256 to 512x512 (#6861)
GPKG driver:
* implement tiled gridded elevation data extension
* add VERSION creation option
* check if transaction COMMIT is successful (#6667)
* fix crash on overview building on big overview factor (#6668)
* fix crash when opening an empty raster with USE_TILE_EXTENT=YES
* fix gpkg_zoom_other registration
GTiff driver:
* support SPARSE_OK=YES in CreateCopy() mode (and in update mode with the SPARSE_OK=YES open option), by actively detecting block