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GEOS -- Geometry Engine, Open Source

Project homepage:

Build status

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More on:

Building, testing, installing


Using Autotools:

./  # in ${srcdir}, if obtained from SVN or GIT
${srcdir}/configure # in build dir

Using CMake:

cmake ${srcdir} # in build dir

Now, all versions:

make check
make install # as root
ldconfig # as root

Microsoft Windows

If you use Microsoft Visual C++ (7.1 or later) compiler, you can build GEOS using NMAKE program and provided files.

If you are building from SVN or GIT checkout, first run: autogen.bat Then:

nmake /f MSVC_VER=1400

where 1400 is version number of Visual C++ compiler, here Visual C++ 8.0 from Visual Studio 2005 (supported versions are 1300, 1310, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800 and 1900). The bootstrap.bat step is required to generate a couple of header files.

In order to build debug configuration of GEOS, additional flag DEBUG=1 is required:

nmake /f MSVC_VER=1400 DEBUG=1

Client applications

Using the C interface (recommended)

GEOS promises long term stability of C API

The C library uses the C++ interface, but the C library follows normal ABI-change-sensitive versioning, so programs that link only against the C library should work without relinking when GEOS is upgraded.

To compile programs against the C lib (recommended):

CFLAGS += `geos-config --cflags`
LDFLAGS += `geos-config --ldflags` -lgeos_c
#include <geos_c.h>

Example usage:

capi/geostest.c contains basic usage examples.

Using the C++ interface (no stability promise)

Developers who decide to use the C++ interface should be aware GEOS does not promise API or ABI stability of C++ API between releases. Moreover C++ API/ABI breaking changes may not even be announced or include in the NEWS file

The C++ library name will change on every minor release because it is too hard to know if there have been ABI changes.

To compile programs against the C++ lib:

CFLAGS += `geos-config --cflags`
LDFLAGS += `geos-config --ldflags` -lgeos
#include <geos.h>

Basic usage examples can be found in doc/example.cpp.

Scripting language bindings

Ruby bindings are fully supported. To build, use the --enable-ruby option when configuring:

./configure ... --enable-ruby

Since version 3.6.0 PHP bindings are not included in the core library anymore but available as a separate project:

Since version 3.0, the Python bindings are unsupported. Recommended options:

  1. Become or recruit a new maintainer.
  2. Use Shapely with Python versions 2.4 or greater.
  3. Simply call functions from libgeos_c via Python ctypes.


To build Doxygen documentation:

cd doc
make doxygen-html