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GRASS GIS Addons Code Repository

How to get the addon code

Clone of the entire repository:

git clone grass-addons

How to install or remove addons in your GRASS installation

The simplest way to install GRASS GIS Addons is to use the g.extension module:

g.extension can install from the online repository (the default) or from local source code (not available on Windows).

How to compile addon code

Compilation with GRASS GIS binaries on your computer

In this case, compile GRASS addon modules into your installed GRASS code by setting MODULE_TOPDIR to where to the GRASS binaries are located:

make MODULE_TOPDIR=/usr/lib/grass/

Compilation with GRASS GIS core source code locally compiled

Preparations (assuming the GRASS GIS core source code being stored in $HOME/grass/ - if you have already built GRASS GIS core from source code you don't need to do this again. If adding to a binary install, the versions must match exactly. You need to git checkout the exact tag or commit used for the binary.)

# GRASS GIS core source code
./configure # [optionally flags]

The easiest way to compile GRASS addons modules into your GRASS code is by setting MODULE_TOPDIR on the fly to tell make where to find the prepared GRASS source code:


(adapt as needed to your /path/to/grass/). Each module in the GRASS Addons repository should have a Makefile to support easy installation.

Install then into your existing GRASS installation with

make MODULE_TOPDIR=$HOME/grass/ install

For system-wide installation the install step usually requires "root" privileges (so, also sudo may help).

How to submit your contributions

While read access is granted to the public, for submissions you best fork this repository, insert your addon or fix an existing one in a new branch and finally open a pull request.

Please note the following submitting rules: To successfully submit your GRASS GIS Addon module here, please check

Your submission must be compliant with the GRASS submission rules as found in the GRASS source code and RFC2 (Legal aspects of submission).

Also please read submitting instructions before creating a pull request:

If you aim at becomming code maintainer with full write access, this must be formally requested, see here for details: