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Hugo theme for GRASS GIS website

This repository contains the code of the GRASS GIS project website:

Mailing list for discussions:

Below some instructions how to contribute by running a local instance for testing prior to commit changes as pull requests.

How to build your own local web server

git clone

Install Hugo

apt-get update

apt install hugo

Build pages locally

cd grass-website


Output HTML generated in the /public directory at the root of the grass-website directory

Run server locally

Run hugo development server from the grass-website root directory:

cd grass-website

hugo server

View the website running at http://localhost:1313

How to add content

Content must be created in .md files using markdown syntax. HTML markup can also be mixed with markdown for more advanced content presentation.

Useful resources:

Add a news item

  • Head to the news directory cd /grass-website/content/news

  • Create new md file sudo nano

  • Add the basic header information for Hugo, at least title, date, layout

  • Write content in mardown bellow

  • Rebuild if needed

    cd ../../
  • Check result at http://localhost:1313/news/

Create a new content page

  • Head to a content subdirectory, for example the one used for the About section cd /grass-website/content/about

  • Create a new md file using the basic hugo header and markdown syntax (more info coming soon)

  • Create a specific template if advance page presentation is needed (see /themes/grass/layouts/) (more info coming soon)

  • Edit config.toml and add the new page as a new menu item as a children of the About section, as follows

        parent = "About"
        name = "My new page"
        URL = "/about/mypage"
        weight = 1
  • Rebuild if needed

    cd ../../
  • Check result at http://localhost:1313/about/mypage

Mind SEO

Search engine optimization works like this:

If the md file used for generating the page has a summary, its value is used as page meta description, otherwise the general description defined in config.toml is used by default.

Add new event

  • Head to the news directory cd /grass-website/content/events

  • Create new md file sudo nano

  • Use the following header information template for Hugo

    title: "CONFERENCE NAME" event: start: YYYY-MM-DD end: YYYY-MM-DD where: CITY, COUNTRY website: URL layout: "event" logo: images/conferences_logos/CONF_LOGO_YEAR.png

  • Add your logo to /grass-website/images/conferences_logos folder

  • Rebuild if needed

    cd ../../
  • Check result at http://localhost:1313/news/ in the Next Events section in the right sidebar. Your event will show up only if it is one in the top three from today.

Submit your changes

Like it? Then please submit your improvements as a new pull request.