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1. Contact details

  • Name and surname:
  • Nickname:
  • Country:
  • Email:
  • Phone (we will not call you, unless you will become unreachable by email/IM for more than a week without warning):
  • Public repository/ies:
  • Personal blog (optional):
  • Twitter/Identica/LinkedIn/others:

2. Your idea

  • OSGeo or guest software:
  • Title: (please include the name of the member project as part of the title, for example: "Gee Whiz Foobar 2001 for QGIS")
  • Brief description of the idea. e.g. "My project will focus on xxx".
  • The state of the software BEFORE your GSoC. For example, if you want to make a GUI, you can say: "In the software XYZ, when I want to use the tool xxx, I have to manually edit the file yyy. "
  • The addition that your project will bring to the software. In the same example: "With the GUI that I intend to create, it will be possible to use the tool xxx via graphical user interface".
  • Future developments. How can your project be expanded or maintained after GSoC is over.

3. Timeline

  • Now split your project idea in smaller tasks. Quantify the time you think each task needs. Finally, draw a detailed project plan (timeline) including the dates covering all period of GSoC. Don’t forget to include also the days in which you don’t plan to code, because of exams, holidays etc.
  • The workload should be split in weekly chunks.
  • Your timeline should contain actual dates, not "week 1", "week 2", etc.
  • Note that by the start of the official coding period, students should be ready to start coding right away. Activities such as: initial research, set up working environment, choose tools to be used in the project, set up repository, familiarize with the code base and with the mentors, etc. must be carried out during bonding period. In your timeline, please add also activities that you will be carry out during the bonding period.
  • Do you understand this is a serious commitment, equivalent to a full-time paid summer internship or summer job?
  • Do you have any known time conflicts during the official coding period? (Jobs, vacations, etc.)

4. Studies

  • What is your School and degree?
  • Would your application contribute to your ongoing studies/degree? If so, how?

5. Programming and GIS

  • Computing experience: operating systems you use on a daily basis, known programming languages, hardware, ecc.
  • GIS experience as a user
  • GIS programming and other software programming
  • Briefly mention and link to former open source contributions

6. GSoC participation

  • Have you participated to GSoC before?
  • How many times, which year, which project?
  • Have you applied but were not selected? When?
  • Have you submitted/will you submit another proposal for this year's GSoC to a different org? Which one?
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