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The files in this package can be unpacked in the PROJ data directory. For an installed PROJ this may be /usr/local/share/proj or /usr/share/proj on unix style operating systems.

About the World PROJ resource package

The World PROJ resource package is a collections of grids that are too large to be in the general purpose proj-datumgrid package and not essential for the functionality of PROJ, but still of general interest to PROJ-users.

Included grids

Vertical grid: EGM2008 geoid model

Source: NGA
Format: GTX License: Public Domain

2.5 minute worldwide geoid undulation grid that transforms physical heights to WGS84 ellipsoidal heights.

This file has been produced by GeographicLib using the EGM2008 gravity model and can be regenerated with the script.

  • egm08_25.gtx
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