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OSH Park Eagle scripts

These scripts are to help Eagle users get orders in just a tad bit faster, and help keep your Eagle files a bit more up to date.

This script will perform the following:

  • Add a menu button to enable easy PCB ordering right from inside Eagle.
  • Update your OSH Park CAM, DRU, and ULP files.
  • Manage version-specific differences for CAM or DRC files.

In the future, we'll be adding improvements to the script to hopefully add better integration and cool new feautures.

Installation (easy mode)

The simplest way is to run our installer script. This consists of a few short steps, and we'll figure out the file paths to copy things over.

  1. Download all the files here.
  2. Open Eagle.
  3. Open or create a BRD file.
  4. Select File, then Run ULP. On the file select dialog, browse to the files and select INSTALL.ulp.
  5. Restart Eagle (otherwise you won't see the menu button).
  6. You'll new see a new button on your top toolbar, and any CAM, DRC, or ULP files are now updated. Click it to see cool stuff!

Managing updates

Once you've run the installer, you can select Update and Install. This will automatically fetch any updates from the Github repository, and re-run the installer.

Installation (command line)

For Linux users with Eagle in the path, you can install this via command line with

git clone
cd OSHPark-Eagle-Tools
eagle -C "RUN $PWD/INSTALL.ulp;quit;" blank.brd

Installation (hard mode)

Find your $EAGLEDIR directory

In Linux based systems, this directory is typically ~/.eagle/

For Windows, this directory is typically C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\CadSoft\EAGLE.

Copy over the files

To get the image to display properly, copy the oshpark.png file to your $EAGLEDIR/scr directory.

Copy oshpark.ulp to $EAGLEDIR/ulp/

Copy oshpark.png to the bin/ folder where Eagle is installed. This is unfortunately where Eagle looks for menu images.

Edit Eagle.scr

Next is some quick editing to $EAGLEDIR/scr/eagle.scr. This file is what Eagle uses for it's startup configuration, and consists of a few menu commands. This file consists of several sections, split up into sections for various work interfaces in Eagle.

# configure the board layout editor

# configure the schematic layout editor

# configure various library menus

To add a button, we'll use the MENU command. This is most helpful under BRD:, but you can add it under SCH: if you want.

The simplest method is to simply add the following line after any existing MENU lines. Doing so will overwrite any previous Menu commands.

MENU ' [oshpark.png]Oshpark{Upload PCB: RUN oshpark-upload.ulp;|Check for updates: RUN oshpark.ulp update;|Update and install:RUN oshpark.ulp update install;} ';

If you have other MENU items want to use, you can add it to the existing line.

MENU 'Text1:action1;'\
     ' [oshpark.png]Oshpark{Upload PCB: RUN oshpark-upload.ulp;|Check for updates: RUN oshpark.ulp update;|Update and install:RUN oshpark.ulp update install;} '\

Note that you must use a \ at the end of each line, and each command or block must have a space between them (in this example, the spaces are at the start of the line). More complex examples can be found in the src dir in your Eagle installation.

Test the button!

Click it! You may need to restart Eagle to get it to show up.

If everything worked properly, you should see a link to oshpark, where we've started processing the board!


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