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Welcome to the OSLC4Net project

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What is OSLC4NET?

OSLC4Net is an SDK and sample applications to help the .NET community to adopt OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) and build OSLC-compliant tools.

The current content of the project is the source for a .NET SDK written in C#. The SDK allows developers to create OSLC providers or consumers by adding OSLC annotations to .NET objects to allow them to be represented as OSLC resources. It includes a library based on the dotNetRDF package which assists with representing these resources as RDF/XML and which helps parse RDF/XML documents into OSLC .NET objects.

The ASP.NET MVC 4 library can be used to assist with creating consumer REST requests or to help create a provider which can process OSLC REST requests.

The project currently contains the SDK and a sample OSLC Change Management client. A sample provider using the SDK is one of the top priorities for the project.

Getting started

If you do not have a .NET development environment, start by downloading Visual Studio 2017 Community and SQL Server 2016 Express. Make sure to install ASP.NET-related options for Visual Studio and LocalDB for SQL Server.

Running the sample StockQuote provider

OSLC4Net.StockQuoteSample is a sample OSLC provider which implements one resource type, a StockQuote. This resource is not defined by an OSLC specification, it shows how OSLC4Net can be used to create an experimental OSLC provider.

  1. Build the OSLC4Net_SDK\OSLC4Net.Core.sln solution
  2. Right click the OSLC4Net.StockQuoteSample project and run it via Debug->Start new instance

You'll see a web page created - that is currently just a skeleton provided by ASP.NET. You can close it. Try performing a GET request on the follwing URLs in a tool like Poster or Advanced REST Client (make sure to set the Accept header to application/rdf+xml:

A request to the first URL using Fiddler should have the following response:

More information on OSLC

  • See the OSLC site for more details on OSLC specifications and community activities.
  • See the Eclipse Lyo site for information on OSLC SDKs and samples for other technologies.

OSLC4Net License

OSLC4Net is licensed under the Eclipse Public License