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Functionality is now fully integrated in OSM Buildings viewer.


A very basic map engine. Mostly provides events and layer handling. This is used for OSM Buildings (


All geo coordinates are in EPSG:4326.

Quick integration

Link all required libraries in your HTML head section. Files are provided in folder /dist.

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="GLMap/GLMap.css">
  <script src="GLMap/GLMap.js"></script>

  <div id="map"></div>

In a script section initialize the map and add a map tile layer.

  var map = new GLMap('map', {
    position: { latitude:52.52000, longitude:13.41000 },
    zoom: 16

GLMap Options

option value description
position object geo position of map center
zoom float map zoom
rotation float map rotation
tilt float map tilt
bend float map bend
disabled boolean disables user input, default false
minZoom float minimum allowed zoom
maxZoom float maximum allowed zoom
attribution string attribution, optional
state boolean stores map position/rotation in url, default false
bounds object n, e, s, w coordinates of bounds where the map can be moved within

GLMap methods

method parameters description
on type, function add an event listener, types are: change, resize, pointerdown, pointermove, pointerup
off type, fn remove event listener
setDisabled  boolean disables any user input
isDisabled check wheether user input is disabled
project latitude, longitude, worldSize transforms geo coordinates to world pixel coordinates (tile size << zoom)
unproject x, y, worldSize transforms world (tile size << zoom) pixel coordinates to geo coordinates (EPSG:4326)
transform latitude, longitude, elevation transforms a geo coordinate + elevation to screen position
getBounds returns geocordinates of current map view, respects tilt and rotation but ignores perspective
setZoom float sets current zoom
getZoom   gets current zoom
setPosition object sets current geo position of map center
getPosition gets current geo position of map center
setSize object {width,height} sets current map size in pixels
getSize gets current map size in pixels
setRotation float sets current rotation
getRotation gets current rotation
setTilt float sets current tilt
getTilt gets current tilt
setBend float sets current bend
getBend gets current bend


Map control buttons

<div class="control tilt">
  <button class="dec">&#8601;</button>
  <button class="inc">&#8599;</button>

<div class="control rotation">
  <button class="inc">&#8630;</button>
  <button class="dec">&#8631;</button>

<div class="control zoom">
  <button class="dec">-</button>
  <button class="inc">+</button>

<div class="control bend">
  <button class="dec">B-</button>
  <button class="inc">B+</button>
var controlButtons = document.querySelectorAll('.control button');

for (var i = 0; i < controlButtons.length; i++) {
  controlButtons[i].addEventListener('click', function(e) {
    var button = this;
    var parentClassList = button.parentNode.classList;
    var direction = button.classList.contains('inc') ? 1 : -1;
    var increment;
    var property;

    if (parentClassList.contains('tilt')) {
      property = 'Tilt';
      increment = direction*10;
    if (parentClassList.contains('rotation')) {
      property = 'Rotation';
      increment = direction*10;
    if (parentClassList.contains('zoom')) {
      property = 'Zoom';
      increment = direction*1;
    if (parentClassList.contains('bend')) {
      property = 'Bend';
      increment = direction*1;
    if (property) {
      map['set'+ property](map['get'+ property]()+increment);
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