Converts OBJ files to 3D renderable GeoJSON
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Converts OBJ files to 3D renderable GeoJSON

The code is tailored to Berliner Morgenpost visualization "Berlins neue Skyline". For your own purposes you need to change settings inside /index.js and most likely geographic transformation in /lib/index.js

To match dependencies run first

npm install

Then edit index.js to match your source files location(s). Locate following line and add entries as you need. The x, y, z are metric offsets. It means Berlin data is projected in Söldner reference system. The offsets basically define where the result should be located. A z value allows you to adjust the vertical position.

var files = [{ name:'o2-vor90', x: X, y: Y, z: -9 }];

Finally just run the converter with

node index.js

Let it do it's work. Shouldn't take long.

If anyone is interested in making this more flexible, especially regarding projections, go ahead!