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i-score is an interactive intermedia sequencer - read more on http://i-score.org/ or come chat with us ! join the chat at https://gitter.im/OSSIA/i-score

With i-score you can sequence OSC, MIDI, etc. parameters between multiple software and hardware, to create interactive scores.

Download the latest release here and read the Releases section in this README.

i-score screenshot


Releases are available for Windows, Linux (via AppImage) and Mac OS X.

  • Windows : install and run.
  • OS X : extract and run i-score.app.
  • Linux : make executable (right click -> permissions or chmod +x) and run the AppImage.

Build status

  • Linux, OS X : Travis Status
  • Windows : Appveyor Status

  • Coveralls : Coverage Status

  • OpenHub

In order to build i-score, follow the instructions. Current builds tested on Mac OS X, Ubuntu 14.04, ArchLinux, Windows 8.1.


When updating the i-score repository through the command line, don't forget to update the submodules, they change often.

cd i-score
git pull
git submodule update --init --recursive

Some useful and easy potential contributions are listed on the website.

There are also many fixable areas in the code :

Finally, one can write its own i-score plug-ins to add custom features to the software. An example plug-in with the most common classes reimplemented is provided here.