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openFrameworks addon for OSSIA
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This project is outdated and not maintained anymore. Please look at ofxOscQuery if you're looking for a quick and convenient way to add OscQuery connectivity to your OpenFrameworks project.


This openFrameworks addon is a wrapper for the OSSIA library , allowing you to share parameters with i-score: the class ossia::Parameter inheriting the openFrameworks' class ofParameter can be controlled both via the UI and i-score.


  • Tested on Linux (Debian/stretch, Antergos), macOS, Windows

  • The OSSIA library (libossia) require some boost libs not available in OpenFrameworks. They are installed by the build script.

Installation (OS X, Linux)

  • Compile the OSSIA library: go to the folder libs/ and run the script
  • Include the header file ofxOssia.h to use the addon
  • compilation of your project must been made through Terminal / make and not through xcode.
  • You could also use ofnode, a CMake build system for openFrameworks

Installation (Windows)

  • The simplest way is to use one of the releases.
  • Once your application is built, do not forget to copy the relevant DLL from the libs/ossia/bin folder, to your executable folder.
  • For compiling the OSSIA API by hand, refer to the OSSIA API wiki.


  • In case of the following error : execvp: /bin/sh: Argument list too long: check that you do not have a boost folder in your example folder.

  • If you got : error: parse error in template argument list this is likely due to a GCC bug, try update to gcc 6 or use another compiler.

  • It might be a clash with other addon that uses oscpack library like ofxOsc.

Main features

  • Parameters of various types (int, float, bool, ofVec2f, ofVec3f, ofColor) can be shared with i-score
  • Can be exposed in the openFrameworks GUI (modified via slider, button, etc.)
  • Can be modified using i-score (automation ...)


  • Define an attribute of class ofxOssia in your app source header (e.g. ofApp.h)
  • If the constructor for the attribute is not called explicitly, the attribute ofxOssia will be initialized with the default values (e.g. "OSCQuery", "ofxOssiaDevice", 3456, 5678)
  • The base node is obtained by calling the method get_root_node() on the ofxOssia instance
  • The ossia::Parameter is initialized using the method setup similar to ofParameter::setup. The only difference is the first value which is the parent node of type ossia::Parameter
  • The same goes for ossia::ParameterGroup (which is similar to ofParameterGroup)
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