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ossia score

ossia score is an interactive intermedia sequencer - read more on http://ossia.io or come ask questions on the forum or chat with us ! join the chat at https://gitter.im/OSSIA/score

With score you can sequence OSC, MIDI, etc. parameters between multiple software and hardware, to create interactive and intermedia scores.

Download the latest release here and read the Releases section in this README.

ossia score screenshot


Releases are available for Windows, Linux (via AppImage) and Mac OS X.

  • Windows : install and run.
  • OS X : extract and run ossia score.app.
  • Linux : make executable (right click -> permissions or chmod +x) and run the AppImage.

Build status

  • Linux, OS X : Travis Status
  • Windows : Appveyor Status
  • OpenHub
  • ossia score uses CppDepend to ensure consistent code quality improvements ; please check it out !

In order to build score, follow the instructions. Current builds tested on Mac OS X, Ubuntu 14.04, ArchLinux, Windows 8.1.


When updating the score repository through the command line, don't forget to update the submodules, they change often.

cd score
git pull
git submodule update --init --recursive

Some useful and easy potential contributions are listed on the website.

There are also many fixable areas in the code :

Finally, one can write its own score plug-ins to add custom features to the software. An example plug-in with the most common classes reimplemented is provided here.