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@jcelerier jcelerier released this Dec 28, 2017 · 1777 commits to master since this release

Several usability improvements:

  • more consistent deletion policy
  • more descriptive naming of objects (intervals, states, etc...)
  • encapsulation as a sub-scenario or (put in) loop (see object menu)
  • drag and drop (of parameters from the Device Explorer) now also works on triggers and conditions
  • better browsing and display in the Object Window
  • WIP on process display management: for now each process name is displayed in its header (with additional, process-relative info) and the displayed process can be changed with a menu accessible from the same header - more to come about this in the next release....
  • WIP on easing process creation by drag and dropping parameters from the Device Explorer on intervals
  • WIP on a search mechanism to select objects based on the parameters they use (currently accessible when right-clicking on one or several parameters of the Device Explorer -> Find Usage)
  • mapping and automation min's and max's are now exposed in the Local Device and thus can be themselves mapped or automated
  • The Local Device is now exposed using OSCquery (instead of Minuit, as previously)
  • Triggers now have their own OSC addresses and can then be triggered remotely
  • General cleanup and improvements of the Examples from the Documentation folder of the repository (to be included in the next release)

Also, @jln- made a nice teaser video on - feel free to have a look at it for an introduction or refresher on the panel of features score can offer you!

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