Assets 5

New features


  • The states put in the last state of the top interval will now trigger on stop (#858, thanks for the report @composingcap)
  • Better symbol for slot grips (thanks @bltzr)
  • No more slot menu (#808), everything can be done by drag'n'drop nowadays
  • It's now possible to change the curvature of multiple curve segments at once (part of #764, thanks for the suggestion @evanmtp) sorry, still buggy
  • It's possible to put processes in new slot by dragging from the object panel which can be useful if a slot has been removed for some reason
  • If a process is moved from an interval, and the interval has no following intervals nor end state (basically the process is alone) then the interval is entirely moved :


  • Improved focus when clicking and right-clicking in scenario


  • Fix dragging of slots which was very hard to do (it only worked on a few pixels)
  • Fix category of Pitch process (thanks @thibaudk)
  • Play-from-here was sending messages in random order.
  • Fix behaviour of mute when playing / stopping.
  • #870
  • #869
  • #868
  • #867
  • #859
  • Many refactors and code simplifications

NOTE: due to it being a recent feature, the format of the sub-scores saved in the library has changed a bit which may break when loading old ones.