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(Please don't delete existing form title and description, just append your info/data under each section.)
* Applicant:
(Org/Project name <http://url.of.the/project/>)
* Project Info:
(Brief intro)
(Project fullname and mission)
(The relationship to Open Source/Culture/Music (and contribution it's it's a existing project).)
* Contact:
(Format: name <email>, <telegram>, <github>, <hangout>, <twitter>, etc)
(Better to have at least 1 Instant Messanger. Telegram prefered, as we have official support group here .)
(can be more than one person)
* Who I am:
(Brief intro about who you are)
(what role in what project/team, responsible for what).
* Verification:
(If it's a existing project, please provide a link to a page on project site (or othe possibly method) to verify your identity and proof that you or the contact person can represent the (sub-)project/team.)
* Resource you need:
(Please describe and list down "How many, which kind (VM, web hosting, git hosting, mirror service, etc), usage (will it be what kind of function/role) and spec.")
(Please describe both the Minimal and Desired spec.)
(For slave mirror service, please also give us the source url, mirror frequecy, and other neccessary info.)
* Any additional info.
* Ability to promote OSSPlanet
As this is a free service for Open Source/Culture/Music without asking almost nothing in return,
We will be encouraged if you can list as on your project site, or mention us on your news/blog/article.
And if it's ok for you, please let us know!