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Answers to the CTF questions for Bugcrowd University @CSUF event.
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Answers to the CTF questions for Bugcrowd University @CSUF event.

Bugcrowd University @CSUF occurred on April 20, 2019 at California State University, Fullerton. During the event, we organized a CTF competition for participants to take part in.

The CTF had two parts to it: The Pentest and The Classics. The Pentest focused on a fake university that participants hacked on. It in some ways replicated to how bug bounties worked. Participants were provided a list of subdomains that they could hack on. Each vulnerability they exploited had a flag associated with it which they submitted to the CTF engine. The Classics focused on a regular CTF design. It contained password cracking, cryptography, basic web hacking and some simple challenges.

This repository contains answer key on how the challenges were designed and how to get the flag.

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