The ADF Validator allows validating ADF and TTL files
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ADF Validator

The ADF Validator allows validating ADF and TTL files. It is based on SHACL API

User Documentation


The ADF Validator depends on third-party software libraries. Please make sure that all required dependencies are located in folder “lib” next to adf-validator.jar. You can use Maven command "mvn dependency:copy-dependencies" to download required dependencies.

• collection-0.6.jar
• commons-cli-1.3.1.jar
• commons-codec-1.10.jar
• commons-csv-1.3.jar
• commons-io-2.5.jar
• commons-lang3-3.5.jar
• commons-rdf-api-0.3.0-incubating.jar
• httpclient-4.5.2.jar
• httpclient-cache-4.5.2.jar
• httpcore-4.4.4.jar
• jackson-annotations-2.7.0.jar
• jackson-core-2.7.4.jar
• jackson-databind-2.7.4.jar
• jcl-over-slf4j-1.7.21.jar
• jena-arq-3.1.1.jar
• jena-base-3.1.1.jar
• jena-core-3.1.1.jar
• jena-iri-3.1.1.jar
• jena-shaded-guava-3.1.1.jar
• jsonld-java-0.8.3.jar
• libthrift-0.9.3.jar
• log4j-1.2.17.jar
• log4j-api-2.7.jar
• log4j-core-2.7.jar
• shacl-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
• slf4j-api-1.7.5.jar
• slf4j-nop-1.7.5.jar
• xercesImpl-2.11.0.jar
• xml-apis-1.4.01.jar