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Kevin Ngo
Kevin Ngo committed Feb 5, 2013
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+title: Chance Zibolski
+tags: officer
+rank: 2
+ name: Chance Zibolski
+ title: Vice President
+ site:
+ irc: chance
+ image: /img/people/chancezibolski.jpg
+Chance is a computer science student at OSU. During the year he works as a web
+developer at the [Open Source Lab]( In his free time he
+writes code, most of which you can find on [github](
@@ -1,21 +0,0 @@
-title: Corbin Simpson
-tags: officer
-rank: 1
- name: Corbin Simpson
- title: President
- site:
- irc: MostAwesomeDude
- image: /img/people/corbinsimpson.jpg
-Corbin Simpson is a student at Oregon State University. He has been an
-open-source programmer since 2005 and joined the wider community in 2008 with
-contributions to the X.Org Foundation. He is a Linux Plumber and has
-contributed to many open-source projects outside of the Open Source Lab,
-including [Mesa][], [][x11], and [Linux][]. Outside of work, Corbin is a
-professional musician, and is never far from a piano.
@@ -1,16 +1,18 @@
title: Emily Dunham
tags: officer
-rank: 2
+rank: 1
name: Emily Dunham
- title: Vice President
+ title: President
+ site:
irc: edunham
image: /img/people/emilydunham.jpg
-Emily is a web developer for the [Open Source Lab][osl]. A quick search reveals
-that there are nearly infinite Emily Dunhams on the internet; she is the
-robotics nerd from Oregon.<br/><br/>
+Emily is a systems administrator for the [Open Source Lab][osl]. In the past
+she's been involved with the [OSU Robotics Club][osurc], TA'ed for CS161, and
+served as Vice President of LUG.<br/><br/>
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
+title: Justin Noah
+tags: officer
+rank: 4
+ name: Justin Noah
+ title: Treasurer
+ irc: brutal_chaos
+ image: /img/people/justinnoah.jpg
+Justin is a student developer for the [OSU Open Source Lab]( and a CS Major at
+Oregon State University. Currently Justin's main focus is getting through
+school, though in his free time he will get some work done on [bravo](
+and a few other side projects. When Justin is being lazy, you can find him as
+Ecka Solios on [Vendetta Online](
@@ -1,15 +0,0 @@
-title: Wade Cline
-tags: officer
-rank: 4
- name: Wade Cline
- title: Treasurer
- irc: clinew
- image: /img/people/wadecline.jpg
-Wade Cline is a computer science undergraduate at Oregon State University. He
-has been addicted to Linux for two years and believes that the ideals of free
-(as in freedom) software represent the ideals of liberty and justice that our
-own nation so ostensibly believes in.
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