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+title: "Mozilla Shows Off FirefoxOS"
+category: blog
+slug: firefoxos
+author: Kevin Ngo
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+datetime: 2013-01-29
+Corey Shields, IT manager at Mozilla, stopped by to demo a prototype device
+running [FirefoxOS]( FirefoxOS is a
+Linux-based mobile operating system that runs entirely on Gecko, Firefox's
+browser engine. It runs cross-platform HTML5 apps that can also be installed
+from [Firefox for Android]( on Android
+devices. It is currently marketed towards the low-end smartphone market in
+third world countries.
+The interface is also HTML5, written in HTML, JS, and CSS. Similarly Tizen, the
+Linux Foundation's mobile operating system, will run webapps, and theoretically
+apps written for FirefoxOS would run on Tizen (along with other browsers).
+FirefoxOS is currently under heavy development by Mozilla. It has device APIs,
+that are attempting to be standardized, that allow it, essentially a browser,
+to access hardware interals such as the vibrator and camera. The ideal behind
+FirefoxOS is to be open and not be a locked-down market. Recently Mozilla ran
+App Days, Firefox OS hackathons, around the world.
+Corey showed off Twitter, Facebook, SMS, the camera, and dialing the phone
+itself, all of which were functional.
+There is also an app store, [Firefox
+Marketplace](, for FirefoxOS.

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