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Recommended Reading List #14

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Guides section should include a list of recommended resources for learning or improving at various languages and frameworks. Links should also have a short discussion on which LUG members are likeliest to find the resource most helpful.

The example is just a suggestion of the type of information we'll probably want to include.



Python is a high-level programming language that's popular for scripting, web development, and prototyping projects of all kinds. You'll use Python at OSU in CS160 and again in CS311. Other languages that are used for similar purposes include Bash and Perl for shell scripting, and Ruby on Rails for web development. One project developed by LUG members using python is our IRC bot Hamper. -- a good tutorial for complete beginners -- The official python reference, helpful if you forget the correct syntax of a dictionary or how to do list comprehensions -- Stack Overflow is more useful than the official docs if you're not sure exactly what you're trying to do

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