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#OSVR-ART plugin

Usage instructions :

Before loading the plugin, open DTrack2 software:

  1. Make sure that one or more bodies are calibrated and tracked
  2. Output settings: Send to -> this computer. Port 5000 (make sure that your system doesn’t use or block this port)

Make a note of the IP address of the tracking system and specify it in serverHost parameter in server config and specify port (if different from 5000) in dataPort parameter. By default plugin will use and port 5000.

The ART system supports a varying number of tracked devices. Please refer the ART documentation to determine the number of max tracked devices for your license. It supports at least 4 tracked objects (including Flysticks and Fingertracking hand devices).

The device descriptor accounts for 4 tracked bodies and 4 tracked Flysticks. Depending on your setup, the plugin will automatically recognize which device are tracked (reported by ART system), and send reports as they're available.

To build the plugin:

There are additional files from dTrackSDK that you will need to copy to your source directory, which are not included, but can be found in :

  • DTrackSDK.hpp/cpp
  • DTrackNet.h/cpp
  • DTrackParse.hpp/cpp
  • DTrackParser.hpp/cpp
  • DTrackDataTypes.h