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Help wanted - higher priority items selected by the core development team

Last updated: Apr 9, 2016

  • The new osvrServerAutoStart currently only has an implementation for Windows. On Android, an alternate implementation is needed that starts up an in-process server thread. Github issue:
  • The osvrStartProcess internal utility in osvrUtil currently has an untested, commented out implementation for non-windows systems. Help is wanted to test/fixup this implementation to help get the server auto-launch API working on *MacOSX, Linux, and other nix systems. Github issue:
  • Some PluginKit APIs are not fully fleshed-out: for instance, there are some device message sending calls only available if you pass your own timestamp, missing the counterpart that produces a timestamp when you call it. There are some interfaces where all the variants are provided, so examples exists, just some of these were done more quickly and only some variants were completed. Sample GitHub issue (more may be revealed on review):
  • Hook up libuvc as a camera capture backend for the video tracker plugins on Linux and Mac, so we can open cameras by VID/PID and control them more closely. GitHub issue:
  • Platform-specific plugins to watch buses (USB, etc) and trigger hardware detection when plug events are noticed. Related to
  • Verification/advice on Linux udev rules GitHub issue:

Packaging help wanted

  • Package OSVR for various Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.).

See also

See also Help Wanted in Render Manager

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