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OSVR Developer Documentation

Introduction to OSVR

Using OSVR

Getting Started

Installing OSVR

Note : It can be used in earlier versions but might require compilation and tweaking.

Running the OSVR Server

Setting the OSVR_SERVER_ROOT environment variable

OSVR server auto-start functionality in ClientKit (Windows only for now) currently relies on the OSVR_SERVER_ROOT environment variable to find the server you would like to have launch. Install the OSVR Runtime, then set the OSVR_SERVER_ROOT environment variable to C:/Program Files/OSVR/Runtime/Server (for 64-bit) or C:/Program Files (x86)/OSVR/Runtime/Server (for 32-bit).

Server parameters

Running the OSVR server just requires passing it a configuration file. For example: osvr_server osvr_server_config.json

if no parameter is specified, a default file is used.

Configuring OSVR



Developing with OSVR

Game Engines and OSVR

Extending OSVR


Hacking the Hardware

Getting Support


Custom Google Search for the OSVR project

Free support

Paid support

Some companies such as Sensics provide premium support services for OSVR including phone support, system engineering, authoring drivers or integration help. If you require support beyond the free support options, consider contacting the premium providers.


A list of OSVR developer chat rooms is here

Some existing rooms:

Combined OSVR issue tracker

Map of OSVR projects

Useful Links

Contributed from the OSVR community

For Vive Controller Emulation:

Additional Information

Sample third-party projects that integrate OSVR into them