Browser-based tool for editing OSVR JSON files, based on JSON Schema.
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Browser-based editor for OSVR device descriptor JSON and soon other OSVR JSON files.

Use it now at

Maintained at

For details, see

For support, see

Installed Version

The "canonical" installation of this tool is at:

That version gets rebuilt (within roughly a minute) any time a push to this repository or to the OSVR JSON Schema repository (which this uses) is detected.

This means that in most cases, it's not necessary to install locally except for testing. The "app" itself runs entirely client-side: it's just static web pages with JavaScript.

Build instructions

You need npm, grunt-cli, and bower installed globally. I think. Get npm with your package system, then this should get the rest:

npm i -g grunt-cli
npm i -g bower

Add sudo as needed.

If you're on Windows, use of Chocolatey is recommended, in which case

choco install nodejs.install

(latest correct command per @ferventcoder as of 9-feb-2015) should take place before the npm commands above.

To build this web site:

npm i && grunt

Output ends up in dist.

You can serve it locally with

grunt server


This system is based around the "JSON Schema Based Editor" jdorn/json-editor for the main interactivity.

Bootstrap is used for styling, of course.

Assemble is used for the static site assembly from source.


This project: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.