OSVR plugin for Nod devices including Ring and Backspin
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Maintained at https://github.com/OSVR/OSVR-Nod

For details, see http://osvr.github.io

This is a plugin for OSVR that provides access to Nod Ring and Backspin interfaces such as analog, button, and orientation. An example client which consumes this plugin through the osvr server is also included to explain the usage of the plugin.

It is Windows-only, and requires the NodPlugin.h, Settings.h, OpenSpatial.dll and .lib files to build (from the OpenSpatial Windows SDK). See https://github.com/openspatial/openspatial-windows to download the framework for Windows and https://dev.nod.com/docs/windows/developer-guide/ for details on how to use it. The 4 files mentioned above should be copied to the source folder of this folder to build. (Or linked in otherwise)

Once the project is successfully built, just put the .dll file from this plugin in the same directory of your OSVR server as the other plugins - usually something like osvr-plugins-0 - and use the config file provided here as an example.

Also the OpenSpatialDLL.dll included with the OpenSpatial Windows SDK (refer to the Nod Documentation) should be placed in the same directory as your osvr-server.exe

The plugins can be built using cmake the flags CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH must be set to your osvr root directory and sometimes depending on your system Boost_INCLUDE_DIR must be set to the boost folder you use.

NOTE: this plugin is compatible with the Nod OpenSpatial Windows SDK v1686 and newer. Please upgrade to this version through the aformentioned github repository. If you must use an older version of the Nod OpenSpatial Windows SDK feel free to browse the revision history.

Paths exposed in the plugin:

Currently the plugin exposes a pose interface (position is currently not implemented and will be 0 for x,y,z), a button interface with 10 buttons and 3 analog interfaces

/NodOSVRPlugin/(device-number)/analog /tracker /button

is the path to the interfaces, device-number is the id of the device you want, starts from 0 and increases.


This plugin: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See accompanying License file for details and https://github.com/openspatial/openspatial-windows for details about OpenSpatial License.