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Vive specific documentation at

This is a plugin for OSVR that provides access to the tracker data on HTC Vive HMDs and controllers. It also contains tools to extract a display descriptor with distortion mesh data from a Vive, as well as additional tools that build from source but are not installed into binary snapshots.


To compile, this project requires OSVR, Eigen, and Boost, as well as the submodules included in the repository (clone with git clone --recursive). Compile as you would other CMake-based projects, setting CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to show the way to dependencies in general. You may need to set EIGEN3_INCLUDE_DIR specifically.

You may also use a pre-compiled set of binaries from the project. They're available from

Developer links

These may be useful in keeping track of upstream changes to the lighthouse driver library.


This plugin: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Vendored projects:

  • Valve SteamVR openvr (specifically openvr_driver headers) - MIT license.

Note: At runtime, this plugin dynamically loads the Lighthouse SteamVR plugin distributed with SteamVR, as well as loads some SteamVR configuration settings (room calibration, etc) from JSON files.