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##Table of Contents


If you find a bug in the bot, we would be happy for you to tell us; however, please conform to the following guidelines when doing so.

  • Read the documentation first to make sure you are using the program correctly, and to make sure that it is not an intended feature.
  • Make sure someone else has not already reported the same bug.
  • Describe what happened in as much detail as possible. If you're not sure if a piece of information will be useful, put it in anyway. "It broke" is not a helpful bug report.
  • Include the logs from when the bug occurred. Please post the logs in an online paste (such as on and link to the paste from the issue report. Please do not paste the logs directly into the issue report.

Please refer to this essay for more information about submitting helpful bug reports.

If you're submitting a feature request (or other non-bug issue) to the Issue Tracker, please make sure to describe it as clearly and in as much detail as possible.


We would love for you to contribute code to the project. When doing so, however, please conform to the following guidelines.

  • Use comments to describe what your code does.
  • Describe what your pull request does as a whole in the PR comment. The description should give some idea of why the code is useful.
  • The project should build properly.
  • All unit tests already in the project should pass.
  • The code should work and do what you say it is supposed to. Additionally, unit tests are very helpful if you can include them.

Even if your PR conforms to the above guidelines, we are not obligated to pull it into the repository. You are, however, free to fork the project and make your own version of it if you so desire.


When you submit code to the repository, you transfer copyright and licensing rights for it to the OTB Team. Once code is submitted, you cannot change or revoke its license.

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