Textables is the fun new way to send Unicode and ASCII art to your friends!
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A RubyMotion application brought to you by Off the Grid Apps.

Textables is the fun new way to send Unicode and ASCII art to your friends! Explore a library of over 100 ASCII & Unicode artwork that you can send to your friends over SMS, iMessage, Email, Facebook, and Twitter!

  • Select favorites for easy access to your most used Textable
  • Send to: SMS, iMessage, Email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Copy to the clipboard to use anywhere
  • Create your own unique c尺ム乙リ & upside down text and share your creations

If you love expressing yourself to your friends using more than words with Emoji, you'll love using Textables!

Stay tuned! We'll be adding more Textables to the library over time!

This app is open source. Browse the source code here: https://github.com/OTGapps/Textables

Download from the App Store


How to run the app:

  1. You must have a valid license of RubyMotion.
  2. Run bundle
  3. Run rake pod:install
  4. Run rake
  5. The simulator should launch automatically.

Some features - like iMessage sending requires that you run it on an actual device. Building RubyMotion apps to a device is out of the scope of this readme.


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  1. Fork it.
  2. Work on a feature branch.
  3. Send me a pull request.

I also like it when people who can't contribute open an issue