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NodeChat 💬

A group chat application written in Node and SocketIO.

See it live here.

Project Vision

To develop a robust chat application, that is able to act as a stand alone application and/or be embeded inside of a existing application.

Use Cases

  • StandAlone Chat website
  • Customer Support Chat
  • Live Open Chat on a website
  • Private chat space on your website managed by you instead of thirdParty like Slack or Skype.

Project Goal

  • Publish on NPM.

Quick Start Guide

To start the app you need to have both the server and the react app running.

Starting the server

The server is available here https://github.com/OTRChat/server. Inside the server folder run the following commands.

# Install the dependencies
npm install

# Run the server
npm start

Starting the react app

Inside the react app folder run the following commands.

# Install the dependencies
npm install

# Run the react app
npm start


The app is deployed with Heroku and configured to auto deploy the develop and master branch Development: https://joshghent-nodechat-staging.herokuapp.com/ Master: https://chat.joshghent.com/

Server development: https://joshghent-nodechat-server.herokuapp.com/ Server master: https://joshghent-nodechat-server.herokuapp.com/

If environment variables need updating as part of an update, then please ask one of the maintainers

Contributing to this Project

This project is open to anyone. Please read our CONTRIBUTING.md for more information.