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nilei commented Feb 21, 2014

To increase the interface consistency, especially to support further development of setting options (like in the dashboard widgets), I have added widgets to the phone, email and process ticket screens.

nilei added some commits Feb 21, 2014
@nilei nilei Added widgets to ContentColumn fro AgentTicketPhone, AgentTicketEmail…
… and AgentTicketProcess to make the different agent interface designs more consistent.
@nilei nilei Merge branch 'master' of into otrsphonee…
@mrcbnsls mrcbnsls was assigned by mgruner Feb 24, 2014
mgruner commented Feb 24, 2014

Hi @mrcbnsls, could you check this please.


Hi Nils,

Sorry to say that, but my first impression is that I don't like it so much :-(

I think the current masks which contain ticket forms (which would also include all masks based on AgentTicketCommon etc.) look very clean, with lots of white space which eases the visual orientation. I don't really see the advantages of adding widgets to these screens.

Can you please explain a bit more why you think this change will help for future developments or any other reasons why we should add the widgets?

Thank you.


nilei commented Feb 27, 2014

Hi Marc,

thanks for your review and comment. I setup the widgets after talking about a frontend customization with MARB as we recognized that the Phone-, Email- and Process-Ticket create screens are looking so much different than other screens. Almost everything is packed into widgets, only the creation and AgentTicketCommon screen are without widgets. Next to consistence, the design of new features, placing buttons, etc. is probably easier with having a predefined visible frame, I feel.

Do you see an alternative?

Cheers, Nils

mrcbnsls commented Mar 3, 2014

Hey Nils,

From a pure technical point of view, the integration of new UI elements is not depending on the presence or absence of widgets. In both cases you can still add new elements. Maybe I'm getting you wrong?

From a usability point of view, MAMA made the decision to design the ticket creation/editing masks differently when they created the look & feel for OTRS 3.0. I think they were having certain purposes with that and as we discussed that in the R&D department, it turned out that we actually support them with that. The creation/edit masks are currently clean and neatly arranged, with lots of white space. We feel that adding widgets to these screens would rather pollute them instead of easing the orientation.


nilei commented Mar 3, 2014

Hi Marc,

thanks for your review and comments! I appreciate your effort to answer and argument the pull requests! Thanks, Nils

@nilei nilei closed this Mar 3, 2014
@nilei nilei deleted the nilei:otrsphoneemailticketwidgets-nilei-master branch Mar 3, 2014
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