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OVAL Language

International in scope and free for public use, OVAL is an information security community effort to standardize how to assess and report upon the machine state of computer systems. OVAL includes a language to encode system details, and an assortment of content repositories held throughout the community.

This GitHub project hosts the OVAL Language Schemas and Specifications to improve transparency and the community's ability to track changes before a release. As of the OVAL 5.11.1 release, official releases of the OVAL Language are posted on this GitHub project.

Development: [OVAL 5.11.2] (
Official: [OVAL 5.11.2] (
Previous: [OVAL 5.11.1] (

Experimental capabilities for the OVAL Language will be developed in the [OVAL Language Sandbox] ( to allow the community to fully investigate and implement new capabilities before they are included here in an official release ensuring that only mature and implementable constructs are added to the OVAL Language.

Please see the OVAL Web Site for more information about the OVAL Language.

The OVAL Language operates under the OVAL Terms of Use.


The OVAL Language Schemas


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