Debianized InspIRCd 2 backports + patches for OVERdrive-IRC
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InspIRCd @ OVERdrive-IRC

This repository contains a slightly modified InspIRCd used in production on the OVERdrive-IRC network.

Installation instructions

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Run to initialize the contrib modules that we use on our network.
  3. ./configure and compile the IRCd like normal.
  • Note to sysadmins: please compile with at least either GnuTLS or OpenSSL enabled!
  1. After finishing this step, you do not need to configure the IRCd any further. Send the config manager (you know who) SSH login details to your IRCd account, and we'll take care of the rest.


InspIRCd is a modular C++ Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server for UNIX-like and Windows systems.

Supported Platforms

InspIRCd is supported on on the following platforms:

  • Most recent BSD variants using the Clang or GCC compilers and the BSD or GNU toolchains (Make, etc).

  • Most recent Linux distributions using the Clang or GCC compilers and the GNU toolchain.

  • The most recent three major releases of macOS using the AppleClang, Clang, or GCC (not LLVM-GCC) compilers and the BSD or GNU toolchains.

  • Windows 7 or newer using the MSVC 11 (Visual Studio 2012) compiler and CMake 2.8 or newer.

Alternate platforms and toolchains may also work but are not officially supported by the InspIRCd team. Generally speaking if you are using a reasonably modern UNIX-like system you should be able to build InspIRCd on it.

If you encounter any bugs then please file an issue.


Most InspIRCd users running a UNIX-like system build from source. A guide about how to do this is available on the InspIRCd wiki.

Building from source on Windows is generally not recommended but a guide is available if you wish to do this.

If you are running on CentOS 7, Debian 7, or Windows binary packages are available from the downloads page.

A Docker image is also available. See the inspircd-docker repository for more information.

Some distributions ship an InspIRCd package in their package managers. We generally do not recommend the use of such packages as in the past distributions have made broken modifications to InspIRCd and not kept their packages up to date with essential security updates.


InspIRCd is licensed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

External Links