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The OWASP Amass Project performs network mapping of attack surfaces and external asset discovery using open source information gathering and active reconnaissance techniques.

Information Gathering Techniques Used:

Technique Data Sources
DNS Brute forcing, Reverse DNS sweeping, NSEC zone walking, Zone transfers, FQDN alterations/permutations, FQDN Similarity-based Guessing
Scraping AbuseIPDB, Ask, AskDNS, Baidu, Bing, DNSDumpster, DuckDuckGo, Gists, HackerOne, HyperStat, IPv4Info, PKey, RapidDNS, Riddler, Searchcode, Searx, SiteDossier, SpyOnWeb, Yahoo
Certificates Active pulls (optional), Censys, CertSpotter, Crtsh, Digitorus, FacebookCT, GoogleCT
APIs 360PassiveDNS, ARIN, Ahrefs, AlienVault, AnubisDB, BinaryEdge, BGPView, BufferOver, BuiltWith, C99, Chaos, CIRCL, Cloudflare, CommonCrawl, DNSDB, DNSlytics, Detectify, FOFA, GitHub, GitLab, Greynoise, HackerTarget, Hunter, IntelX, IPdata, IPinfo, Maltiverse, Mnemonic, N45HT, NetworksDB, ONYPHE, PassiveTotal, PentestTools, Quake, RADb, ReconDev, Robtex, SecurityTrails, ShadowServer, Shodan, SonarSearch, Spamhaus, Spyse, Sublist3rAPI, TeamCymru, ThreatBook, ThreatCrowd, ThreatMiner, Twitter, Umbrella, URLScan, VirusTotal, WhoisXMLAPI, ZETAlytics, ZoomEye
Web Archives ArchiveIt, Arquivo, HAW, UKWebArchive, Wayback

Installation Go Version Docker Images Snapcraft GitHub Downloads

You can find some additional installation variations in the Installation Guide.

Prebuilt Packages

  1. Simply unzip the package
  2. Put the precompiled binary into your path
  3. Start using OWASP Amass!


brew tap caffix/amass
brew install amass


sudo snap install amass

Docker Container

  1. Install Docker
  2. Pull the Docker image by running docker pull caffix/amass
  3. Run docker run -v OUTPUT_DIR_PATH:/.config/amass/ caffix/amass enum -share -d

The volume argument allows the Amass graph database to persist between executions and output files to be accessed on the host system. The first field (left of the colon) of the volume option is the amass output directory that is external to Docker, while the second field is the path, internal to Docker, where amass will write the output files.

From Sources

  1. Install Go and setup your Go workspace
  2. Download OWASP Amass by running go get -v
  3. At this point, the binary should be in $GOPATH/bin

Documentation GoDoc

Use the Installation Guide to get started.

Go to the User's Guide for additional information.

See the Tutorial for example usage.

See the Amass Scripting Engine Manual for greater control over your enumeration process.

Troubleshooting Chat on Discord

If you need help with installation and/or usage of the tool, please join our Discord server where community members can best help you.

🛑 Please avoid opening GitHub issues for support requests or questions!

Contributing Contribute Yes Chat on Discord

We are always happy to get new contributors on board! Please check to learn how to contribute to our codebase, and join our Discord Server to discuss current project goals.

For a list of all contributors to the OWASP Amass Project please visit our

External Projects Helping Amass Users


"Accenture’s adversary simulation team has used Amass as our primary tool suite on a variety of external enumeration projects and attack surface assessments for clients. It’s been an absolutely invaluable basis for infrastructure enumeration, and we’re really grateful for all the hard work that’s gone into making and maintaining it – it’s made our job much easier!"

- Max Deighton, Accenture Cyber Defense Manager

References Bugcrowd LevelUp 0x04 DEF CON 27 Demo Labs DEF CON 27 Recon Village DEF CON 28 Red Team Village Bugcrowd LevelUp 0x07 Grayhat 2020 BeNeLux 2020 BSides København 2020 ESW 2021

Did you write a blog post, magazine article or do a podcast about OWASP Amass? Or maybe you held or joined a conference talk or meetup session, a hacking workshop or public training where this project was mentioned?

Add it to our ever-growing list of by forking and opening a Pull Request!

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Licensing License

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Apache license. OWASP Amass and any contributions are Copyright © by Jeff Foley 2017-2021. Some subcomponents have separate licenses.

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