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NINJA-PingU Is Not Just a Ping Utility is a free open-source high performance network scanner tool for large scale analyses. It has been designed with performance as its primary goal and developed as a framework to allow easy plugin creation.


NINJA PingU comes out of the box with a set of plugins for services analysis and embedded devices identification. More information about those can be found in its home page at


  - gcc
  - Linux box. Will not work neither on *BSD or Windows OS.
  - Root Privileges

Setting Up NINJA PingU

   $ cd /tmp; wget; tar -xvf v1.0.tar.gz; cd NINJA-PingU-1.0/; ./


   # sudo ./bin/npingu [OPTIONS] targets

  -t    Number of sender threads.
  -p    Port scan range. For instance, 80 or 20-80.
  -d    Delay between packages sent (in usecs).
  -s    No service identification (less bandwith load, more hosts/time).
  -m    Module to run. For instance, Service.
  -h    Show this help.
  [targets] Ip address seed. For instance, 192.168.1. or

NINJA Pingu comes with a bash script to automate process compilation, operating system performance tuning, and enhanced user interface with terminator integration. It can be run by running the following command.

$ ./


Example to scan some OVH servers:

   # ./bin/npingu -t 3 -p 20-80 -d 1 -m Service

  -Targeted Hosts []
  -Targeted Port Range [20-80]
  -Threads [3]
  -Delay 1 usec
  -Use the Service identification Module

Example to scan several google web servers:

  # ./bin/npingu -t 5 -p 80 -s

  -Targeted Hosts []
  -Targeted Port [80]
  -Threads [5]
  -s synOnly scan

Example for scanning the 32764/TCP Backdoor

  # ./bin/npingu -t 2 -m Backdoor32764 -p 32764

  -Targeted Hosts []
  -Targeted Port [32764]
  -Threads [2]
  -Use the 32764/TCP Backdoor Module

Bugs & Contact

Feel free to mail me with any problem, bug, suggestions or fixes at: Guifre Ruiz

Visit for more information about NINJA PingU.


Code licensed under the GPL v3.0.

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