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User Guide




  • NodeJS (required)
  • Angular (required)
  • SonarQube (required)
  • Sonar-scanner (required)
  • Mongodb (required)
  • Git (required)

Installing pre-requisites






Procedure for installing

Step 1 :

Get the resource file from github

Clone the project : $ git clone


Download the project from :

Step 2:

Start the mongodb server and make sure it's running on port : 28017

Step 3:

Start the sonarqube server on port : 9000

Step 4:

Make sure sonar-scanner is installed and add included in the environment variables

Step 5:

Make sure sonar-scanner is installed and included in the environment variables

Step 6:

Goto the cloned repository folder and change directory to "api" cd api when you are inside the directory run : npm install which will install the required dependencies

Step 6:

After successfully executing npm install start the node server using npm start.

Step 7:

Change the directory to the gui folder from the root directory. cd gui from the root directory

Step 8:

when you are inside the gui directory use npm install to install all the relevant dependencies.

Step 9:

After completing the installation use ng serve or npm start to run the Angular App.

Step 10:

After the angular app successfully compiled open your browser and goto your localhost:4200

Step 11:

Use the below credentials to login to the dashboard

username : admin 
password : test1234

Guide to use the dashboard