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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Demo purposes only -->
<package id="NonExistent" version="1.0.0" />
<!-- Actual packages - Have something you want to add? Please send a pull request -->
<!-- possible version descriptors are version, before, beforeOrAt, after, afterOrAt -->
<package id="AntiXSS" before="4.2.1" infoUri="" />
<package id="Bytescout.Spreadsheet" before="2.30.1183" infoUri="" />
<package id="Aspose.Pdf" before="7.4.0" infoUri="" />
<package id="LibGit2Sharp" before="0.20.1" infoUri="" />
<package id="NServiceBus" before="3.2.8" infoUri="" />
<package id="Microsoft.Data.Services" beforeOrAt="5.0.1" infoUri="" />
<package id="MvvmLight" before="" infoUri="" />
<package id="UmbracoCms" before="6.0.5" afterOrAt="6.0.0" infoUri="" />
<package id="UmbracoCms" before="4.11.8" afterOrAt="4.5.0" infoUri="" />
<package id="jQuery.Migrate" before="1.2.0" infoUri="" />
<package id="jQuery" afterOrAt="1.6" before="1.6.3" infoUri="" />
<package id="jQuery" before="1.9.0" infoUri="" />
<package id="jQuery.UI.Combined" before="1.10.0" infoUri="" />
<package id="Ember" before="1.0.0-rc61" infoUri="!topic/ember-security/dokLVwwxAdM" />
<package id="Ember" before="1.3.1" infoUri="!topic/ember-security/2kpXXCxISS4" />
<package id="Ember" afterOrAt="1.4.0-beta1" before="1.4.0-beta4" infoUri="!topic/ember-security/2kpXXCxISS4" />
<package id="Backbone.js" before="0.5.3" infoUri="" />
<package id="mustache.js" before="0.3.1" infoUri="" />
<package id="GleamTech.Core" before="1.0.6" infoUri="" />
<package id="WiX.Toolset.UnofficialFork" before="3.10.2" infoUri="" />
<package id="bzip2.v100" before="1.0.6" infoUri="" />
<package id="FileUltimate" before="5.0.7" infoUri="" />
<package id="Twilio.Mvc" before="3.2.1" infoUri="" />
<package id="Node.js" before="4.1.2" infoUri="" />
<package id="Premotion.AspNet.AppHarbor.Integration" before="0.3.0" infoUri="" />
<package id="Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens" before="5.1.2" infoUri="" />