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Setup and Tools Overview

Generally, if you are running Glue from a docker image, we have tried to set up most of the relevant tools to be available so that you can just run them. It is also a self documenting way to set up the tools in Ubuntu, as the Dockerfile in docker/glue/Dockerfile includes instructions for that platform.

For some people, such as those wanting to work with Glue straight from source, it might be helpful to have instructions for setting up the tools manually. This document is intended to explain how to set up the tools and provides a very brief overview of why the tools might be useful.

Note that you can always run the following to see a list of the tasks:

glue --checks


In most of the examples provided for running Glue, we specify the CLI like:

glue operation target.

The target can be:

  1. A git repository eg:
  2. A local directory (/tmp/hello)
  3. A url (for live tools)
  4. A docker image
  5. An iso image

See the lib/glue/mounters for additional detail about targets.

File Tools

Clam AV

brew install clamav

ClamAV is an open source antivirus tool. It may be desirable to run such a tool against a file system or image or codebase to ensure that any well publicized virus patterns would be noted if present.

glue -t clamav target

Hashdeep (FIM)

TODO: On Mac?

apt-get install md5deep

Hashdeep/md5deep is a file fingerprinting tool. It calcluates an MD5 for each file in a directory and alerts if files change. This tool might be most useful for looking at file system images that are not expected to change, or if so to change in specific ways.

glue -t fim target

Code Tools


gem install brakeman

Brakeman is an excellent open source static analysis tool for Ruby on Rails applications. Any team building a rails application should find a way to run brakeman regularly.

glue -t brakeman

Bundler Audit

gem install bundler-audit

Bundler audit is a Ruby dependency auditor. It will read a Gemfile and identify gem dependencies with known vulnerabilities. It can be redundant with brakeman but it works in non Rails environments, which brakeman does not.

glue -t bundle-audit target


Checkmarx is a commercial static analysis tool - CxSAST. To run the tool, you first need to download the CxConsole, as Glue is using it to run the scan.

Required parameters:

  • --checkmarx-user and --checkmarx-password: The credentials for CxSAST.
  • --checkmarx-server: The CxSAST full URL (e.g. http://cxsast)
  • --checkmarx-project: The name of the project to use for this scan

Optional parameters:

  • --checkmarx-exclude: The path to ignore when scanning, relative to the scan folder.
  • --checkmarx-incremental: Set this flag to run the scan as incremental.
  • --checkmarx-preset: The preset to use for this scan.
  • --checkmarx-path: The path to the CxCli folder.
  • --checkmarx-log: Log file for the scans

See CxConsole documentation for more details about those options. Not all options are currently supported - if you noticed a missing option you need, feel free to add.

An example scan:

glue -t checkmarx /path/to/your/app/code --checkmarx-user user --checkmarx-password pass --checkmarx-server http://checkmarx --checkmarx-project proj

Dawn Scanner


DawnScanner is a Ruby application scanner. It works with Rails and Sinatra applications. It can be effective in certain cases where brakeman is not.


npm install -g eslint eslint-plugin-scanjs-rules eslint-plugin-no-unsafe-innerhtml

ESLInt is a Javascript syntax checker. It can in some cases find interesting potential issues.

glue -t eslint target

Node Security Project (NSP)

npm install -g nsp

Node Security Project is a project for finding security issues in Node.js projects.

glue -t nsp target


npm install -g retire

Retire.js is a node library for checking dependencies for known vulnerabilities.

glue -t retirejs target


npm install -g scanjs

Scan JS is a script that runs javascript security checks.

glue -t scanjs target


npm install -g synk

Synk is a javascript dependency analysis tool.

glue -t scanjs target


FindSecBugs is an extension of FindBugs which looks at compiled Java Bytecode for specific issues. It requires an intermediate compiled step and therefore depends on having a general build process (maven).

glue -t findsecbugs target

OWASP Dependency Check

curl -L --output

The OWASP Dependency Check project looks at a project's dependencies and checks them against the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and alerts us to issues in the libraries we are using.

glue -t owaspdependencycheck target


TODO: Install?

PMD is a Java linter that can in some cases find security issues.

glue -t pmd target

Sensitive File Lookup (SFL)

The sensitive file lookup is baked into Glue. It is based on gitrob. It looks in a set of files for specific sensitive information like passwords or SSH keys.

glue -t sfl target

Live Stage


Generally, we recommend running ZAP via its API. It has a docker image that can be run alongside the Glue docker image.

glue -t zap --zap-api-token <token> --zap-host <host>  --zap-port <port>


In this section we will report the relative maturity of the tools and integrations.

The grades are common academic grades: A is excellent, B is ok, C is meh, F is failing.

The areas we'll talk about include:

  1. Integration - How well the tool is integrated into Glue right now.
  2. Tool Value - Our take on how valuable the tool is.
  3. Focus: Any specifics areound where the tool focuses.

Grades (As of 9/30/2016):

  1. brakeman - Integration: A, Tool Value: A, Focus: Rails
  2. bundleaudit - Integration: A, Tool Value: A, Focus: Ruby
  3. checkmarx - Integration: C - Uses old API, only tested in one install, Tool Value: A, Focus: Multi-language static.
  4. clamav - Integration: B - Needs retest, Value: B, Focus: Open source Antivirus.
  5. dawnscanner - Integration: A, Tool: B, Focus: Rails, Sinatra
  6. eslint - Integration: F.
  7. fim - Integration: C.
  8. findsecbugs - Integration: C.
  9. nsp - Integration C.
  10. owasp-dep-check - Integration: B.
  11. pmd - Integration: F.
  12. retirejs - Integrations: F.
  13. scanjs - Integrations: F.
  14. sfl - Integrations; A. Tool: B. Focus: Finding sensitive files / values.
  15. sync - Integrations: F.
  16. zap - Integrations: B. Tool: A. Focus: Live scanning.

Naturally, these are goals we need to identify and improve upon.

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