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OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set

This is the logo of the CRS project created by Hugo Costa (

The folder "source" contains the logo as provided by Hugo in PDF format, and conversions by Felipe Zipitria to SVG.

The folder "poster" contains the original poster file in jpg format, 300dpi.

The folder "uses" contains derived versions in xcf (gimp) and png format (+ 1 ico file).

The folder "uses" has the following subfolders:

  • naked Naked logo without any text
  • CRS Logo with large CRS beneath
  • CRS-claim Logo with large CRS beneath and the claim
  • full Logo with the full project title to the right
  • full-CRS Logo with the full project title to the right and a large CRS
  • sticker CRS-claim and full-CRS logos with a simple white background, for die cut stickers

The pngs are all coming with transparent background. All have some whitespace around with the exception of the versions in the naked folder.

There is an ico file in the naked folder.

The vectorized versions included here are conversions using inkscape from the original PDF file.

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