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Welcome to the PHP-RBAC Wiki!

This wiki contains information that is helpful to anyone that would like to use or contribute to PHP-RBAC.

Here is were you will find instructions for setting up your development environment, tips and cheat sheets for following the project workflow and helpful links to resources located outside of this wiki.

Just like every wiki, this is a community driven project. Please feel free to add content, request documentation regarding a specific topic, or ask questions. This is the place to do it!

Project Status & Updates

Here you will find the current state and updates regarding PHP-RBAC.


Here you can learn about the use of PHP-RBAC. At the moment our User Documentation and is hosted on our main website,

Contributing to PHP-RBAC

Here you will find documentation regarding how the PHP-RBAC team organizes code contributions. You will find information regarding the workflow and Git branch management that all co-developers use to organize their contributions.

By following these guidelines all co-developers will be able to collaborate together in an organized way using Git, while doing our best to avoid confusion and chaos as more co-developers join the PHP-RBAC team.