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SAMM (Software Assurance Maturity Model )

Build Status

Welcome to the OWASP SAMM github repository.

This repository contains the source files for OWASP SAMM.

You will find more information at or the OWASP SAMM project wiki page

This will not help you with your twitter addiction, but our premier source for SAMM gossip and news is @owaspSAMM.

Or speak to us on our Slack channel!


  • Current Releases: maintained versions of OWASP SAMM in a format/structure that is compatible with the static site generator (Hugo)
  • Website: source for the static website and related libraries
  • Supporting Resources: other files, notes and presentations that do not follow the Hugo model


Please see guidance here: /Current Releases/head/

Custom Development

  • Install hugo or pull a hugo docker image
  • Clone this repo
  • Change directory to Website/hugo
  • Execute hugo server

SAMM Sponsors

We thank our sponsors for their OWASP SAMM support. All proceeds from the sponsorship support the mission of the OWASP Foundation and the further development of SAMM. Supporting the project drives the funding for research grants, SAMM hosting, tools, templates, documents, promotion, and more.

By sponsoring SAMM, you not only support an important and flagship OWASP project, you will also get visibility during the next SAMM User Conference and recognition on the OWASP SAMM web site and the next releases of SAMM.

For more information: Contact

Project Sponsors